The Newest MMO game

Have you heard of MMO online games? I've already heard it a couple times, but I found a great resource where you can get information about this online game ( how it was created, where it was started or when or how it was created and discovered), you will also know the basic instruction of this game or how to play this game. I also heard that you can buy a MMO Game card like 60day game cards; some players are paying every month to play the game. This game is very popular in canada and now it is started rolling in North America and Europe. Now there is a newest MMO game called AION where you can customize the character like you can give the eyes, lips, hair, and skin any color you wish, and the combat is quite similar to the combat style of traditional MMO, WoW, WAR and EQ2. It is very interesting online game; you can get some information of this game by visiting aion, you will learn how to play the game (step by step) and you will know the type, steps and instructions of the game. So check out aion classes and explore the site and learn the game. Let's try, play and have fun! In addition, you can register on the page and join the forum or make a thread, you can learn lots of things in the forum.


Autumn to Winter's season

It sad to say Goodbye Autumn! Autumn season for us is the best and perfect season of the year as we know it is the moderate weather between the hot and cold season .It is a season of much change, when nature makes preparations for the cold winter months ahead using a variety of methods. September is often the month of autumn and end up to 6th of November and the winter season will follow as the autumn fall ends. It is an preparation for winter.

During autumn time, there is sadness as the leaves drop from our trees. It is the harvest time for all the fruits, a time of maturity. It's a transition from warm to cold weather and it is also associated with the Halloween season of the year.

During winter time our trees are definitely bald and dead and we barely see lives plants and colorful fresh flower anymore. For me winter is the most sad weather ever and we know mostly everybody won't like it. It is a season of temperate zones, a cold weather with snow and ice and we typically experienced the coldest average temperature of the season in January in the Northern Hemisphere and in July in the Southern Hemisphere. But we have our fame activities for winter time either that makes us fun as well, snow activities like bobsledding, skiing, sledding, snowball fight, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowman, snow castle and car drifting and ice activities like ice skating, ice boating, ice biking, ice fishing, ice diving, ice sculpture, ice hockey, curling and ice climbing. So are you ready for a coming winter season?

Google Page Rank Calculation

I found an interesting article from; it’s all about “Google page rank calculation" it's very interesting since I am curious on how I am going to increase my PageRank and how I am going to calculate the visibility of my site. Indeed, this article is helping a lot of bloggers. Google search engine truly is the most popular search engine; from Google you will be able to check and determine the visibility and popularity of your site. From the article I learned the three most important key measurements of Google; the number of BackLinks, the number of pages indexed, and the Google PageRank. BackLinks is refer to - when people link to you and visiting your blog; the more people link you, the more people find you and visit your blog and it creates good impact of visibility on your blog. The number of pages are the pages of your site; the articles that you have posted and made. And then the PageRank; a ranking numbered 1 through 10, I learned that it takes 100 links to reach the PageRank 3 and 1000 links for PageRank 4, and 10,000 links for PageRank 5, I got an idea here! Awesome! Also visit the latest article called "Advertising and products differentiation."

The Flood in Manila

Have you heard about the flood in Manila Philippines? It was happening during the typhoon name "ondoy" in manila Philippines; this is the first time I heard that Manila's flooded and it was almost covered on entire Manila area. It's very sad that there are lots of people died because of the flood and many houses smashed and covered by flood. The typhoon started in the morning and people did not expect that the water becomes bigger/higher and deeper. I remember the same thing happened in Ormoc City where hundreds or thousands of people died caused by flood that was a real tragedy in ormoc. Now, we are shocked that it was happening again and this time it's attacking in capital city of the Philippines (Manila). They are spending billions to rebuild manila because apparently there are many crucial stuffs to repair cause by flood. Now Manila is on crisis time; no food for meantime and electricity. And Unfortunately there are 2 more typhoon coming that pointing to Philippines island. Hopefully it is not bad as "Ondoy."

Goodbye summer and welcome winter

Sad to say goodbye summer and welcome winter, I like fall season since I do not like hot weather neither cold; I hate freezing cold, it's stressful, how I wish I could live in a mild place. Winter season is almost started and sad to say goodbye fall - the coolest and perfect season of the year. I also love autumn! This time the winter will be additional stress in the bad economy (lol), it could be and it would be! In winter time you need and you must use, spend, and pay gas for the heater to run in your house to make it warm; as we all know using air conditioner during summer is cheaper and you can save more in bills than heater. I can't imagine the big difference of gas from Air conditioner last winter - it's very expensive! How I wish we don't have winter season (Lol), otherwise we can save more bills payment. In winter we consume much energy I guess. Well, as usual the only word we can say is "Welcome winter and goodbye summer!"

Conroe Lapband

Have you heard of conroe lapband? Dr. Richard Collier is a Lap-Band surgical specialist who provides premier and comprehensive Lap-Band weight loss surgery program in Conroe, and he is also an experience surgical (for 31 years in service) with a highly-praised aftercare team program approach for patients following their surgery. If you are looking an excellent surgeon for Lap-Band weight loss surgery - Dr. Richard Collier is your choice (a Conroe, TX's top gastric banding physician). To get more information about Dr. Richard Collier/conroe lapband visit the website and explore for more queries! This is your chance to get an experience surgical specialist/banding physician.

A credit card System

Credit card is part of a system of payments named after the small plastic card issued to users of the system. The issuer of the card grants a line of credit to the consumer (or the user) from which the user can borrow money for payment to a merchant or as a cash advance to the user. A credit card is different from a charge card, which requires the balance to be paid in full each month. In contrast, credit cards allow the consumers to 'revolve' their balance, at the cost of having interest charged. Most credit cards are issued by local banks or credit unions, and are the same shape and size.

Credit cards are issued after an account has been approved by the credit provider, after which cardholders can use it to make purchases at merchants accepting that card.
When a purchase is made, the credit card user agrees to pay the card issuer. The cardholder indicates his/her consent to pay, by signing a receipt with a record of the card details and indicating the amount to be paid or by entering a Personal identification number (PIN). Also, many merchants now accept verbal authorizations via telephone and electronic authorization using the Internet, known as a 'Card/Cardholder Not Present' (CNP) transaction.
Electronic verification systems allow merchants to verify that the card is valid and the credit card customer has sufficient credit to cover the purchase in a few seconds, allowing the verification to happen at time of purchase. The verification is performed using a credit card payment terminal or Point of Sale (POS) system with a communications link to the merchant's acquiring bank. Data from the card is obtained from a magnetic stripe or chip on the card; the latter system is in the United Kingdom and Ireland commonly known as Chip and PIN, but is more technically an EMV card. It is just a simple and small card but it's privately accessible only to the owners because it can be steals from the third party.

Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

Looking motorcycle parts and accessories? Cruiser Customizing has over 30,000 different motorcycle parts and accessories to fully customize your ride! You can look motorcycle parts and accessories for your favorite brand names and models (such as Cruisers, Harleys, Sport Bikes, & Goldwings) and save up to 60% off if you get one. Check out saddlebags and find the perfect way to show your indvidual style at Visit this resource and shop your own motorcycle parts and accessories to save more! What are you waiting for, buy now and save your money! This is a perfect place for you if you are looking parts and accessories for motorcycle.

Tips to get traffic

You want more traffic? Well there is no shortcut to come up with more traffic but it says the content of your blog is the King, which is the ultimate thing to get more traffic; your post must be unique and interesting to readers, say it well and clear. Always provide new interesting post that could catch the attention of your visitors, read blogs and comments which a good way to create relationships of the other active bloggers. Add tags and concentrate on SEO, it is says tags and keywords are important from the point of view of search engine.

Fundamentally, adds your URL in Google, Yahoo, Msn and other possible search engine here is the list, always search your Url link in Google, Yahoo or Msn, get more some friends and visit them frequently. Also participate any blog forum, make a thread as this time you could have some friends to get ex-links. Make use of Social Sites too, social sites are always useful like Digg and Stumble that can really bring good amount of traffic, and your posts are automatically shared through Social sites.

Earn Money Online Business Opportunity

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Can you still breath in our bad economy?

Can you still breath in our bad economy? I can't believe that everything is getting expensive right now, we were expecting before that  the goods would become inexpensive, since the gasoline is getting lower or the products would become cheaper. But, what happened with the oil or the price of our gasoline today, it's rising again isn't it? Now, we can't expect a better outcome, indeed everything from gas/oil to goods are getting higher and expensive, it is so sad to think. Unfortunately we know that our economy has a lot of trouble right now, we are in the middle of crisis and bad economy so everything will be getting worse. When I purchased a ticket for my flight the other day I was so shocked because the prices are immediately going up, it is rising up for about 25% from original price before, very disappointing news! And we don't have choice but to deal with it. Furthermore, we've heard that some of our fellowmen are losing jobs and so they are struggling to pay their mortgage payment, in fact, others applied for Mortgage Loan Modification to solve their mortgage problem. Everything is getting worse!

Shop and save more!

Do you love to shop online? If so, visit gift buying guides where you can select bunch of products online for gifts/present - It's very interesting resource, it finds every store on the Internet by crawling like Google, it gives all shopper everything, is it not cool? You can find anything for sale on the web as it is a web finds products from every store, it is efficient, compatible, and convenient and easier network to shop online for everything you want. If you are looking gifts for your loved ones either adults or kids you should visit Wiki Seasonal, it sends you to all types of gifts/occasions that you seek for.

If you are looking for beauty and health products, visit Wiki Health and Beauty - you can find any brand beauty products like anti aging skin care, anti wrinkle, cosmetics and many more! You can search anything in this site regarding health and beauty. Looking for Apparel? Visit the apparel section and you can look any kind of dresses/jackets/clothing/gowns, handbag, shoes and more. Visit, explore or take a tour on this site.

Is it good to sell houses today?

It's so sad to see that our economy is getting really worse; The value of houses today become cheaper and slower, the people who are struggling and wanted to sell their house to survive can't do this choice anymore because the market pay you a low rate unlike before, it's really bad. The value of houses must be increased 15% each year, you must expect to be paid more than the original cost when you bought it. So right now it's really bad when you are planning to sell your house before it's being paid off - So others have no choice but to keep their houses rather than selling it without profit and you will pay extra on it instead to pay back on your loan, it's not a make sense then.

However, others who have houses that have been paid off have a chance and choice to sell their houses though even the economy is bad because they don't need to be worried even if they only get lower cost on it since it's already paid off ( no debts/owes to be paid off eventually). These days we can even hardly buy our personal needs from health products to beauty products, I have a very big problem with acne and  I need to maintain a treatment for this.  I love searching acne information over the internet ( such this best over the counter acne), I don't think if I could still afford to buy beauty products in this time of crisis.

Patek Philippe Watches

Looking a quality Watch online? I love Watches, women always love Watches. Speaking of watches, I have found a great and cool watch brand online called Patek Philippe from; it’s coolest Watches! If you are looking Watches for present Patek Philippe Watches are the best watches to give ( with quality and reliability for a long term use), it is incredible Watches! It’s perfect gifts to give to loved ones and friends. Buy your Patek Philippe watch from Don't miss it! Check this resource so you can see their amazing watches. I love their products. So check this out!

Baby Songs

The following songs are what your baby's like. It makes your baby's sleep right away by the time you will sing these songs. I am going to share you the lyrics. Here are the lyrics.


One, two buckle my shoe,
three, four, knock at the door.
five, six, pick up sticks.
Seven, eight, lay them straight.
Nine, ten, let's do it again.


Hickory, dickory dock,
the mouse ran up the clock.
the clock struck one,
the mouse ran down,
hickory, dickory dock.


Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man.
Bake me a cake as fast as you can.
roll it and pat it and mark it with a B
and put it in the oven for baby and me!

How's your blogging?

How's your blogging business? Or let say how's your blogs? I have made another blog now, I already got 3 blogs then I am making one more with own domain name; it's nice if you have blogs that have own domain, it is very advantage in blogging network because they are preferring to give offer to whom own a blog that has own domain name, or let say not free domain name, they want a paid domain name.

I am still using the blogger network as my host - I just set-up the new domain name on my blog but my host network is the same. The more you have more blogs the more you can get opportunities when you register it all to the blogging networks. But the only problem is if you have lots of blog you will spend more time and effort to update those blogs, and that would be tiresome then. It is indeed tiresome anyway. But if you want to earn and willing to give a hard work for it then it would not be a problem. Go let's blog!

The Opportunities!

It's so sad there are many opportunities in Socialspark but I am not qualified, well, it is not really says I am not qualified but my blogs are not a member of their blogroll that's what it says. They are giving opportunities almost everyday but I have never got even one of it; it is pretty sad.

On the other hand, Payperpost has many opportunities but they only offer a small amount of every opportunities; it's so sad but I grabbed it though, it's better than nothing! How I wish they gave big amounts same as they gave in socialspark network. Blogging is so slow today, last month is better I got lots of opportunities in socialspark with big amounts. Today is indeed rare.

kuryakyn Parts & Accessories

Guess what? I have found a resource where you can get Kuryakyn Parts & Accessories. You can find the largest selection of kuryakyn parts and accessories here at a low-low price. Any kind of style you want you can get it here - CruiserCustomizing has everything, and it's what you are looking for. Check this out!

My experience in Payperpost

Why I was not approve in Payperpost? It was very frustrating and disappointing, Unfortunately, according to the Payperpost, my blog did not meet the requirements like blog must be at least 90 days in order to participate, it would be counted from the blog first post. Furthermore, a blog must have at least 20 pre-existing original quality posts at least 3-5 sentences in the last 90 days prior to using their service. Additionally it says too that many of my posts are not written clearly, how's that happened? Posts must be coherent and written clearly in order to approve the blog. Well they advised me to resubmit again in the future if I will be enough qualified of their requirements. But, on the other hand, I was approved by Socialsparks on the other hand, it's still adequate. If you have experienced same like this, don't worry just post more topics with the good grammar and content with clearly written by your own.

Mac to Windows Compatibility

Have you ever heard of ExtremeZ-IP software? Well, I have never heard this before but it says it is only the windows-based server software today from Group Logic ( The industry's most trusted solution for seamless file and printer sharing between Mac desktops and Windows servers) that supports all Mac OS versions from OS 9 to OS X 10.5 (Leopard). It sounds interesting, isn't it? In short, you can find the most advanced compatibility between Mac desktops and Windows servers here. If you are running a small or big business today you should visit this "filename problems" to manage your business more efficiency and to get seamless integration while maintaining the complete Mac experience for end-users. Check this out!