Current experience on friendster

Have your computer experienced of crashing off by the time you open the friendster page? It is pretty disgusting. I opened my friendster today and then my computer keeps acting crazy, it says that my computer needs to be scanned because it has viruses on it, and this confirmation exist when I open the friendster and I got errors. What happened was after I log in the friendster page - it experiences freezing, hanging, crashing, and it closes itself. And by the time it closes they are sending me this confirmation box that I need to scan my computer, and then if you click OK on it you will be in big trouble becauce it is a virus. If you see box like that asking you to scan your computer don't trust it because it is a virus itself, you need to click the cancel to cancel that freaky virus that is trying to harm your computer. Friendster is indeed not safe, it is not always on safe mood, that is why it makes me moody by the time I use that social site, it is not fun anymore. When do they fix this kind of problem? It is freaking some users huh. Now this site is freaking me out, it loses me inspiration to open then.

Find your Holiday Fun Eyeglasses

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Where did you meet your loved one?

I have known one person who got married in the foreigner through phone meeting (LOL), are you wondering how it happened? Well, she is working in a call center and one customer caught her heart (lol), is it still confusing? Well, it is very simple, they are talking on the phone for so long ( the topics is part on the business) but since they spent time on the phone for so long - the lady's voice caught the foreigner customer attention (lol), and so their romantic relationship was started on ring!ring! and followed by asking email id, and then the real, fantastic love story begins.

There are lots of married couples today in which they met their partners through online, on dating site or online dating relationship, or even on social site. But, this phone meeting I mentioned above was caught my attention - it is so uncommon, unique, hilarious way of meeting someone in your life/loved ones, isn't it? I found this story from one of my favorite forum sites that I have been visiting most.

Free file Uploading

Do you want to hear something new? I discovered something that I have never heard before it's about “free upload file.” Well, it is pretty interesting! Are you a good surfer or internet user? I want to share you this free file uploading services with reward program, this site is simply a free file uploading services where you can upload your files up to 25 Mb, 1 files max, you can also upload URL and RapidShare Leecher for free. And here is the thing – you can upload file, photo, music or video for free and share it with friends and get paid (More space, more files and more revenue)! MissUpload or is simply a file hosting provider that offers online storage or remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools, you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash on the same place. So you can use this tool whenever you need to send a file that is too large for e-mail. This is secure and convenient.

People's personality

It is really nice to feel if there is someone ( friends, loved ones) cares you, you can't feel alone and you always feel secured somehow, that atleast you are not alone and there's someone who's willing to listen, pay attention, and undertand what you feel. People have different kinds of personality ( either bossy, dominant, no cares, or humble, thoughtful, generous, etc.) but one thing comes to our mind - we want perfect! But it will not happen because nobody is perfect! We born as unperfect human being. But on the other hand you can select someone who is not really worse than you expected but perhaps it's rare. There are many people who believe who really they are, they stand on their own principle even they thought that they were not right! Even they thought that it was wrong, even they thought that it has no good outcome, why? Because they have a strong pride and they never care other people's life at all. Other people count of what they spent and they will say no more at all because that's the type of people they are, but counting the blessings that you spent is a big badluck in life... It is always better to give than to recieve, if you do it heartily whatever how much you spent it doubles back to you.

Is Blogging rocking again?

I have noticed that blogging is rocking again, I have recieved many OPP ( offers, reviews) these couples days ago to one blogging network. Well, this is sound good! Everyday I get Opp/review which makes me enthusiastic (lol), it's pretty cool hopefully it will continue to be like this it's great! I only have PR1 on my one blog- I have 3 old blogs and still have no changes, the page rank has never been increased, the 2 other blogs have zero page rank, it is been like that for many months, Google ignores to rate it (lol). I have a feeling that it would never raise again. Otherwise, there is a tendency that my page rank 1 on my one blog will drop down if I won't pay attention on it. Updating is very important, because supposedly I have 2 blogs that have PR1 and since I had never updated it, it goes down quickly (with no excuse!), pretty disgusting. Well, it's part in their rule perhaps so we have nothing to do with it then. So I will tell Blogging is not an easy task/job/lifestyle/because it needs time, effort, determination, and courage. In addition, Not all bloggers are focusing on it anyway.

The Body building Supplements

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Suffering from bad economy?

Are you suffering from bad economy? Well, everybody is suffering right now from bills, mortgages, jobs, insurance, debts, credits, and other expenses. Unfortunately many people are losing homes, behind with their mortgages payment and bills, and we are one of them, it is really a tough time for everybody, how are we going to survive this? Are you behind with your mortgage payments, bills, debts, and other expenses? Well, your lucky if you're not. Many of our neighbors here are losing homes, behind of their mortgages payment, and losing jobs. It is so stressing, disappointing, and depressing. And the thing is when you stress and depress it makes you sick and unhealthy. The crisis is indeed unhealthy today. It makes you sick, sad/unhappy, grumpy, and angry.

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My yahoo messenger in linux keeps crashing

I don't understand what happen on my yahoo messenger! I always got disconnected by the time I open it, and sometimes I can't log in to my account - it keeps crashing, it is pissing me off! I am using linux operating system and I am relaying on GAIM sofware that controlling the chat messengers. I am sure it is not happening in windows software. Or perhaps my laptop is broke. Well, the other programs are running properly except the messenger ( mainly the GAIM software), it keeps disconnecting and crashing, and by the time my yahoo is open it keeps closing when someone's trying to send me a message, it is pretty disgusting and disappointing! I don't know how to fix this kind of problem in linux, how I wish there some ways to fix it because I have lots of incoming messages that are blocked (I did not receive all of them because it keeps crashing). I experienced this problem weeks ago.

About chikkatalk

Have you heard about chikkatalk? Chikkatalk is same as chikka messenger you can send text messages from the computer to the phone for free. Chikkatalk can be found in Gmail account, so if you have gmail account you can enable the text messenger icon, just go to the "settings" then under that settings you can see "lab" click the lab then find the icon for text messenger and enable it for ready to use. The chikkatalk is very advantage if you are using linux operating system in your computer because you can able to use "google talk" it means you can use or log in there using your gmail account ( if you have pilgin in your linux OS) and you can start sending text messages to any phone number for free. Since you can't download chikka messenger on linux ( because it is only compatible to windows) you can use chikkatalk through google talk using your Gmail account to log in. Is it not cool? Or you can use your Gmail account page itself to login to your chikkatalk. But "google talk" is more convenient.

New Auction site with a twist

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Veterans Day

What is Veterans Day? A Veterans Day is the day honoring military veterans every year. It is also celebrated as Armistice Day (Armistice Day is the anniversary of the symbolic end of World War I on 11 November 1918) or Remembrance Day (Remembrance Day also known as Poppy Day, Armistice Day or Veterans Day in which the day to commemorate the sacrifices of members of the armed forces and of civilians in times of war, especially since the First World War) in other parts of the world, falling on November 11, the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I.

On November 11th is a Veterans Day, it is a precious time to honor our veterans who died and sacrificed to fight in the service of the country. It is also referring to a public holiday held on the anniversary of the end of World War I (November 11) to honor U.S veterans and victims of all wars. It is the day to acknowledge and remembering the heroes' veterans who died and fought to the service of the country and people, it is an honorable Day to devote for them. Thanks for them.