The real Happiness

What could make you happy? Is it important  to be a happy person? Yes it is, because if you are living in an un-happy world your life seems useless, and the most important is you know how to be contented of what you have-in that way you could find happiness in life (unconditional happiness). Usually it makes us happy if we see our loved ones happy, and we feel happier if we see a loved one happier than ever before- along that reason we are willing to do a thing that makes them happy though it does give you a lesser happiness, and you are willing to endure the sadness just to see them happier.

It just showed that it’s better to give than to receive, and it shows with authentic and real LOVE to someone, family, or loved ones. Also, in relationship it’s better to give up your pride than to give up someone because of your pride! Love is a real feeling that could give you a real happiness in life; if you follow this you will reach the eternal happiness and peace.

Are you a top Mommy Blogger?

Are you a top mommy blogger, or a mom who likes to blog? Well, good news for you, you could win $1,000 for just participating in the contest! has released a local event widget and is inviting all bloggers to participate in the $1,000 contest, how does it work? Whoever gets the most widget impressions by November will win $1,000! Wow! Wow! This is what I have been waiting for- the blog contest; I need to earn an extra dollar in this time of economic crisis! Why don’t you join now? If your blog gets the most views, you win!

I remember my friend who just won in the online contest; she won thousands of dollars by just participating in the online contest, she made a blog entry and submitted it to the sponsor and she was one of lucky winners, fantastic! On would be easier because all you have to do is submit your name, email address, and blog URL where the ParentsConnect widget lives. ParentsConnect widget could be helpful to the parents too - since it is a tool that helps parent discover what fun events and activities are available near them. Check out this Widget Contest, join and Enter to win!


I’m Bored, Are you?

Are you bored? If so, then you need to have a vacation (lol), I am bored and I desperately need a vacation and  I think Egypt Vacations would be great (lol)! Don't you thinks so? I have heard the awesome archaeological treasures there, it would be perfect for adventure!

Anyway, What  do you  usually do when you get bored? How often you get bored, and what did you do to vanish it? Are you a type of person who often feels boredom? If so, how did you control that feeling? By going out with friends and have some fun? What if you can’t do these things because you have lots of things to be done and responsibilities to face? You would prefer to stay because it’s needed and every second is important. A person who has no time for fun for himself because his time is loaded and working so hard is often un-happy person, and usually feel boredom.

I believe that people in America are the busiest human being in the world and that they usually feel boredom; I appreciate Americans they are hardworking people! If you compare them to the other nations, there’s really a big difference. (Americans people are working hard to pay their common bills and other responsibilities) I believe that the “Time” in America is “platinum”  and not gold (lol)!

Influenza H1N1 Flu

The right term of swine flu is Influenza H1N1 flu; in the recent updates there are already hundreds countries have cases of Influenza H1N1 flu, and in all around there are eight thousand five hundred cases have been confirmed worldwide, Mostly in Mexico and United States. This Influenza H1N1 flu was discovered in Mexico in the middle of March.

The United States federal officials advised to close some schools when they have found cases of Influenza H1N1 flu; they are thinking that this is the best thing to do as of now to minimize the cases. The World Health organization or W.H.O also advices people to wash their hands often with soap and water. For those who are very terrifying to eat meats from pigs- it is being cleared that there is no risk of infection from eating well-cooked meat from Pigs. The called swine flu is being used for term because it contains genetic materials from pigs and materials from humans and birds though. So eating meats from pig has no risks and there is no need to be worried.

Online Social Networking Applications

I love joining forums- in this way I could learn more things and I could ask questions to the fellow users or members, it helps to broaden your knowledge. Aside from that you can build friendship since you can meet some friends at the discussion forums; it also called a social networking since you can meet friends worldwide. Speaking of that, Wild Apricot's Smart Software is an easy online social networking application that engages members; to get their feedback and communicate each other. It’s great, you will easily learn the software, and get help by participating the discussion forums. This website software has many applications that could help you communicate other members and users like social networking tools such as blogs and forums that both empower and Engage Members, through blogs you could keep members up to date, allows members to join the conversation or discussion, and share their ideas about the latest activities. Furthermore, on this website software- the users have a great time to share important news quickly and get feedback easily that is much needed and appreciated. This software is the best, you could easily update some new events, fresh news, and you could even learn different things by just asking to a fellow member, you could learn a lot!

Additionally, the forums have created many great communities amongst Wild Apricot users; your members could reach out to you and also the other members in an open and inviting environment, isn’t cool? At this website software you could share interest and able to ask everything to every members. It seems it’s quite interesting! Check out the page to learn more and spend time to take a tour and watch their instant demo. They also have a free trial; you could have Instant access to a free 30 day trial account. Check this out!

New from Izea Network

Have you registered yet to a new network from Izea called V4Payperpost, or have you ever heard this one? It’s a new cool network; before I thought it was untrue, but now it began working and I’m already a member of the network. It seems the network is easy to use and easy to understand; when I joined to the network I was automatically approved, they accepted my blog quickly, it was an easiest registration I’ve ever had from Izea network (LOL), very easy and there are no lots of high standard qualifications, you will be approved immediately without dealing of long process.

I have registered a couple days ago, but until now I have not got offers yet (LOL); the network says, as of now they don’t have lots of opportunities yet since it was newly introduced and the advertisers need to register or sign-up before they can post opportunities. And perhaps later it will begin rocking like other networks. Also, it seems it’s a little different; you don’t need to grab Opportunities, I think you just wait until it will be given to you. I think its cool network too!

Want to Ride Manta?

SeaWorld Orlando is the perfect place to visit with your kids, and now they have a newest attraction called Manta- an amazing flying roller coaster! This SeaWorld's newest attraction, Manta at Sea World Orlando is opening this May, this is good news for your kids; for sure your kids will enjoy the flying roller coaster that could also bring them to stunning underwater worlds of tropical fish and rays and explore the seldom seen including sea dragons and schooling fish. At SeaWorld Orlando you will experience the unique 360-degree underwater and see thousands of mysterious and amazing creatures that you have never seen before! Why don’t you explore now?

The SeaWorld's newest attraction, Manta is a flying ray that gives thrill ride speeding, flying, soaring, gliding and spinning at highway speeds; it’s an amazing giant roller coaster that could give you so much fun! You can only experience the stunning and unique aquariums surrounded by beauty and mystique at SeaWorld Orlando. It is indeed the best place to visit with kids!

Want to get your own “front-of-the-line" pass to Manta? SeaWorld Orlando is running an awesome contest to celebrate the opening of Manta; you could win a “Front-of-the-line” pass to Manta at SeaWorld Orlando by just participating the contest. To participate visit their website today and follow the 6 steps, register or login to win!


Have you ever felt tired on Blogging?

Have you ever felt tired on blogging? I always feel tired of it (LOL) but I just have no choice; it’s the only thing that makes me alive while staying at home. But, sometimes I lost inspiration to blog; sitting and facing to the computer, and writing a blog, reviews everyday is so tiresome. I have plenty of time to do these things but I always got discouragement when I received resubmission posts, aside from dealing with difficult English language and grammars, I need to deal with free grammatical errors that networks want. In fact, it is always giving me a headache by the time I received a resubmission post (reviews) Very difficult, I am frustrated because until now I am still not fluent on English language; I blog for about months but my English grammar has never become perfect (LOL). I always tried my best!

Have you ever felt sad when you received a notification that your posts have not been approved? It’s a big discouragement and frustration. Well, only one network that has been very strict on grammar, the rest is not. But, we understand that every network has own rules and regulations that we need to respect and follow.

Unique handicrafts

Have you heard of Crystal Singing Bowls? I have never heard these kinds of bowls before. This type of bowl is being used for meditation, music, and healing. Check out the finest collection of Tibetan singing bowls at silver Sky Imports. In fact, their singing bowls were featured in Yoga Magazine. They also have other types of products such as Nepali Gongs, spouting bowls, singing bowl tools, felted wool handbags and purses. Just check out their website and you can shop according to their category. They are the source of unique handicrafts from Tibet and Nepal. Why don’t you visit thier website and order now?

Do you have a proper on-time meal?

Do you take a complete meal every day? Do you consider Breakfast, lunch, and supper are important to be completed every day? I have noticed in North America they don’t usually have on-time meal (such as on time breakfast, lunch, and supper). In Asian countries they considered on-time meal very crucial to human’s health; they usually have breakfast on 7 am, lunch on 12 noon, and supper during 7 pm. Asian people are very attentive on Ulcer disease, or they considered it a serious problem so they usually encourage every members of the family to have a perfect on-time meal (or at least to eat 3 times a day). It’s already part of the culture and behavior.

However, Based on what I’ve known about adult Americans; they don’t usually have a proper on-time meal, they can eat at improper time such as late in the morning, passed at noon, or late at night. And to eat three times a day they don’t take it seriously; sometimes they don’t usually take breakfast and eating with a bunch food 2 times a day with no proper time is enough (LOL).

Do you have Dark baggy eye cirlces?

Since I've reached the age of 21 I already have got problem with Dark baggy eye Circles, and it looks worse when I only had a few hours of sleep- it is very disgusting to me and truly bothers me. It makes me feel look uglier, well, it is and I am not comfortable with it; I feel that I look older than my age of my 20s. This problem is common to us and it worse for women because women must be looked pretty and fresh. Since I have got this problem I already tried different things to vanish it like putting cucumber along the eyes during night time, but I feel that there’s nothing change- the dark baggy eye circles are still there, it’s very frustrating.

I have heard of eye cream reviews site; this is a very interesting topic to me since I am looking any possible solutions of dark eye circles, this is very helpful to anyone who has the same problem of baggy eye circles. You can get a best eye cream that could improve the look on your eye area including wrinkles, dark circles, and bags. It’s a very helpful review to everybody! Indeed, it helps everybody to choose a best product for eye cream.

Twitter helps the blogging world?

How does twitter helps the blogging world? Do you love to twit, or do you twit? Anyway, what do you mean by twitter? If you are not familiar with twitter it is a new social network that enables users to join and follow the fellow twitter users and do things such as sending messages, or reading information from their favorite user's update page, it is usually called “tweets.” To be a twitter user you should sign up from the twitter network and provide your information from your own profile page. The twitter user who is following to their fellow users is called a “Follower”- they can follow them through subscribing.

Furthermore, Twitter is being used by people to follow their favorite celebrities, favorite networks, businesses or companies and that they can easily receive updates and know the company’s great deals. It is a free social network.

On the other hand, it says that twitter can possibly increase traffic on your blog by just displaying or adding your blog on your twitter page, and if you have many followers then you could possibly have many readers.

What time do you blog?

What time do you usually blog? And what time is the best to blog? If you have noticed there is a specific time on how to get more tasks (OPP); I have been noticed from of the blog networks like PPP (PayPerPost) they usually give offers during afternoon (base on western time), I constantly grab OPP around that time ( afternoon). Other networks also behave on different time, for instance, the network SS (SocialSpark); they usually give OPP during morning time or early in the morning (based on western time), and unfortunately I always missed it (LOL). Afternoon and evenings is very rare to them.

I am talking about the well-known and popular blog networks today; they are the no.1 networks in the blogging world. But both networks are managed by the same company/owner. Hopefully you would enjoy the ideas and tips. Go! Go Blog! And always have a wonderful blogging time!

Blogging is for worldwide!

Is blogging for worldwide? Do you believe that it also works to different places on earth? Well, affirmative it works in different places of the world. But, it’s rocking on North America and Europe, since blogging network is mainly organized from North America, it also behaves on location and they usually prefer to North America or Europe. The world of blogging is definitely based on the North America Location, so they preferably look bloggers who are living in North America but not required. People from the other countries can blog and join the blog network too. However, most of their clients are from the country of United States or in Europe (mainly western), so clients have also rights to choose what location to be accepted; North America and Europe is always in.

Based on my observation, aside from North America and Europe, sometimes the country of Australia and the continent of South America is in, and also the continent of Africa and Asia but rare. However, they just selected few countries in a certain continent. Sometimes other clients are preferred all countries, they don’t mind the locations.

Are you a Pro-Abortion?

If you are a Pro-Abortion means you are agreeing killing of innocent babies (fetus); a big guiltiness if you killed fetus inside the womb, indeed, they were not involved of the messes you made. Fetus is already has a life, if you are one of those who believe that abortion is fine then you belong to those anti-Christ who did not believe God and the holy bible (you are one of those so called lawlessness or lawless one in the bible), which Satan use a device (you) to against the will of God, and of course it couldn’t fulfill without of human’s embodiment.

This is so stunning if it is about to enhance in this generation; devil is begin crawling to influence the mind of every individuals, and saying that it is fine. We all know that it is not only a roman catholic against to it, but every religion and all Christians aware that it is evil – except if you are anti-Christ I believe so that you are pro on it. And it is just happened that catholic has a strong belief on it so they strongly disagree with it, but come on, you as a Christian even if you are a follower among of the pro, you can’t take it by your conscience. See, God has always given us a guilty impression about these things because it’s against of his will.

Blogging spring updates

Here are some spring updates from blogging networks; a couple days ago I received a greeting email from one of the blogging networks (blogvertise) said; they are giving great offers to all bloggers in this spring since many have been happening around their office and many enhancement are made by their staffs to give great services to both bloggers and advertisers. Well, good news to all bloggers! Soon their network will be better!

According to their news and updates they have been plenty of orders to get done lately, so they advice all bloggers to log in every day or at least weekly to have a greater chance to grab Bag Tasks. They are giving bag tasks everyday and it is only good for 24 hours so it is up to you if you log in and accept the task they have given. So you should updates and check your account by logging in to be able to grab bag tasks. Happy spring blogging to all bloggers!

How to Improve your Blog

Apparently, most advertisers want a better blogs, as well as the blogging network want a sign of quality blog; here are some recommendations on how to improve your blog ratings, it is based on blog network qualification.

Ø Always use a correct grammar and correct spelling
Ø Make a unique blog design, not copied or any default template
Ø Post Original blog entries, pictures, and always enhance your blogs quality, prevent or less the ads or reviews
Ø Always Encourage your friends to visit your blog regularly
Ø Maintain or update Your Blog Regularly
Ø Make an Exchange Links with Your Blog to Your Friends or fellow Bloggers
Ø Register Your Blog and Listed it in Some Blog Directories
Ø Never use an expired domains

These ways could help to increase the quality of your blog, and a pace for your success, consider these if you would like your blog to be successful in the market. These are not only a recommendation or suggestions but it is a qualification!

Weekend blog break

For bloggers, have you ever noticed that OPP (Opportunities) is very rare on weekend? That is why I felt tedious when its weekend because I rarely write reviews; blog networks have poor offers to grab! It would have been nice if they had given OPP during weekend since it’s a break time for public workers, or to the people who work during businesses days in a week (it would be a perfect opportunity for busy workers). But poor chance in weekend!

I guess all blogging networks also have a proper business time like other public companies have; weekend is always considered as non-business days, so they behave that way (it’s their break and no work).all staffs are on break time (LOL) and back to work during business days. Blogging network is simply not a call center (ha-ha) but the network has been systematized and program, so the other components of the network still on active (LOL)

My expired task

A couple weeks ago I had given a task from one of the blogging networks (blogvertise), and I had a great experienced from one of their staffs; their staff seems very supportive, understanding, and willing to cooperate to their bloggers. I had an expired task and I was trying to ask them if they could reassign that task again for me since it has been expired; I contacted one of their staff, and fortunately within five minutes I got a response from them, saying that the task was reassign again for me, pretty cool! I’m glad of their cooperation.

When I found my task had been expired I felt so upset, and I was very thankful that they were giving me another chance to review such expired task, and reassign it again to me. And When I had submitted my review they were automatically approved it about an hour, pretty cool! So if you experience such issue, just try to contact the admin and ask if they could reassign the expired task for you.

Online class is alright?

Is the online classes alright? Today, it says that online class ( Online college) is rocking in a way that it is more convenient, cheaper, easier, and less time spending. Well it is true since you don’t need to spend all day long to attend classes. It is a great idea for those who can’t afford to stop or take off from work to study. In this recession time, people need to take double time to have a good living. At online school you can still find a program to advance your career. People usually preferred to study online if can afford, to save time, effort, and expenses; at online college you don’t need to travel, you just stay in home and study during your free time.

Many people benefited from online classes; they gained courses, and trainings, it is giving career to an easier way of learning. Now you have an idea, you don’t need to give up your job just to reach your dream course, online courses have been developed for the people to have easier way of learning. It usually practices in United States since their college’s school are pretty much expensive compare to the other nations.

Movie Rental Choice

We have a movie renting habit; we usually prefer to rent DVDs online- we receive it by mail and send it back by mail, it’s more convenient. The limit is usually 7 days; you should return the movie within that specific time otherwise you will pay the late fee. Honestly, sometimes we forgot to return the DVD in the specific time and that we need to pay the late fees charges. Sometimes, at online movie rental you have to wait until the movie is available since it is usually out on their rental store. It is disgusting sometimes especially if you are eager to watch new movies that just have released in the market.

I’m glad to hear the advantages of BLOCKBUSTER; it is indeed the convenient movie rental choice! If you have a movie renting habit like us then you know what the right place is for you, BLOCKBUSTER is the most convenient; stop worrying of forgetting to return your DVD and pay late fees, at BLOCKBUSTER you can drop the DVD into their BLOCKBUSTER store at your local area and exchange for a new movie on the spot! And now they offer new releases and classic DVD’s online! Wow! Now, we know where we supposed to go to rent a weekly movie night, BLOCKBUSTER is the perfect place!


Constipation Solution

Constipation is a serious problem to all individuals; disposing waste must be daily otherwise it gives toxic to human’s body. Irregular bowel movement is not normal. I had this problem before and I’m sick of dealing it, I have to find way to solve that problem. I already took some medicine pills but later I was become dependant to the pill (it’s weird). And I tried taking food, fruits with fiber but it’s not enough though. I already had tried different constipation pills but it has no good impact since you will become more dependent on it.

I had tried taking yogurt and indeed it was helping me. For one month of taking I have got a regular bowel movement at last! I was very happy. You can also have home-made yogurt since it is not inexpensive in the market. Yogurt will easily build enzyme on your intestine; it is a healthy treat too and seems full of fibers. Fascinating! So if you have a constipation problem try yogurt or home-made yogurt and take it for about four weeks (one per day), and your normal bowel movement will begin. And you can now face the healthy living.

CPC in SocialSpark

What do you mean by CPC in SocialSpark? CPC refers to “Cost per Click” it is one of the SocialSpark opportunities, in which you will get paid everyday when someone clicks it (the links text or banner they provided) from your site. This is refer to the advertiser’s link to be displayed by link text or banner on your blog, and the payment is every clicks- every click has a conversion based on the price they are given. You will earn so far from this opportunity; the more you got one the more you will get conversions, and unlike other opportunities you don’t need to spend efforts and so much time from this opportunity, I love it!

If you have seen CPC and you think your blog is qualified better to take it, but usually I only pick CPC that has a higher conversion (LOL); I don’t’ want my blog has full of CPC text Links and banners. This is a great idea if you have some visitors and readers; more chances of clicking. The prices are only cents per click but if you have displayed more than two or five that would be great then; it’s better than nothing.

Cancer Caused by Asbestos Exposure

Have you ever heard of a form of cancer that is associated with Asbestos exposure? I never realized that our miners, industrial workers, and others who have been exposed to toxic asbestos might suffer from Mesothelioma--a deadly cancer caused by Asbestos exposure. I would love to share this information with my friend since her father is a miner; this is a very interesting and helpful article to warn and remind anyone who is working in the shipbuilding industry, construction, auto mechanics, contractors, and demolition. I appreciate the effort of for sharing this with the public. At least now we know how dangerous Asbestos exposure is. People must be attentive and protective for future circumstances because it can affect both workers and their families. Mesothelioma is most common to industrial workers or to anyone who has been exposed to toxic Asbestos.

However, if you or your loved ones have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or asbestosis, you have legal rights and may be entitled to compensation. Visit Mesothelioma Lawyer today; an aggressive and experienced Mesothelioma attorney makes a big difference! You will get help to receive the compensation you deserve. Please check out this website to learn more about Mesothelioma and Asbestos Exposure, and get Mesothelioma and Asbestosis legal advice. It is a very helpful resource.


Abortion and the Christian

Many of us oppose abortion and many also don’t agree with it especially women since they think a woman ought to have a right to do whatever she wants to with her own body.

This is a very sensitive and emotional issue today, we oppose abortion (except in rare situations such as when the mother’s life is clearly in danger and abortion becomes the lesser of two evils) the central question we have to face is this; is the little life within the womb just a piece of human tissue, or is it more than that- a human being- even when it is very young and could not sustain itself outside the womb? It is at this point that emotions tend to get in the way and people attempt to answer the question in a way that will agree with their own desires. But we need to look at this as reasonably as possible.

As a Christian our ultimate standard is the bible, because we believe it to be God’s word which reveals absolute truth to us. We may have opinions about various things, but if God has spoken on a subject then we must submit our opinions to the rule of scripture. Does the bible, therefore, give any answer to the question of whether or not a fetus is a human being in God’s eyes? Yes it does, giving us several illustrations to indicate that a fetus is human being. God told Jeremiah, for instance, “before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:5). Or take the case of John the Baptist. When Mary, the mother of Jesus, became pregnant by the Holy Spirit she went immediately to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John the Baptist. John’s mother declared, “As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy” (Luke 1:44) – implying that the fetus was fully human.

Web Hosting Rating

Looking a new web hosting service? Check out Web Hosting Rating that has top 10 web hosting providers; this web hosting review is a great source for you if you are looking best web hosting providers. If you considered your website as one of your important assets you should pick the quality web hosting provider; web hosting rating has listed the most quality and cheaper providers; you can find cheap professional web hosting services that fit your budgets and needs, you can get as cheap as $3.95 includes unlimited space and traffic. This service is the biggest searchable web hosting directory, why don’t you try their service now? You can get information on all web hosting providers, web hosting plans, promotional discount coupons, and some reviews from customers. This resource helps people to know the best and worse providers; customer can easily determine and decide which the best providers are. Apparently, they only pick web hosting providers based on the customer rating, affordability and reliability. Check out this resource and explore the feature of all web hosting providers- it is perfect to both personal and business website. Visit these providers today and find the best price-value ratio that fits your budget. Check this out!

Dealing headache for economy?

How are you going to deal your headaches due to this economic crisis, and a rapid changes in our nation; changes have just like happened in just clicks! What an amazing power of a destroyer! It seems the world destroyer begins crawling to destroy everything, to destroy the world, show bad manners and evil works. What had the bible said it has now been happening, and people are just being blind?

How are we going to heal the headache we experience? Today, many are jobless and lay off, you can’t easily find a job since thousands of companies have been closed, we desperately need money to pay for bills, to sustain for food, and etc. how can we deal this tragic time? Aside from our personal problems, our nation experiences bad decisions, wrong leadership, and every decisions made are just additional problems, and bringing us down into a very deep cave, what would happen to us? How are we going to deal with them? It seems nothing has not changed for good – indeed, it becomes worst!

Perhaps all we need to do now is to relax, and pray that God will persuade everyone’s heart and most especially to our leaders. Stay calm, optimistic, save money, don’t depress, don't stress out and panic. Let’s stay God in our heart!

Collision Repair Experts

How to find a best auto repair shop? If you are looking for Auto bodyshop network, There is a network called USA’s premier AutoBody website (Collision Repair Experts) - you can able to search a professional and quality automotive collision repair shops near in your area that includes complete details; it would be easier to you to decide where to get your auto body repair by using this network.

Collision Repair Experts is the largest network and the expert of collision repair. You can also join to their network and become a member; just accomplish their collision repair network member requirements, and experience the quality services to protect the value of your vehicle at this network. In fact, Insurance Company approved autobody network. Check out this autobody network and be a member!

PPP recent rule amendments

PPP have recently made an amendment with regards to their bloggers rule; PPP refers to as PayPerPost- it is one of the most popular network today in the world of blogging. Less than a year they have made some changes and updates on their rules dedicated to all bloggers; for this year 2009 they encourage bloggers to be active by constantly updating their blogs. Blogger must provide fresh contents; post interesting articles at least once a week, or daily (it would be perfect).

If you did not accomplish this new recommendation, you might be eliminated from their network at any time; their purpose is to increase traffic of every blogs from their bloggers, since they don’t accept poor blog performance at all. Many bloggers have already been eliminated recently; in fact, one of my friends have been kicked out! And the thing is if you have been kicked out from their network you are not capable for resubmission; you should provide another new URL to be eligible (in short, make another blog). So every bloggers must be attentive of updating blogs otherwise you will be encountered problems from this network.

Men's makeup stick

Have you heard of men’s makeup stick? Wow, I’ve never heard of men’s cosmetics before, but this is the perfect cosmetics for men. I’ve learned that beauty products are not only for women; men can have their own makeup too! It’s a great beauty product to give to your man—for your lover, boyfriend or husband. Indeed, it increases men’s confidence. Here are some advantages of this product: It hides blemishes like acne, scars, moles, redness and rough spots. I have heard that the Men Pen cosmetic concealer stick was developed four years ago for men to hide blemishes, and to serve as makeup for men. The Men Pen cosmetic concealer stick has 17 different shades that are used to cover blemishes. This men’s makeup stick was designed to help men improve their confidence, to help them look better, especially for specific times like prom meetings, clubbing, parties, job interviews and other special occasions. You should have these products; you can’t risk a big event and have a nice big zit on your face! If you want to look perfect, check out the Men Pen cosmetic concealer stick that will make you look better and younger, and improve your confidence. Visit this website to learn about the men’s makeup stick today!


Have you been won in online contest?

Many reliable resources of online contest across the net; but you also have to be careful to any fraudulent, not all is true. One of my friend have won on online contest; she won hundreds of dollars by just writing entry about the product and the provider, I am happy for her, it would be a big blessing for her if she receives the prize! Bravo!

Online businesses (network, providers, companies, etc.) sometimes will offer online contest to make their services known and popular; if you heard stuff like this you should grab the opportunity and take a chance to join with the opportunities, who knows you will win and the grand prize is intend for you! However, only take these opportunities if you have known the companies, providers, or any business networks to be sure that it is not fraudulent; you should be wise and smart too! But, mostly are false. Only believes to the reliable resource or networks that you have been tried and known, and always give less trust to those you are not familiar with. Enjoy reading the online updates.

Have you heard of multiply site?

Have you heard of multiply site? I have been using this website to watch recent videos, events, news and any TV program that I have missed to watch. It is reliable resource; I have enjoyed watching their downloaded videos, awesome! The network is safe and free of viruses unlike other networks. I have used it to watch my favorite TV program, music videos, new movies, news, and TV show; it seems they always updated to any fresh events, videos, and news. At this network you can also build relationship since you can meet people at different places and can be your friend.

I considered this network too- a social site since you can invite people to be listed on your friend’s list. I have been using this video resource for many months and I have enjoyed it; since it’s safe and trusted site. You can also create your own page, you can upload videos of your own, put photos, blog, and links, everything you can put on the page and you can design your own page, its fun! I’m glad to know this site, Very resourceful.

How to Prevent computer Radiation

Computer radiation gives risk to human’s health; if you spend many hours on the computer you will be experiencing headaches. This computer radiation truly is harmful to the users and surfers if too much abuse. There is some basic prevention to get rid from hazardous radiation;

Ø Use filter plates to cover your computer’s screen- it reduces the radiation hazard.
Ø Put any skincare protection on your face and skin before sitting at your computer.
Ø If you are using older computer model, better get a new model or recent model- old computers have more radiation released.
Ø Place your computer in ventilated place (fan or cooler).
Ø And most importantly you should eat fruits that rich in Vitamin A and C like apple, carrot, cherries tomato, and banana while working at your computer.
The Possible things that you will experience if you capture too much radiation are eyes pain, drowsy, and headaches.

Dealing with constipation?

Dealing with constipation? Well, many people experience this problem, and apparently it is not healthy and it’s harmful to human’s health since it could give toxic to your body if within days you did not dispose your waste. The normal bowel movement is daily. I have this problem before and I felt uncomfortable. I have tried Yogurt; it’s full of fiber and truly is the answer of constipation problem.

I have been taking yogurt straight for four weeks (1 month), and it’s positive remedy for constipation; after a month I have a normal bowel movement, I feel comfortable with it since it is not harmful unlike taking other medicines. Yogurt is a healthy treat that builds enzyme to your intestine that able you to have a normal disposal of waste. You just take yogurt 4 weeks straight then you will get an awesome result. Let’s be healthy! If you have the problem of constipation, eat food or fruits that more of fiber, and yogurt- it has a strong fiber and builds enzyme quickly.

Health Tips and Guides

ScrubSmag truly is the nurse’s guide to good living! I appreciate their effort of sharing their health tips and guides; the tips and guides are inspiring and uplifting, indeed, a great idea to practice a new lifestyle. It is unique clinical site in a way that they are giving efforts to provide health benefits by sharing their tips, guides, stories, news, and reviews that are related to good living. Pretty interesting Website! All articles they shared are useful, helpful, and resourceful to everyone. In fact, they speak to the “stages of a nursing career” (such as student nurse, new nurse, and seasoned/mentor), every article is fun, direct, warm, and timely yet original. Why do not you visit this Website to read their health tips, guides and advice?

Many countries have already been attacked by the swine flu; since it is a common problem today "Scrubs" provides tips and prevention for swine flu- check out their article called “What nurses can tell patients about Swine Flu.” This article helps you to feel calm from swine flu phobia; this is useful and helpful since everyone of us is terrifying from this disease. Visit the article and learn how to avoid swine flu, what is the swine flu symptoms, and diagnosis; the article is very informative and easy to understand! You should visit this article prevention.


The 3 key Google measurements

What are these 3 key measurements from Google? I was reading articles online regarding with these Google measurements on how to calculate your website’s visibility and popularity; a step on online marketing success. Google is the most popular search engine since it is most being used by many searchers and surfers.

The three key measurements of Google are the number of Back Links, Pages indexed, and the Google Page Rank; if you got a high rate from these three key measurements the more visibility you got from the web, then you have a chance to be successful on your online marketing. In fact, most online businesses today advertise their website to any advertising network for popularization.

Back to the key measurements; Back Links is refer to a number of people who linked you or visited your website- the more back links you got the more you get high ratings, and build you good performances in Google Page rank. The number of pages is the most important for the visibility too; it is said it a main key to your website success.

Posting accurate articles for bloggers

How to post articles with free of misspells? Writing articles in the blog with free of misspells is not an easy job, how are you going to deal with it? I remember when I was a newbie in blogging I directly post my articles to my blog page, but how very cautious you are to not misspelled your words, you will still have mistaken; it does'nt only mean that you don’t know the spelling of the words (LOL) but sometimes you accidentally entered it incorrectly.

Speaking of that, I am using Microsoft word to correct my misspelled words; all I have to do is to write my articles first in Microsoft word page before transferring it to my blog page ready for publication; it a huge help for me indeed. And it’s not only for spelling benefits Microsoft also helps in constructing well basic sentences, and so it could help for basic grammar sentences too. It’s a perfect idea when you are in blogging business. Note: if you don’t have Microsoft office downloaded in your computer you can try to download the free trials online; it is good for 60 to 90 days free, and later you can renew it after the expiration.

PinoyChannel, un-trusted network

Pinoy Channel is not a great source of videos online, I have been watching videos from this network and it is harmful channel indeed; you can’t trust their network! Indeed, you can watch Filipino live show videos, TV program videos, TV news videos, and more updated events, but you can’t trust when you use their page since it has contained some viruses that eventually could harm your computer. I have been using this network to watch recent videos and I thought it is reliable source but eventually I have noticed that it is harming my computer; the site has lots of downloaded viruses, I usually experience troubles in downloading the page, more annoying pop-ups that contained viruses, it usually caused my computer crashed and frozen.

I’ve heard that this site was prohibited by Google since it is not harmless, not safe, and is not working properly; contains Trojan and spyware. So be very careful on using this site, it could give risk to your computer! It would have been a best site for me but it’s terrifying me when I started opening the page.

Online Debt Settlement

In this economic crisis time people are surrounded by debts, bills, mortgage payments, and other payments; like us, we are paying mortgage every month with high interest, and we also face with more debts, bills, and other payments, this is very stressful time for us! In this recession time I know we’re not the only couple suffering with debts but there are many out there who are suffering with more debts payments. Speaking of that, how would you survive with these debts difficulties? Well, we have a process called debt consolidation; it helps you to tackle all your debts into one payment, you can able to pay your debts in one payment every month and so apparently it is very convenient and easier. Check out this “Credit Card Debt Settlement ” today if you are ready to live debt-free, here you have opportunity to decrease your credit card debt by 50%; it sounds amazing! is 100% online Debt consolidation and online enrollment solution; you can complete your on-line debt settlement solution within minutes. Learn how to settle your debts from this resource and you can be able to ask their experts too, about debts settlement, and most importantly how to live debt-free! Visit to get more information.

How can we deal of being jobless?

At this moment of time perhaps you feel terrible because you can’t find a job, you have looked and looked but there are no jobs available. It is simply because there are only few job opportunities in our nation.

Certainty one of the tragedies of our time or any other time of economic distress is the widespread unemployment in many nations. We should all pray for our world and its leaders, that they will have wisdom to find solutions to this distressing problem. God did not intent for us to be idle and unproductive, and there is dignity in work.

In this time of recession, if you are jobless one thing that could help you right now are not to give up or give in to despair and become depressed. Pray that God will help you use this time in the best possible way. Make it a challenge in life and be optimistic of many chances that could possibly come to you. God is always good; he is always your way and your hope.

Charice Pempengco online Updates

This video is the recent concert of David Foster and Friends at Mandalay Bay (May, 09, 2009); this is my most favorite part when Charice sang the “Power of Love” she sings it very well, what a powerful voice of young diva Charice Pempengco. I love this song; this is one of my favorite songs! She indeed made the crowd of people stunned when she sang this song in Mandalay Bay. The funny thing is I watch this video a thousand times in YouTube I have never felt drowsy- it always makes me feel alive (LOL) I love to hear her voice all the time. I love to hear her stunning, soft, peculiar, and powerful (high pitch) voice. Indeed, she has a very unique voice in this new generation. The star is born! Charice Pempengco, enjoy watching her latest first concert! This video is only the first part, you can watch the other videos on the related videos in YouTube.

What is Mother’s Day?

First of all Happy Mother’s day to all mothers in the world! What is mother’s day to you? I’ve already greeted my mother today, did you? Apparently, Mother’s day is the family holiday of the year that dedicated to all mothers. Families in the world celebrated this mother’s day holiday to honor the mothers. Every different places or countries celebrated this in different or various days. Mother’s day holiday on the other hand was founded or created by Anna Marie Jarvis- a woman born in United States who first introduced and recognized the mother’s day holiday; she made a campaign day to honor mothers after her mother’s death.

However, many people in America also do not believe this honorable day since it was just created by one person and imitated by millions of people around the world, but there is nothing wrong to celebrate it though. Acknowledging this day is same you are giving honor your mother; a person who cares you since you were born, they deserve it indeed. As Christian people we believe things that must be respected, unless it is not against the law, so be proud to greet your mother today and give her your compassion as honoring her as your great mother in the world! Greet them now! Happy Mother’s day to all mothers around the world!

A Christian faith

Why do we find such difference of opinion and such strong feelings on the part of some Christians about some matters of faith and church procedures?

Well, The Christian faith is so great in its implications that it is difficult for man to see it all. It is something like a diamond with many facets and we see only a part of the diamond at one time. Another reason is that there are times when we magnify some particular point beyond its significance. There are things about the Christian faith which are essential; there are others which are important in varying degrees but which have no bearing on one’s personal salvation.

Then, too, the frailty and perversities of human nature may cause us to interpret certain truths from a purely human viewpoint, thereby losing their spiritual significance.

The Purpose of the Church

Why do we always say that a new Christian should immediately unite with a church?

Well, why should a newborn baby have a home? It is as simple as that. A child can be born outside the home, and a person can become a Christian outside the church, but nurture and care is essential to the development of both. These can be best provided in the home in the case of the child, and in the church in the case of a Christian.

Only the church provides the nurture for spiritual growth. Here we are taught to grow in the word, and here we have the help of other Christians when we are tempted to stumble. The church is a storehouse of spiritual food whereby the inner man is fed, nourished, and developed into maturity. If it fails, it is not fulfilling its purpose as a church.

Paystr, Friends Pay Friends Online!

Have you heard about Paystr is an online transaction payment, and a secure website that makes people easier to collect money from friends that owe them dollars. This is a secure and safe online payment transaction; all transactions are handled by PayPal so you should have PayPal account first in order to accept payment. This is very great idea especially when you collect money from more than one person; this could make you easier to use PayPal. Furthermore, all users could create or customize their own unique web page from the page. This website is a great idea especially when you are collecting money from parties or group gifts like field trips and class parties; this is more useful for teachers. At Paystr you can sign up for free, you can ensure that all personal information you entered will be kept safe and secure. To get more information check out this Paystr :: Friends Pay Friends Online!

Pacman Fight links to Heart Attack

Have you heard about of three people died for heart attack watching the fight of Manny recently against Ricky Hatton? I was stunned when I heard it! I have never heard it since he won the fight, I just heard it today. This is so shocking! Three people died because of the excitement watching Manny Pacquaio punching Ricky Hatton and knocking it down and beating it in just two rounds; because of that a Filipino 54 year old suffered a heart attack while watching the fight of Pacman against Hitman (Ricky Hatton), and the 67 years old tricycle driver, and 52 year old dropped dead. And confirmed 3 dies of heart attack while watching Manny! This is unbelievable news and sad to say that they took it seriously and personally; this is the most controversial history of Manny PAcman in boxing fighting! They are one of the millions fans of Manny who passed away adoring and supporting him till the end. Lesson: person that has history of heart disease must let their selves calm when watching some exciting events or just avoid watching it all. Heart Attack happens and occurs when too much excited.

Google page rank calculation

I have found an interesting article from on their “internet and online” category it’s all about “Google page rank calculation;” I found it very interesting since I am curious how I am going to increase my PageRank and how I am going to calculate the visibility of my site. Indeed, this article is very helpful for all bloggers as well. Google truly is the most popular search engine; from Google you will be able to check and determine the visibility and popularity of your site. From this article I have learned the three most important key measurements of Google; the number of BackLinks, the number of pages indexed, and the Google PageRank. When we say BackLinks- it is the way when people link to you and visiting your blog; the more people link you, the more people find you and visit your blog and it creates good impact of visibility on your blog. The number of pages are refer to the pages of your site; the articles that you have posted and made. The most important is the PageRank; a ranking numbered 1 through 10, I have never known that it takes 100 links to reach the PageRank 3 and 1000 links for PageRank 4, and 10,000 links for PageRank 5, I got an idea here! Awesome! You should visit this site to learn more!

Pacman Greatest Hits

I love posting this video of Manny Pacquiao from you tube; it's a video of Manny pacquiao with his greatest hits for years of fighting and victories since he becomes well-known for boxing. These successive victories of Manny make him the best boxer champion in the world. Watch the Awesome Punch hits of Many Pacquiao! The best boxer champion from the Philippines! Great-Great Many Pacquiao! And remember he won again against Ricky Hatton this year. I love watching this video; very inspirable, spectacular, and amazing strength of Pacman!

2009 the toughest year!

Year 2009 is the toughest year since 2000 millennium, why? It is the year where the economy down and financial market loses millions, have so much trouble, millions of people losing job, many companies are closed, the jobless increases, the demand decreases, the job opportunity loses, many people loses homes, many died for peculiar disease, poverty increases, and criminal increases because of these tough situation, everything is really getting worse today!

If the year 2009 is the worst year since year 2000 millennium what will happen to the next following years? Does it mean we will be having so many troubles and face more problems, and difficulties and challenges in life? It is the year since the United States has been having a worst record for bad economy development – a time for very bad economic crisis in the history! Do you think it is going to recover and bring the United States back on track? Hopefully it would happen and back the United States Alive again as before! We pray that it is going to get well.

Mexico source of Swine Flu

Mexico is the place where the swine flu started, it is the scariest place to visit today you should avoid going there first; life is so precious if you take a risk going there, hundreds of Mexican infected and died. Most people who had been there are positively infected and bringing the virus when they returned to their country and it is now spreading all over the world; first it was recognized in United States and now it is presence in Europe and there is possibility that it could spread to the other continents, pretty scary!

To avoid this, stay home as long as possible, wear mask when you go to the public place, and always wash your hands every now and then especially when you touches things from the public place, and most of all avoid going to MEXICO because the swine flu virus there is getting worse everywhere and there are many people are already infected. Mexico is considered the unsafe place to visit nowadays. Today it’s better to stay home than to take a vacation anywhere.

National Stroke Awareness

According to the National Stroke Association the number of stroke increases this month; it is time to take action! Since stroke is a common problem in the world today C’elle takes campaign action to leverage national stroke awareness, especially for women; women could take action in advance to deal with an expectedly difficulty of stroke for the benefit of their selves and their families as well. C’elle is offering opportunity to take benefits of cryo-preserved for future cellular therapies- the menstrual blood from women are being collected and cryo-preserved to treat more than 75 diseases and disorders including stroke, though the menstrual blood from women is considered as unsanitary waste but according to the research the menstrual fluid has contained self-renewing stem cells that can be collected, processed and cryo-preserved for future health benefits. Since stroke could be treated through this cryo- preserving of menstrual blood you should take action to save your life and your family; C’elle is a new technology to treat stroke victims including stem cell therapy. Got to “About Page ” of C’elle to get more information, unfortunately there are 100,000 people suffering strokes this year and one third of them under the age of 65. To be proactive from this disease go to “Order Now Page ” for ordering, and to see their c’elle kit.

Swine flu becomes worse

The swine flu is now spreading in southeast part of the US, and recently it announced that the virus is now in state of Georgia; it spreads badly all over the states. And not only in the US it is now continue walking to the other continents, if you heard the news the swine flu is now spreading in Europe and let’s do hope that it won’t continue spreading to the other places where the swine flu is absence.

If the swine flu continuously spreads all over the world then we will be having a global health problem, which is dreadful for all of us. The experts say in few weeks it going to be worse in United States since the virus is already presence. In Georgia there are 4 people infected and confine, and recently 10 in South Carolina, and some in Florida. It is a scariest disease next with SARS! Spreads quickly in un-expected time and place.

Charter Free Gift Card

Last year, Charter communication gave away laptops and Xbox 360 game systems and one customer drove away a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid, and last month they gave away a flat screen HDTV a day throughout April including a grand prize package of a home entertainment system and one year of free charter digital cable service with HD programming. And this month charter creates new bundle offers again! They are giving away gift cards sweepstakes throughout May; they are attracting new customers and rewarding existing customers in new and most exciting ways. Check out Charter's Free Gift Card Sweepstakes and get a chance to win a $5,000 gift card grand prize, wow! Charter is really amazing! Aside from that you also have a chance to win four weekly prizes of a $1,000 gift card! And guess what? This contest is open to everyone and no purchase is needed to enter to win.

If you are a current or new customer who orders services at throughout May you are automatically entered to win and will receive $75 or $150 gift cards depending on bundle selection. To keep updated from charter latest contests and sweepstakes check out FollowCharter on Twitter and so you can keep follow and update their great deals.


Pacman another 2009 victory!

Manny Pacquiao as Pacman ( a world boxer champion from Philippines) won the fight against Ricky Hatton as Hitman (the boxing champion from England), he defeated Ricky Hitman in just two round; it was pretty amazing, he knocks down Hatton in first round for 2 times, and knocks out hatton again in two round that caused Hitman not able to fight in 3 round, and Manny Pacman declared winner! It seems that fight has less challenge for Manny; he finished it quickly with no difficulties, wow Pacman you are the best fighter indeed in the world, you are a real Champion, we are so proud of you! It’s our pleasure to see you again for another fight and witness your victory; we always look forward to watch another fight Pacman. The country of Philippines and the Filipinos rejoice on your another victory! Now, the question is who could defeat you? Who is he and where is he? It seems you are too hard to defeat; you are strong as rigid pole! BRAVO Manny Pacquiao Pacman- the only Filipino boxer champion in the world!

What would happen to the Banks?

What would happen to the banks in the future? Don’t you think that the prediction about banks will be real? If you have heard the prediction about banks that could possibly happen in the future it says the banks in the world will be out of funds, frozen, and possibly will be closed at confusing reasons. Banks is the safest place where we can save and keep our money; it is like our future, but at this time would you think your money is in the safer place? The very distinct reason why this prediction will possibly be happened is through spending huge amount of money from the government and the debts of the country will be tripled and could hardly pay it back; it is now happening in the united states, and since America is the best country in the world and source of all huge investments and stock markets, the problem will be started in US and later the entire world will get the global problem.

We don’t understand what’s going on right now, what the administration have done to the US; spending lots of money for nothing and no impact in the future, they did not anticipate everything and they don’t want to hear the mass of people wants (otherwise they considered it ignorant, naive, etc.). You better get your thousands of dollar in the banks before it will be completely frozen.