Healthy Beach resort!

BORACAY BEACH RESORT! The most beautiful Beach Resort in the Philippines and it is the main tourist attraction. It is called "Jewel of the Philippines" as it has been visited by people from the different countries. Boracay Island will be found in the Visayas region, it has an eight-kilometer white sand, Boracay simply called a White Beach which is the main attraction of the visitors. It is the World's Best Beach since it’s unveiling to the international community in the late 1980s.

I went to the Boracay once and I was stunned with the beautiful and wonderful views from the neat, wide, white sand, neat and amazing restaurants, neat hotels and it has a Mall too if you want to shop clothes and different kinds of fun activities that pretty sure will not make you bored. Spending time in Boracay for me has never been so fun and it is the most amazing vacation I ever had, it was just like I went to paradise. You can sure for your own safety and cleanliness of the hotels and restaurants, it is very organized and very neat Beach Resort.

Papaya, fiber fruits!

Do you like Papaya? I like both ripe and raw papaya; it is one of the healthiest fruits to eat and most nutritious fruits at all. Papaya is not only a nutritious fruits but they are delicious as well. It is also called a fiber fruit or the most intestines-friendly fruit, a cure of constipation. Apparently, it has many distributions and health advantages, most people have been patronized the products of papaya from bath soap, lotion, skin cleanser and other uses.

Papaya can also be an herbal plant; they made it as herbal medicine products by giving different names on it but only one origin source, from papaya plants or fruits. You can use fresh papaya leaves though on your face, I remember I have tried papaya leaves before for my rare pimples on my face, I chopped the papaya leaves in very tiny then I used to put it on my face for about an hour and so far it’s better than papaya cleanser products, it cleans and kills germs on your face as you can feel the forces and vibrations working on it, and your face is so soft and flawless. It’s amazing!

Why do you like eggplants?

Eggplant has a variety of colors, they usually green mixed with yellow or white. Eggplants are a good source of folate and potassium but however low in vitamins and minerals but it contains a balanced complex still.

Eggplants are one of my favorite vegetables, I usually cooked it with eggs and fry since it is my favorite recipe. There are so many ways how to cook eggplants, it's either you can cook it on fire (on a grill), peel it and prepared with soy sauce or slice it with tiny and cover with scrambled egg and fry in cooking oil. The taste is awesome! Some people don't like eggplants as they don't like the taste but fortunately it is one of the good vegetables - it is not only for nutritious sources of vitamins but it is also a cancer-fighting phytochemicals vegetables too.

Cleaning and washers

Is it  pissing you off when you see your own car dirty  or unclean in the garage? If so, then you  need an easier, faster and more convenient pressure washer. Are you wishing to have an easy pressure washer for your car, or house? Honestly, I have never heard of electric pressure washers before, however, it seems this product is  unique and great. I have reviewed the site, and they have a  huge selection of incredible electric pressure washers .You might have bought one to wash your car, your house, your drive, etc. I love these nilfisk pressure washers or nilfisk electric pressure washers . Indeed, these are the best cleaning and washers for cars and houses. Therefore, if you think that you need these things so bad, it is your choice and chance to make your work easier and faster from the electric pressure washers! Would you agree? Try it now! Check it out!

About Beauty and the Beast!

What is beauty? In my own words, when referring to a person beauty is a certain characteristic of a person, the qualities that give pleasure to the senses, beauty doesn't mean beautiful but otherwise it has divided into two different meaning, “inner beauty” and “outer beauty.” How are we going to elaborate it?

The inner beauty is simply referring to the qualities, manners or conduct, human act or character of a certain person that he/she shows among of the people surround him/her, it is the beauty that can only be seen by words and actions. However the outer beauty is the opposite, it refers into a physical look attraction that first can captured into a person’s eyes, it's either in attractive look or not. When we say beast, it is opposite of the good characteristics of both "inner beauty" and "outer beauty." Does it make sense?

Now, which do you prefer the good characteristics of the "inner beauty" but not physically beautiful (outer beauty) or strongly attractive and beautiful (outer beauty) but spiritually has a bad character (inner beauty) at all? Well,  you decide!