Regarding Blog Network experience

Do you have something to share with regard to Blog Network experiences? Well, pretty sure we have some experiences then. The payment delay issue is the most I hate (ha-ha) it’s unacceptable and injustice sometimes; we have waited for a month to get our payment due but after then it’s going to be delayed, and the things is, it’s usually delayed for about a week. Sometimes it’s frustrating and disappointing but it’s still fine at least you get paid.

Anyway, have you ever experienced that your blog has been banned or your blog has been eliminated from the blog network? I heard lots of story about it! Well, this is the hottest issue today; it’s happened when the blog is over loaded and full of sponsored banners or affiliate banners, advertisements, widgets, and links. You should practice your blog to be a friendly accessible to any blog network, to do this; you should have cleaned and net blogs to present to the blog networks.

Blogging becomes hotter

Did you know that blogging becomes hotter today? Everybody wants to “blog” and becomes a member of blog networks to earn extra money, to survive these tough times of living. Blogging networks are still on hit even they also have experienced crisis. Since there are many jobless; people have stayed in home are preferred to blog to earn extra dollar while in home. Or some people blogging during on their spare time. In North America blogging is very known and popular since some of blogging networks are located in North America, but it’s open to all countries though.

Most People do blogging are from North America, Europe, and few countries in Asia like Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, and India. Blogging becomes more popular worldwide, in fact, people have relied to earn extra from blog online business. Blogging is considered a legal business online. However, on blogging you must build more ideas and effort on writing articles. Blogging is interesting and lots of fun too.

Vaccination comfort for Children!

Do you know how to comfort your child after vaccination? Most children have experienced discomfort after he/she was vaccinated. What are things you need to do? Vaccine immunization is being required to a child for his/her own future protection; it’s the responsibility of parents to vaccine their child as early as they could, vaccine may hurt a little but diseases can hurt a lot! Vaccine immunization protects children from any serious disease in the future. Vaccination may cause your child to feel discomfort, so they need extra love and care after the shots. And the child may experience fever, fussy, swollen of leg or arm, and sickness after he/she was vaccinated.

It’s advisable to check your child’s temperature every now and then to find out if he/she has a fever. If positive; give your child plenty of water or liquid to drink, liquid helps to reduce fever, and clothe the child lightly (don’t cover tightly), check the child’s temperature every after 1 hour, and you should pay attention about your child condition when you think that it’s getting worse and you are very worried about your child looks or feels, contact or call immediately your clinic or health care provider.

The computers since early 80s

We all know that the Computers introduced on early 1980s to the public have changed a great deal. Early computers were just simple machines designed for basic tasks, have not much memory, not very powerful, it’s often quite expensive, and customers must paid thousands of dollars for machines. And the computers were separate; the individual machines used mostly as expensive typewriters or for playing games.

Many years come the early computers have changed; it has become more powerful machines with very practical applications, most of our programmers have created a large selection of useful programs. Everybody’s still playing video games; but today's games have become faster and exciting interactive adventures. We, the computer users have also got on the Internet and communicating one another around the world. Computer users have started to create international community’s over internet online. In general, the simple and individual machines of early 80s have gradually improved into an international World Wide Web of knowledge.

Obama born in Kenya?

Is it really true that Pres. Obama was not born in United States? If you don’t know then I don’t know either (ha-ha) but what if it were true? What would you think then? It says that president of United States must be born in U.S!

Pres. Obama’s socialism Policy/Plan

What is this Administration socialism economic plan or policy all about? the Administration taking and using money from the government to use for health care or this called stimulus package, Has it good impact? What about the America's future? Is it not risky especially the US is facing problem on financial market right now? Take note: United States financial market are facing storm right now and majority of people think it is not a time to take out a huge amount of money from the government to fulfill this plan. Yes, it true it helps people perhaps today but what about the nation and the future? Since the nation composed of people, what will happen to the people on the future? What will happen to America? Majority says administration should focus about the economic crisis and build a capitalism system to bring the US alive, and not to pursue socialism plan which is practically it could not help the America’s crisis right now and more on the future.
People still can’t understand what’s happening in the World today! Majority says America must be remained America, and loyalty is the best Policy, hopefully people in the America found that loyalty. Prayer is still the best weapon today whatever changes come!

Sears Busted Moms on Facebook

Did you hear that Sears is offering 75-80% off original prices on fall and winter apparel? This sale is available till April 18th. We know that sears has a huge selection of products with trusted brands, I love this network! I was surprised when I heard their big discount; it’s the best discount I’ve ever heard! This is truly a great deal and a great chance for everybody to save more money during this economic crisis. So you better check out their sale today and purchase apparels before it expires, Sears has everything you need from clothing, beauty products, jewelry , shoes, tools, appliances, and more. Grab this huge discount that you have never heard before!

Furthermore, Sears has a cool contest and great deals; it’s called “Mommy Makeover package,” be a fan of sears Busted Moms on Facebook and you could win a $2,500 prize package from Sears! It’s cool, isn’t it? So, sign up for Facebook to connect with Sears Busted Moms today and follow Busted Moms on Twitter; they will be giving away Sears gift cards, updates, and hot deals going on at Sears! If the economy has left you feeling busted, @bustedmoms you have a chance to win a mommy makeover package and earn cash! Join now!

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The true Meaning of Meekness

The dictionary says that the word meek means “mild, submissive, and compliant.” William Barclay points out that the Greek word for “meek” was the word which was often used to describe an animal which had been tamed to obey the command of its master. It might be a strong animal like a horse or ox, able to do a great deal of work. It was not “weak”- but it was “meek,” always obedient to the will of its owner. A tame horse contributes much more to life than a wild one. Energy out of control is dangerous; energy under control is powerful.

That is a vivid picture of what Jesus means by “meekness.” When we are apart from Christ we are, in a sense, like a wild animal. We live according to our own desires and wishes, obeying our own instincts and ruling our own lives.

Blogging and Online Business Today

We all know that Blogging is a popular earning online today and mostly people also doing business online, and bloggers are creating reviews or buzz from advertisers (the online business’s owner). Once the people own an online business site they considered their website as one of their important assets and relying their business website to the hands of professionals that keeps their website steady and good performance like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) network, and to any website monitoring or network monitoring services. Online business is a good business indeed but it’s like a gambling you can’t sure whether you will win or fail, it’s not easy and simple though. Someone owns an online business needs to watch the availability and performance of their website.

However, any monitoring services online could help also to manage any business website as they always keep an eye for any troubles and also for updating. Online businessman wants their online business to continuously grown; otherwise he/she may get poor earnings. So what is your idea about online business?

MagNext Virtual Game

Looking for games and puzzles that could entertain your kids? Mega Brands provides innovative, well-designed, affordable, and high-quality products that give creative experiences for children and families; their products are marketed worldwide including brands such as Mega Bloks, Rose Art, Magnext and Board Dudes. As parents, this is your chance to nurture the creativity of your child and to every family as well. Mega Brands are popular with preschool children and boys aged 5-12, and they are big in construction toys. In fact, they invest 3-4% of their sales to drive innovation. They have the best game called MagNext Virtual that includes riding n’ racing, bumping n’ battling, and chatting n’ showing off, with style, power, and a hyper sense of adventure! It’s very challenging and interesting game for kids and for adults as well. I’ve tried to play the game and it’s a lot of fun, you can sign up for a free account and try out the game too; it’s full of action, I really like it and I want to play it again during my spare time! So why don’t you sign up and play now? Let’s have more fun! And get your special paint jobs, action skills and super cool gear only at Mega Brands.


Spring and Summer season for Gardening!

Spring season is coming! Apparently, it’s good news to all gardeners and interested in starting up a garden! I am planning to make a garden in front of our porch yard too; I am thinking to grow healthy vegetables including squash, hot pepper, cabbage, and eggplant, and also my favorite fruits- the tomato, and melon.

If you have not heard about the fast-growing plants in United States, you will be amazed their super and incredible fertilizer that makes plants grows faster and healthier. Their fertilizers are truly amazing! Gardening is not only referring to greening but for beautification. So why not start planning to plant on this spring season? I really love spring and summer season! Are you always excited on spring and summer season? Well, I am always excited! Spring and summer are the perfect seasons of the year in United States! People in America always love spring and summer season!

Christmas For Payatas

When I heard about these children in payatas from the Philippines and saw their video in YouTube I was touched. The landfill in Payatas, Philippines is known as the smoking dump site for over 35 years, where poor children pick garbage to collect material to sell, and the money they earned from collecting garbage is not enough to buy food for the day, this is pretty sad! In fact, and the lighthouse Center for Children foundation organized children’s charity initiative called Christmas for Payatas to help and give these children a little cheer this Christmas, and to provide a better shelter as well. Share your blessings on this charity community for the sake of these children.

What is Web Design to you?

What is Web design to you? Web Design is also called as “Designing web site”; it is an arrangement and creation of web pages that generally called a website. We all know that Web design is not just simple and easy it needs more patience, time, and effort, and usually you need to spend much time to work with it.

We heard some free web design practices online that truly helps thousands of people, especially those people who are new to the world of web design. You can make your own Web design without relying to web designers if you just look some web design practices online that include tips and tutorials, which is free!

Anyway, Web design is pretty fun, interesting, and little challenging, if you have interest to learn about it, eventually you will learn it! Give time to take a look online practices for free and you can get lessons and steps how to start web design and you can also join to any web design forums to ask questions regarding web design.

About Social Network today

I like social network! In fact, I have a favorite one called “Friendster” and I also know other social networks like “MySpace,” “FaceBook,” “Ringo,”and many others. Do you like social network? Social networks are the networks where people can meet friends and other people across the world; this network is based on types and categories like if you heard social network called redheads then this network is for redheads (you can find redhead’s information). We have also called bloggers social network which is exclusive only for bloggers and also other social networks for single men/women, lovers, and more! Social network is one of the interesting networks today; at social network people can build friendship around the world.

Other social network has also tools called instant messenger that helps people to communicate, from social network you can always join for free and meet people across the world; it’s open worldwide. There are thousands of social networks available today but the networks I mentioned above are the social networks that I have known and known social networks today.

A big discount on Sears

I love Sears shopping network; sears has a huge selection of products with trusted brands. Have you heard that Sears offers 75-80% off? They are offering "Sale" on fall and winter apparel from now till April 18th, this is great, isn’t it? This is the best discount I’ve ever heard, a great deal for everybody on this fall and winter season, and a great chance to save more money during this economic crisis. Sears has everything you need from baby clothing to adults clothing, beauty products, jewelry, shoes, tools, appliances, electronic & computers, and more! Sears provides everything you need, with a huge discount that you have never heard before. You must grab this opportunity today before the expiration; you still have a month to purchase "Sale" apparels that you need on this fall and winter time.

I like this “Speechless Branded Bottom Tube Dress” and you can buy it as low as $9.99 today instead of $50 the original price. What a great markdown, this is truly a great deal indeed! So if you do online shopping, I recommend Sears that offers 75-80% off until April 18th. This is a big opportunity to everybody! Grab this opportunity now and enjoy your online shopping.
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High-tech for backups

Have you experienced losing your important files on your computer? Did your computer crash and don’t able to recover the restored files anymore? It is common problem to experience and sometimes user doesn’t pay attention to reserve backups.

I have one incident to share about losing important files; one of my friends accidentally lost her wedding photos when she transferred the photos from digital camera to laptop computer and the laptop went crazy, by that time she never recovered the photos anymore, though she was trying to fix it but it won’t let her! Unfortunately, the wedding photos were lost! Pretty sad.

But today losing files is not really a big problem, due to high-technology people creates some solutions for data recovery, you can backup your files online if you wanted to! It most crucial to any business files and other important files, though we used hard drive or disk to use for backing up files but online backup solutions I think are easier to use for disaster recovery.

Why learning online?

Learning online is well-known and popular today, instead of going to school campus; people have no time to go to school campus preferred to study online for convenience. In United States training certificate course mostly done through online education.

Online Education sites do the same as what school campus does; same purpose of improving knowledge, teaching lessons or courses as what school campus has. Online education also performs homework or assignments, as well as tests, activities, and projects.

Online education is also handled by real teachers; the different courses also include interactive quizzes, practice problems, and provide depth explanations and resources that help students to increase general understanding. Indeed online education is handy, more convenient, easier, and efficient. However, at school campuses you will be exposed in socialized place, meet some people, and practice your social behavior which is also beneficial.

What is Online Dating Site?

Are you single and have a passion on Online dating site? Online dating site today is a dating system which allows individuals or groups to communicate with each other over the internet, and with the purpose of developing a romantic relationship. The members provide personal information such as age, gender and location, and it allows members also to upload photos of them and browse the photos of others. Online dating is not impossible it can true and real.

I heard a lot of story regarding online dating site and it’s not bad. In fact, you have a chance to meet a life-partner! You just make a profile and you’ll possibly meet the person you are looking for all your life and she/he is waiting for you too! But, you should put info about yourself on the profile. At online dating you can also build friendships or meet some good and true friends. Online Dating can be free or not free.

Amazing 12 year old girl Singer!

When I heard the amazing song “Framed” by 12 year old girl, Lena I was really surprised! what a stunning and awesome voice! She has a beautiful, soft, and perfect voice indeed. Lena was born and raised in Los Angeles, she has been singing for as long as she can remember, and at age of 7 she sang the national anthem in front of a huge crowd and received enthusiastic reviews. Singing is really her passion; in fact, she began writing her own music and released original composition called “Framed” as a collaboration of veteran Hollywood music composer and producer, Kosta Lois. Lena follows the footsteps of all her favorite bands, very talented girl indeed! Her song can be heard at Lena's myspace page, visit lena's page today to find out her and her amazing song.

My Top 10 EC Droppers

My Top 10 EC Droppers:

I am proud to present my top 10 Entrecard droppers from the month of February to March; they are my loyal droppers within 30 days, many thanks for dropping on to my page everyday and I appreciate your effort! For sure, I will always patronize your blog too and I will always post you on my blog as honor! Thank you and see you next month and for following coming months. Good Luck to us fellow bloggers and more power! Let’s keep up our good work! God bless us. Again thank you very much.

What is Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may affect many tissues and organs in your body, and produce a diffuse inflammation in the lungs, pericardium, pleura, sclera, and nodular lesions. The cause of Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is still unknown. It says that women experienced Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) three times more often than men, and most frequent between the age of 40 and 50 years old. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can be diagnosed on symptoms and signs, blood tests, and x-rays; it is performed by rheumatologist. Various treatments are available in Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) including Non-pharmacological treatment such as physical therapy and occupational therapy, it could prevent long-term damage. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are also used to suppress the symptoms but I think Non-pharmacological treatment is easier, more comfortable, and inexpensive.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally; primarily affects joints and other organs of the body, and also causes anemia. When you have Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) you will no longer feel active as before, you will become more emotional, unhappy, and depressed.

Laser Hair Removal Video

Laser Hair Removal Video

Hair Removal Videos Facial Hair Removal

Check out this Laser Hair Removal Video ; to learn more about permanent hair removal and how laser hair removal works, if you purchase their instructional DVD, you will learn the different laser options, the benefits, treatment, procedure, techniques and more! From this complete guide you will know how to perform common laser hair removal treatments on your face, underarms, bikini area, back, and legs. Laser hair removal is one of the non-surgical procedures nowadays; for both women and men. You can order the DVDs by calling 1-800-414-2434 or visiting the website; the DVD only cost you $175 plus shipping. Why don’t you order now? Visit "laser hair removal training" today!

To a Dumbest Blogger

How to format your blog on

First log in to your then click the dashboard on the right side of your screen ,choose layout found under the title of your blog and click "edit HTML" text, then use Ctrl-F and find or type "#main-wrapper{" in the box, under that you will see something like
You can change the number to whatever number you want. But for sure, download or backup your template just in case you screw up.
This is very minimal configuration, you will need to adjust the container if you would like to extent it, but if you will do adjustments make sure that the width will fit into your computer screen otherwise you will be having unreliable different dimension on your computer screen. Now back to edit HTML page, you have an option to download a copy of your template on your computer drive. Do this if you are interested in customizations to your design, so that you can easily change or edit your template if you don't like that way it comes out and you can upload your same file again.
About your actual code on your template, you will see a regular HTML and CSS with lots of custom tags also that can make it compatible with drag-and-drop layout editor as well as the font and color picker. If you would like to have changes on your code, Read this first:

On the option "Expand Widget templates" By default, every page element is shown in the code as a single line plane placeholder, whose option can be set in the graphical interface on the page element. The code is simply at first but you could have more control on the second way, so be wise in which option you prefer to do.
At the bottom, you can see three buttons there it is for Clear Edits, Preview and Save Template that you can use what do you want to work for it. On the the hand, there are two links referring to your classic template, if you are changing your blog from old style of the Blogger Templates to the new layouts version, then your classic template whatever it is, is the last template you used in the old system, with your customizations. If the blog was created on the new system and has always used layout, so then your classic template is a default, classic version of the original design you chose when you created the blog, without customizations.
Also, there is different kind way in working your link , it has called View link, it will show you the code if you want to check or copy a part of it for your new design and the second is Revert link, it will erase all the customizations you have made in the layouts feature and set your blog to use the old style Blogger template again, In this Case you can't use the graphical Layouts interface in this mode, but you can convert it back to layout by then later.
Now let's talk about TARGET = "_blank"
"_blank" means opening a new window

"_blank" is known in WebPages in linking other resources on the internet. Opening a new content window of each resources, surfer or user has a main page and secondary pages which is individual resources listed from a main page. But this is not a perfect idea too to the readers or surfers; it brings complication though as you have more windows pop up on your screen.

About HREF Attribute and the anchor tag:
Anchor has an ability to arrive in any resource on the web like HTML pages, images, sound files, movies and etc.
Here is some syntax in creating an anchor;

Let's talk about tag- It is use in creating an anchor to link from, and the href attribute is use to address the document to link to, and any words inside the anchor tag will display as a hyperlink.
For Instance, I have link 123greetings, the anchor defines a link to 123greetings;

what about the Target Attribute;
this one is very interesting, here you can target where the linked document will be opened.
The syntax will open the document in a new browser window:

About the Name Attribute and Anchor Tag;
It is says the name attribute is used to create anchor. When doing this, we can easily jump to the desire section on the page that we would love to read or look without spending time in scrolling it.
Here is the syntax:

The name attribute is creating a named anchor, mean the name of the anchor can be any text you care to use. Look at this,

In order to link to the "news" section, you should use # sign and the name of the anchor to the end of a URL, for instance;

then a hyperlink to the important news from Between the file "html_links.asp" will be seen like this;

Lena's MySpace page

I never heard this amazing song by 12 year old girl, Lena before but I was stunned when I heard her beautiful voice; very nice, soft, and perfect! I love singing too and I considered it as one of my talents but I never focus on it at all. However, when I heard Lena’s song on her MySpace page, it’s really cool, she has a perfect talent on singing and she deserves to be a good singer or she could be a best singer indeed. In fact, at the age of 7 she sang the national anthem in front of a huge crowd and got rave reviews, Lena also went on to record very well received covers of popular hits and recently began writing her own music, I really like her song and the way she sings; very nice and fantastic! Furthermore, today she released her first original composition called “Framed” which she wrote in collaboration with Kosta Lois; a veteran Hollywood music composer and producer, and that song can be heard from her MySpace page. Her passion is really for singing and performing, and she follows the footsteps of all her favorite bands. So why don’t you visit Lena's myspace page today to find out her and her amazing song? Explore Lena’s talent now by visiting her page!


What is Vote?

Voting commonly implies election. It is really important to Vote! This is our privilege and responsibility as a good citizen in the country. Voting is an important part of the democratic process as we can make our decision or express our opinion, it is an individual's act of voting by which we express support or preference for a certain motion, a certain candidate, a certain selection of candidates or a political party however, the act of voting in most countries is voluntary but it is crucial to a citizen people to prefer to select who is fit to lead his/her own country to appoints representatives in the government and apparently it's for the country and individual's future. Even though there is a lot who do not care about it but your vote is count most and it is necessary to care the future in where you belong.

I appreciate those countries like Argentina, Australia, Belgium and Brazil which is electorate voting is compulsory, everybody is helping participated and expressed their ideas, opinion and responsibility as a true united nation. Other country like Philippines which vote is very important though not compulsory but it helps people to urge to participate to vote because they acknowledge it as one of the credentials requirements in any ways like for jobs, schools, going overseas and etc as long the electorate is above 18 years old. Vote is always the privilege and responsibility of an authentic citizen in the country!

Spam your emails forever!

We don’t like or we hate receiving unwanted emails in yahoo inbox every day. If you want to block those emails that you have been receiving from your yahoo inbox, there’s a simple way to stop it forever. It’s very simple step. You have to spam those unwanted emails from your inbox. Do these steps:

1. Log in to your yahoo account, from the page click the inbox folder found at the left side of your page.
2. From the inbox page, choose the emails list that you want to discard by simply checking the small square box found at the left side of the following mails.
3. When you are done, simply click the “spam” button found between “delete” and “Mark” button located above of your page.
4. Then the following emails that you have been spammed will go directly to your spam folder on your mail instead of your inbox folder, and the spammed mails from your folder will automatically delete after days.

Best Web Hosting service

Are you looking a new web hosting service? I recommend the Web Hosting Geeks that includes top 10 web hosting providers. If you consider your website as one of your assets you should get the best web hosting provider, why don’t you find cheap professional web hosting services? At Web Hosting Geeks you can get cheap as $10 a month, and all webhosting plans include one free domain name registration and 30 day money back guarantee, it’s cool, isn’t it? This resource helps people to know the best and the worst providers; from their web host review you can easily decide which the best web hosting services are. Additionally, they only picked the cheapest web hosting providers nowadays. I am glad to know this resource as I am looking a cheap domain name for my current website and I can share it to my friend too. Also, if you purchase a web hosting provider today you can have unlimited space and traffic, and free domain forever, it’s awesome! Check the Web Hosting Geeks today to explore more Bonus Features; this is perfect for your personal and business website. So why don’t you visit these web hosting providers today and find the best price-value ratio? Visit this resource now!

Entrecard Network for Bloggers

Are you a member of Entrecard network yet? I have been member for about months, and this network is not bad, in fact it’s truly helpful for blog traffic and it’s the same with social network too or let’s says it’s a social network for bloggers or it’s really a social network in a way that you can build friendship too with fellow bloggers in the network. And it’s fun!

On the other hand, I have noticed that Entrecard has a limit number of droppings, if I’m not mistaken you can only drop less than 50 cards every day, apparently they have limitation! You will notice that when you drop cards from drop button it will display “Go Go” rather than “Thank you”, mean you have reached the maximum limit of dropping; you must stop by then because the limitation is ended and it will no longer be counted anymore. Entrecard is very useful for bloggers indeed!

The Virus Worm was gone!

Have you heard the virus worm lately? At last it was gone now! This worm was the virus that you had just experienced lately from your computer, which causes your computer crashed and frozen while you are working with it. Lately, this worm virus was spreading everyday and there were millions of computers being attacked by this virus. And the good news is, it was finally gone now but however there is another problem that we must pay attention; the virus was gone but there is a tendency that you will be hacked over online. It is happening right now, when your computer experienced slower than before, more pop ups, and capturing unwanted ads, that would be a sign that you are being hacked. The best thing you could do is to shield that, anti-viruses could help but you need to have a high recommended and high quality anti-virus scanner on your computer. To protect from being hacked, download and buy anti-virus as soon as possible!

LAP-BAND surgery

Have you heard this lap band surgery? Journey Lite offers called LAGB system or also referred to as the LAP-BAND; the safest, and proven weight-loss surgery available nowadays. It says it’s only weight loss surgery that is reversible and adjustable for life! Journey Lite has experienced surgeon that helps to lose your excess weight and begin to live healthier and more productive lives. This adjustable and reversible weight loss procedure is the only surgery available in the United States today, aside of their adjustability and reversibility; it is safer, effective weight loss procedure, and low risk of complications. One of the advantages of adjustable gastric banding is the normal digestion and absorption of food energy and nutrition. Visit the Journey Lite today for more queries.

My Medical Examination

A couple days ago I went to medical examination by the civil surgeon to comply my “adjustment of status” requirements and I also brought my vaccination record from the health center. The civil surgeon was very nice to me and it seems she knows very well about the USCIS (U.S citizenship of immigration services) requirements for medical examination. She only performed the Tb skin test and took me blood for HIV and syphilis test and so far there are no problem and I did not have MMR (muscles, mumps, rubella) shot anymore, my first MMR shot was fine. I was not thinking that medical examination in U.S is very simple as that.

Anyway, I’m so glad that I have done the medical examination at last! Now I can start preparing my papers and process it to the immigration for completion and in order me to get permit to enable me to work and have a green card.

HPV and TDap Vaccination

A couple days ago I went to the health center near in our area for my HPV (Human papillomavirus) and TDap (Tetanus diphtheria and pertussis) vaccination for my “Adjustment of Status” requirements, and I got one shot each. HPV catch-up vaccine is only for age 13-26 years old, it’s a little expensive but its worth for your future protection, it is advisable to every women age 13-26 years old. However, Tdap or tetanus is advisable to 6 years younger and older, tetanus causes painful muscle spasms all over the body, it can cause of tightening the jaw muscles so the victim can’t open his/her mouth or swallow, and tetanus can possibly kill people. Diphtheria also causes of thick covering in the back of the throat and can cause breathing problems, paralysis, heart failure, and death. However pertussis causes severe coughing spells, vomiting, and disturbed sleep. Td or Tdap vaccine is required because it protects against tetanus and diphtheria.

HPV or (Genital Human Papillomavirus) is a common sexual transmitted virus in North America and it says there are 20 million people are infected in United States, HPV can spread through sexual contact. Preventing HPV is very important as it can cause cervical cancer in women, HPV has no sign or symptoms and don’t go away on their own, in fact, it’s one of the causes of cancer deaths in women around the world. But the routine vaccination of HPV is recommended for girls 11-12 years of age and doctor may also give it to girls as young as 9 years old.

Lightship Research for Job Hunters

Are you a job seeker? LIGHTSHIP RESEARCH provides powerful tools and personal coaching to help you to land the job of your dreams, you can call them for a free resume critique and job search strategy discussion. Lightship Research is dedicated to those both who are seeking a job change and a board seat appointment, it will be your exciting and challenging experience if you visit Lightship research today, their task is to help you! Take time to read the testimonial of T. Chen, NC;
I was the GM of a division of an industrial Fortune 500 company, and although I had a good job, I wanted to take advantage of the tremendous growth in China. I asked Lightship Research if they could find American companies with manufacturing operations in China and then, of course, line me up with the hiring authority in the US. I wanted to make sure it was an American company so I could repatriate in the future. They did two searches for me: one to find all of the industrial companies where I could generate leverage in China and the second to find out which ones were owned by American companies. It took 8 weeks and I accepted an offer to be a Division President for a capital equipment manufacturer just outside of Beijing. My team was very knowledgeable and very professional. I recommend them to anyone making an executive job change.”

Caregiver/Nanny in Canada

The salary Caregivers/Nannies in Canada has grown due to higher demand for childcare/senior care in the country. As the economy grows the demand of caregivers are no different than any. The minimum wage is set $8 per hour, this is a good rate at all, and there is lot who is willing to work with or without experience at this rate wage.

Furthermore, aside from hourly rate paid, you may have to consider some additional benefits like medical/dental insurance, including transportation costs, extra holidays and other. On the other hand there are many overseas working caregivers and they hired from other countries like Philippines who is ease to get deal because of proper speaking English compare to the other countries.

Caregivers/Nannies in Canada are the most on demand today and most of the opportunities from local and overseas, it is says its continuing grows in Canada.

Web design for idiots giveaway contest

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Blog traffic steps

Blog traffic steps:
1. SEO Basics For On Page Optimization; There are many common myths that float around the SEO industry often confusing the less experienced SEO’s and in some cases seriously misleading the newbie webmaster. One such myth surrounds on page SEO and its effects on search engine results. There are 2 common myths that exist and both are false; on page SEO is useless for Google Optimization and META Tags are the only important aspects of SE.

2. In blogging content is king and marketing is queen. If you write high quality original content and promote it then the result may be an increase in organic traffic, or not. If it’s not easy to locate your content in search engines then there will be no increase in new traffic. Thus, what determine success are two things: whether or not your content is found, and whether or not the readers who do find it become subscribers.

3. Bloggers and their readers are co-creators of a blog’s brand. It’s important to invest time into finding the correct niche for your blog and formulating your goals. It’s likewise just as important to examine your blog in terms of growth models. In the final analysis, all bloggers need to focus on creating relationships with other bloggers by leaving meaningful comments on their blogs, and by encouraging “organic” traffic that translates into a faithful blog readership for your own blog by responding to the comments you get.

4. And Encouraging blog readers to comment; keep readers interested by writing fresh content. Start conversations by writing compelling blog posts that invite readers to comment. When your readers do comment respond promptly and in a welcoming manner so they feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions.

5. How to form blog centered relationships; Those who are investing quality time in reading the blogs of their friends, leaving meaningful comments on them exploring the archives in their friends blogs, and finding posts to back link to in new posts they write in their own blogs are on the right track.

Amazing Dolphin Bubbles

I was stunned when I saw the Dolphin Bubbles video; I’ve never seen this behavior before, it looks really cool! I love Dolphins and they are my favorite mammals, and today I did not expect to see the dolphin’s amazing behavior; Dolphins are blowing bubbles out of their blow holes and they are playing with them by pushing and spinning them around, it’s amazing, isn’t it? You better watch the video!

In fact, The Dolphin Bubbles at Sea World in Orlando was featured on ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson; it says that this behavior had not been noticed before but recently dolphins are playing and blowing bubbles, and teaching and showing one another. It is truly amazing indeed! First time I saw the video I almost thought that it was untrue but when I heard the news with Charles Gibson on ABC’s World News it made me believed (100% sure), very cool performance. I truly believe that the Sea World in Orlando is one of the amazing places to visit today, and the perfect place to go with kids!

So check out the video today, and enjoy the cool performance of the dolphins and their bubbles. Also, you can leave comments at DolphinBubbles page.


Common illnesses in changing season

What are common illnesses or disease in autumn and winter time?
It is said autumn and winter are cold and flu season in when people usually get viruses and cause for influenza and the common cold. It is necessarily to wear warm dress, socks gloves and any thick clothes to keep the body warm and avoid sickness.

Usually when the winter's come, our body can't easily adjust for a moment and we precisely get sick like fever, cold or flu from a cold weather. Apparently the stress can create conditions more inviting to viruses so it does make sense to wrap up warmly before going outside.

It is says that when someone get a fever, drinking plenty of liquids is important because a fever can easily dehydrate the body. And a fever should be treated if it stays at forty degrees centigrade or above for a day or more, because a high temperature can damage brain cells.

Most recommended medicines to reduce pain and fever are aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen.
Note: It says Aspirin should not be given to children because it can cause a rare condition. For winter's come we should be ready and aware of our health.

Contemporary beds

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What is fashion stands for?

What is fashion stands for?
Fashion is refers to the latest version of styles like style of dress also refers to cuisine, literature, art, architecture and general comportment that are popular in a culture at any given time. It is a term in changing quickly to a new vogue. Fashion term is also used in a positive sense as a same for glamour, beauty and style. If you not fit with the current style you will describe as unfashionable as an expression. The term "fashion" is also sometimes used in a negative sense, as a synonym for fads and trends, and materialism.

Fashion is usually will long last about 1-3 years of popularity but then easily replaced by yet another fashion but as we all know we don't easily accept or grasp the changes at all. A clothing style may be introduced as a fashion, but its use becomes a custom after being handed down from generation to generation.

Individually we can have our own fashion either. Fashion is defined as an art form too and to others, it is almost a religion. But for most people it is a method of utilizing clothing, accessories and hair to show or hide something about you. It is the ways to express ourselves if we would love to have an extension of our personality or you can use fashion to disguise your true self. Fashion statements can be made with clothes, accessories, shoes, hair, makeup, even your cell phone.

luxury flatware and cutlery

As a woman, have you always think if you have enough and complete utensils or cutlery in your household? Did you ever think to have some luxury flatware and cutlery? Do you think you have enough utensils in your home? Well, only one thing I could say the more utensils we got the better, we all know that utensils or cutlery is very important in our daily living, how is it important? It is already part of household management and part of daily living. Well, I love collecting cutlery as it is necessary especially for occasions, I love to have different styles and designs, well, the truth is we always want our utensils look awesome to our visitors especially during occasions, we can't deny that our home has always have visitors and friends anytime, and of course we don’t want to mislead by them. There is nothing wrong anyway if we will be creative in the household as it is already part of our responsibility. Choosing luxury flatware and cutlery at Arthur Price is a good idea, they run a high class cutlery company in the UK and want to sell more goods in the USA, and so if you live in the United States you can order now and choose the flatware and cutlery that perfect for your occasion. Get the cutlery now from Arthur Price they have the best luxury flatware and cutlery products. Always remember that having cutlers is the basic things that we should have in the household. At Arthur Price you can ensure to get better design with good quality at a very low price, and also it is a perfect gift to your friends and relatives. Why don’t you visit now and choose the best utensils and flatware in your home? You are in the right place!

American Race controversies

It is said there are a lot of controversies between black and white races in United States. African-American when did it begin? It says there is only 20% to 30% of black American population in United States and about 5% of Asians.

In the history, 200 years ago the south part of United states brought a thousand people from Africa and sent to United States and make them work as a slaves, and as far as we know mostly people from other country dreams to go in United States until today, simply because everybody think United States is the best country in the world and authentically it is.

African-American races have begun when the black men or women married to a white men or women 200 years ago and currently. It is says some of them doesn't like each other because of the race, color and attitudes between black and white American. It is says white American people is working hard and so opposite to the black people, because majority of African-American or black live poorly and leaning on the government support, some can't find job and do not work.

Additionally, there are only small amount of African-American or black people in United States but in research there are 75% committed crime or criminals compare to a different races. Indeed, there is really a huge different between them.

Debt Consolidation Online

What is the benefit of debt consolidation? Debt consolidation is a good idea to lower your monthly payment, and also you have a chance to improve your credit score since you tackle all your debts in one payment. Today is a tough time for us due to the economic crises, we have to pay our bills every month and we have to deal with it. Well, if you want to consolidate your debts and make it one payment you can visit Debt Consolidation Online to find some helpful information about debt consolidation and to know the tips on how to manage your debt problems. It’s time to remove your stress and worries from the high interest you are facing today, and Debt Consolidation Loan will ready to help you for that. Debt Consolidation loan is helping consumers to access to the best debt consolidation service providers in the industry including companies that specialize in Debt Management and Debt Settlement, and the other thing is they won’t try to push you to one option over another, and they work directly with both Debt Settlement and Debt Management companies. With regard to the fill out form you don’t need to worry because that information is kept confidential and isn’t sold off to multiple companies to try to make the most money possible.

Why hand washing is important?

Do you often wash your hands?
Hand washing is very important. I always wash my hands especially after using the toilet. People around the world wash their hands but few use soap at so called critical moments especially after using the toilet, after cleaning a baby and before touching food. But there are some who never care to wash their hands because they don't concern about the germs or they are just lazy in doing it.

All soaps are equally effective at removing disease-causing germs. They say the correct way to wash is to wet your hands with a small amount of water and cover them with soap. Rub it into all areas, including under the fingernails. Rub for at least twenty seconds. Then, rinse well under running water. And then dry your hands with a clean cloth or wave them in the air. Soap is important in washing hands because it increases the time that people spend washing. Soap also helps to remove or break up the grease and dirt that hold most of the germs and gives a pleasant smell, which increases inspiration that people will wash again.

I always wash my hands with soap before eating and after using the toilet, it could save more lives than any vaccine or medicine. It could help reduce cases of diarrhea by almost half. Hand washing can also avoid spreading of other diseases. When people get germs on their hands, they can infect themselves by touching their eyes, nose or mouth. And so they can infect others either. So we should aware of it.

The AdWords Manifesto

Want to earn more money? You can learn to make more money with Google Adwords. The AdWords Manifesto helps marketers to earn more money, if you visit their website today you will learn more about increasing Traffic. Most marketers fail to maintain long term traffic; traffic is the key to make them money and to make their website popular. Visit The AdWords Manifesto to learn more about traffic strategy it may help you to get more traffic, and we know that if you have more traffic means you have lots of visitors and if you get lots of visitors then you will make money, that’s the main goal of marketers, if you are one of them visit this website to learn more how to increase your traffic.

Social networking for traffic

First, you must make sure that search engines (Mainly Google) can find you, this is a process called SEO.

But, what is the benefit of Social networking? Just note that social networking like Blog Catalog, Digg, Del etc are not a magic bullet to get page rank even though people are reading your blog they aren't definitely going to link to it, you need to make friends that are interested in your interests and as you post hopefully they will read, and maybe link back.

The magic bullet for gaining page rank, readers and traffic is to have great content; in this way if you have excellent content people will naturally want to tell their friends then some will link to you.

Off-site Optimization for blog traffic

I am searching and asking what is means by Off-site optimization, according to my research. The major thing that gives you Page Rank (How Google judges your importance and sorts your results in comparison to your competitors) is link backs. has so many link backs they don't need to define their doctype. They actually do define their doctype.

Now, what is link back? It is an anchor that links to your site that doesn't originate in your domain, you can generate link backs by asking fellow bloggers to link back to you, or if you are a business ask your vendors and even customers. Or you can link to your blog on forums and stuff and that will count as a link back but you need to understand that forums and comments on blogs have been abused by spam links and we have come up with something called NOFOLLOW that will tell search engines not to index stuff that is linked to on the sites comments and forums. Linking to negative pages will decrease your page rank. It means a negative page linking to you has no effect. You can do On-Site optimize as much as you can and build link backs (But only if they are relevant!)

On-site optimization for blog traffic

What is on-site optimization? Well, I keep asking about SEO optimization and according to my research the on-site optimization could help on blog traffic. This is what I got and learned. It says that the On-site means formatting your HTML properly, closing all your tags even if the page shows correctly with them left open, have your links in text rather than images so the search engines know what you are linking to and can assign relevancy points, if they must be images for your links, use the IMG ALT tag so search engines can tell what it has to do with. Even though it obviously can't see and give relevancy points for your image, it can read your img alt. This is all pretty much common sense, make it so a computer can scan your site and get an idea of what it’s about and what you are linking to.

Wisdom of Shopping

Logo Online shopping is a type of electronic commerce used for business-to-consumer or business-to-business transactions, the consumers go through to purchase products or services over the internet. And we do a search across many different vendors using a shopping search engine. We believe that online shopping is more convenient and easier, and you can save time and effort! Speaking of online shopping, try to visit “wisdom of shopping” at this resource you can find the Electronics Bestsellers, Apparel Bestsellers, Book Bestsellers, Home and Garden Bestsellers, Home Improvement Bestsellers, and Music Bestsellers.
Anyway, have you heard about Uuzip? Uuzip is a shopping network where people can also ask questions or can share opinions of their favorite products, and can create their own forums and invite their friends to join. Uuzip is really helpful when it comes to online shopping in a way that people can ask questions or can share opinions to their friends with regard to online shopping and products, and they can also read friend’s reviews and write their own. At Uuzip you can join to group discussion with regard to shopping ideas, and discover favorite items with your friends. Additionally, you can also write a review about uuzip on your blog and email it to them with your name and blog URL and receive $25 Amazon gift certificate!


Attaching files in your Hotmail mailbox

If you are a newbie in hotmail and you don’t know or confuse how to attach files or pictures to your mailbox then I will share you the very simple steps. These steps is only for newbie and not too familiar in hotmail account. You can apply the following steps:

1. First Log in to your hotmail account , click the “New” button found above the page
2. Then from the new page, you can write first the email address of the person who you sending the files, write the address inside the textbox name To:
3. Then after doing it, simply click the “Attach” button found at the top of the page between “Save draft” and “Spell check”
4. And then from the selection, select either file or photo which you wish to use for attachment; file is refer to document files and photo is for picture files, then locate the files or photos in your computer disk then attach it, follow the rest easy instructions then. Finally click “ok” or “attach” and click send when it is ready.

Ear Infection experienced

A couple days ago, I think I had a bad ear infection; it was happened when I took a shower late at night then immediately went to bed, when I woke up early in the morning I was surprised that my other ear was deaf and can’t hear anything, so I thought it was an ear infection due to the cold temperature and I went to bed earlier after showered, the water in my ear doesn’t dry yet when I went to bed. Then what I did is, I used Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solution I poured a little drop liquid into my ear canal then let the liquid come out after couple of seconds, and then I cleaned my ear with the cotton Swabs to get out the earwax inside in it. I did it a couple times pour a little drop of Hydrogen Peroxide and clean it with cotton swabs. After three times of doing it, the infection was finally gone! Thanks God!

If you experience the same then you can apply it too, but the most important is to dry first your ears before going to bed after taking a shower to avoid this problem especially when it is cold weather.

How to send photos from yahoo mail

If you are new user in yahoo mail or not familiar in yahoo mailbox these steps could help you, I can share you the steps on how to attach or send picture from yahoo mail to yahoo mail account, hotmail, or other type of accounts. You can apply the following basic steps:

1. First log in to your yahoo mail account, from the yahoo page simply click the “compose” button beside the “check mail” button
2. In the compose page, you can write first the email address to where you to send the photos simply write the correct email address inside the textbox name To:
3. when you finished click the “Attach Files” found under the name “Subject”
4. from the attach page simply click the “Browse” button (you can send 5 photos simultaneously by clicking the browse button one at a time), then locate the photos from your computer files
5. When the photos already placed in the browse textbox simply click the “Attach files” button found at the bottom of the page.
6. Then wait for a moment for a loading process. When it’s done or the loading is complete you can insert messages from the message box below before you will send the photos, otherwise you can go directly to “send” button to send the photos, and if it’s successfully sent then you did the right job!

How to prevent lossing of page rank

If you have noticed that recently search engines made changes with regard to sponsored postings. Here are some advices that could help you since the search engines have primarily targeted member and reduced their page ranks across the board. If you have a higher page rank definitely your blog will receive more campaign offers. To prevent any future loss of page rank you can apply the following steps:

1. You can remove all sponsored post badge or tags on each of your posts if it’s possible, search engines will definitely follow those tags to determine if you are being paid for posts.
2. And remove any other tags like “review me” or “hire me” if possible find another way to change it as long it is not too distinct.
3. And of course the most important is to make lots of relevant posts in your blog that entice your readers. Avoid too much post compensation
4. And always update your website every now and then.

Committed adultery with a married man?

Adultery is a serious sin. The reason that adultery is such a serious sin is that marriage is a picture of the relationship between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. When we commit adultery, we are breaking our marital vow to “forsake all others until death do us part” and causing a rupture in a human relationship which God ordained. We also cause severe damage to many other people. Adultery, like all sin, is forgivable if placed at the cross of Christ. But you should know that even with forgiveness, the scars of this act may remain for a lifetime!

Many times adultery is condemned in the Bible, and this is the Christian standard. Under the Law of Moses its punishment was death (Leviticus 20:10; Deuteronomy 22:22-24). As serious as this sin may be, God can forgive it. Read john 8:3-11, but do not forget that without repentance, there is no hope of forgiveness. Repentance will mean more than sorrow for sin. It will mean that with God’s help you renounce it one and for all.

How to customize your friendster Background

Do you have a friendster account and you wish to change your profile background? Well, you can do it; you can make your own background to be placed to your friendster profile without relying to the default skin or back ground, in addition you can customize it. Just do the following basic steps:

1. Log in to your friendster account , then when you are at your friendster page, you can see “ profile” beside “home”
2. Scroll down the profile arrow to “edit Profile”
3. Then when you are at your edit profile page , simply click the “Customize” beside “Main” and below “My profile”
4. Then at the bottom of the page you can see “Customize CSS” simply click the “Customize with CSS editor” then after making changes to the back ground and etc. you can now copy and paste the generated CSS code into the Customize CSS input box and click “save” button found at the bottom of the page of your friendster page.
5. Then you are done, and your profile has been updated and you can now view your new profile. You can do trial and error until you satisfied and make it perfect for you.

Changing custom template in Blogger

If you wish to change your custom template in Blogger or you are going to change your template from classic to custom, I’ll share you the basic steps. But I recommend you to do backup first with your previous template just in case of trouble, save it to your computer drive. You can do the following steps:

1. Log in to your blogger account and click the “Dashboard” beside “My Account”
2. From the Dashboard, click “layout” found below at your website title name
3. From the layout page click “ Edit HTML” text found between “Fonts and Colors” and “Pick New Template”
4. Then from the “edit HTML” page, if you really wish to save or back up your previous template just click the “Download Full Template” found at the top.
5. When you are done, you can now download a new template to your website, by just simply clicking the “browse” button ( be sure you have a new HML template save at your computer disk or files) then locate the HML template files where you save it and click the “Upload” button
6. Then you will be prompted to continue, if you do, just click “Ok” then click the “save” button. Just follow the instructions whatever it says.

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

Do you like to be a medical assistant? Well, there is a fastest way to receive a training certificate, if you haven’t heard St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants, it is a medical assistant training online that provides a convenient and affordable fee as low as $645, and you will gain your certificate within 6-8 weeks, it’s cool, isn’t it? If you have no time to study on school campus then you have a chance now to gain a training certificate online as medical assistant.

As we all know that Medical Assistant is among the fastest growing occupations today, and job prospects are excellent for medical assistant. If you dream to work in doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, or other health care setting, and give services to everyone at St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants you can make your dream come true. The registration is only a few clicks away and you can get flexible and convenient online classes. It is your chance to achieve your career goal of becoming a Medical Assistant!

How to change classic template in blogger

If you wish to change your classic template in blogger you can do it but be sure to do back up, back up your current template or save it to your hard drive for just in case problem will happen. You can do the following steps:

1. Log in to your blogger account, click the “Dashboard” found at the right top of the page beside “ My account”
2. Then under the Dashboard page click “layout” text below the website name or website title
3. When you are at the layout page click “Pick New Template” text found between “edit HTML” and “Monetize”
4. Then you can see the lists of templates, you can pick by just clicking it. Then click “SAVE TEMPLATE” button. Remember that changing your template will discard any changes you made in fonts and colors but your page elements will be retained that is why it’s advisable to have backup so that you can easily swift it back if you don’t like the new one.

Foot odor prevention

Do you suffer with smelly feet or foot odor? Foot odor is a common foot problem with people in the world and there are millions suffering this disease, it usually caused by sweaty feet or when you stay your feet wet in the closed toe shoes, and due to the combination of sweaty feet and bacteria it causes your feet smell bad. There are possible ways how to prevent this foot problem, you can apply the following prevention:

1. Always keep your feet dry and change socks regularly
2. And use cotton socks, and air out the shoes regularly
3. If possible always Wear sandals
4. Use insoles and wear proper fitting shoes
5. And shower regularly
These basic ways can prevent or avoid having a foot odor, apply it regularly in your daily living. There is nothing wrong if we practice it anyway, for your health and healthy feet!