Webhosting Rating

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Purchasing new domain

I have purchased a new domain name in godaddy.com and I was having trouble attaching it to a "custom domain" in bloggers; I don't know how am i going to setup it. By the time I'm switching my current URL to custom domain in blogger (using the domain name I purchased in godaddy.com) I was having error, the domain name is not redirecting to my current URL link in blogger, it is displaying the link of godaddy.com instead, I don't know how am I going to fix it! Is there anybody there knows how to do it?

I have already managed the "forwarding" section in my godaddy.com account. I put my new domain name that I have just purchased in "forwarding to" section and I have already updated the DNS too (the aliases) and etc. I don't know what else I need to fix! Still I can't apply the new domain name in blogger. It's very confusing!

The Linux Operating System

I got a computer with Linux operating system and it is very disgusting because there are few things that limited to download, and besides that it's very difficult to use -means it's not a friendly user at all, it's very annoying! And one more thing is -I want to download yahoo messenger and chikka messenger but it won't let me, there are many difficult steps that you need to do first before you can able to download it, and these steps are very confusing at all, I have never understood the steps. There are more commands to do before to obtain the downloadable systems, and I have tried to do it but still it won't let me.

Now I believe that Linux operating system is difficult unlike Microsoft. Linux operating system has more things that need to study and familiarize (especially if you are not used to it and not familiar with the system. I would desperately like to switch my Linux OS to Microsoft OS by then.

Ravel virtual studios

Do you love music and willing to learn it? If so, you have a chance to enhance your passion in music, I love music and I love to sing ( I have a passion in music). It's a nice to hear this great resource (ravel-vs.com) that offers music education resources and composition software and orchestration tools. So if you have a passion in music - this is the right place for you! It's your great chance to improve your ability by entering to a new music education. Ravel virtual studios
is teaching composition and orchestration, and their service is invaluable.

I have visited this resource and it sounds interesting, if you want to inquire they have a free quote and you can also sign up to their page. To learn and hear more about their services visit on their page and watch the video testimonial. And you can also look for their few music education tools that are so affordable and effective. Check out this resource today and sign up!

7 Days gap posts

I have never updated my blogs for about 3 weeks and now I am having trouble with it; I posted three posts in socialspark network and it was just wasted because they never accepted it - in the reason of I posted the paid blog next to the article with more than 7 days gap. The socialspark network has a rule (from their term of service) it says the posted must not be more than 7 days gap; for instance- the last post (unpaid post) you have posted must be less than 7 days before the next paid post, if you posted numerous posts in the same date it will not change the situation, I have experienced it and they never accepted my post at all. But, the other network is alright - they accepted my paid post even if it has have more than 7 days.

The socialspark network is very strict regarding with that; you should update your blog even once a week, otherwise you will waste your effort making posts opportunities and it will be denied. I lost 20 dollar amount because of this 7 days gap problem, pretty sad.

a chief supply site

I have found a chief supply site where you can find public safety equipments and apparels; if you are looking for Police boots you can find it here, you will be satisfied with their competitive pricing, personal customer service, and fast delivery. and the good thing is- they have a 90-day return policy, privacy guaranteed, it is easy-to-use and award-winning website, and secure and convenient online ordering.

You can order by phone, mail, fax or online, why don't you try their services today? check out their website and compare the products and prices,and save money! Find footwear products from chiefsupply.com now and save more.

How to Format your Template

How to make your blog format on blogger.com?
>First log in to your blogger account then click the dashboard at the top on the right side of your screen ,from the page choose layout and click edit HTML file displayed on the top, using your keyboard use Ctrl-F and find(type) "#main-wrapper{" under that you will see something like
You can change number to whatever number you want( the bigger number, the bigger space). But for more secure, you should download your template for back up just in case you screw up.
Furthermore, this is very minimal configuration, you will need to adjust the container if you would like to extent it, but if you will do adjustments make sure that the width will fit into your computer screen otherwise you will be having unreliable different dimension on your computer screen.
Now back to edit HTML page, you have an option to download a copy of your template to a text file on your hard drive. Do this if you are interested in customizations to your design, so that you can easily change or edit your template if you don't like that way it comes out and you can upload your same file again.
Now about your actual code on your template, you will see a regular HTML and CSS with lots of custom tags also that can make it compatible with drag-and-drop layout editor as well as the font and color picker. If you would like to have changes on your code, Read this first:

On the option "Expand Widget templates" By default, every page element is shown in the code as a single line plane placeholder, whose option can be set in the graphical interface on the page element. The code is simply at first but you could have more control on the second way, so be wise in which option you prefer to do.
At the bottom, you can see three buttons there it is for Clear Edits, Preview and Save Template that you can use what do you want to work for it. On the the hand, there are two links referring to your classic template, if you are changing your blog from old style of the Blogger Templates to the new layouts version, then your classic template whatever it is, is the last template you used in the old system, with your customizations. If the blog was created on the new system and has always used layout, so then your classic template is a default, classic version of the original design you chose when you created the blog, without customizations. Anyway there is different kind way in working your link , it has called View link, it will show you the code if you want to check or copy a part of it for your new design and the second is Revert link, it will erase all the customizations you have made in the layouts feature and set your blog to use the old style Blogger template again, In this Case you can't use the graphical Layouts interface in this mode, but you can convert it back to layout by then later.
Now let's talk about TARGET = "_blank"
"_blank" means opening a new window

"_blank" is known in WebPages in linking other resources on the internet. Opening a new content window of each resources, surfer or user has a main page and secondary pages which is individual resources listed from a main page. But this is not a perfect idea too to the readers or surfers; it brings complication though as you have more windows pop up on your screen.

About HREF Attribute and the anchor tag:
Anchor has an ability to arrive in any resource on the web like HTML pages, images, sound files, movies and etc.
Here is some syntax in creating an anchor;

Let's talk about tag- It is use in creating an anchor to link from, and the href attribute is use to address the document to link to, and any words inside the anchor tag will display as a hyperlink.
For Instance, I have link 123greetings, the anchor defines a link to 123greetings;

what about the Target Attribute;
this one is very interesting, here you can target where the linked document will be opened.
The syntax will open the document in a new browser window:

About the Name Attribute and Anchor Tag;
It is says the name attribute is used to create anchor. When doing this, we can easily jump to the desire section on the page that we would love to read or look without spending time in scrolling it.
Here is the syntax:

The name attribute is creating a named anchor, mean the name of the anchor can be any text you care to use. Look at this,

In order to link to the "news" section, you should use # sign and the name of the anchor to the end of a URL, for instance;

then a hyperlink to the important news from Between the file "html_links.asp" will be seen like this;


Collision Repair Experts

Looking for the best auto repair shop? I recommend autobody shop irvine - you should check this out if you are looking an Auto bodyshop network; search your professional and quality automotive collision repair shops near in your area here and you could find the complete details, it would be easier to you then to decide where you can get an auto body repair by using this network.

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Our fun time!

As part of our fun time, me and my friend usually go to a several yard sale/garage sale near in our area; garage sale and yard sale has no difference (it's similar) and the coolest thing is -all stuff that you could find in the yard sale are the cheapest amount ever! You can buy all stuff in cents ( less than a dollar) and all stuff like clothes, souvenirs, toys, and many others are all affordable since it's only cost in cents, is it not cool? Everybody can really afford it. All stuff can still be used because it's not a junk, it has a quality still.

Me and my friend is addicted to it, this type of yard selling items is cool, the stuffs are just being displayed at the yard of the owner's house or in their garage (at their property). Have you ever tried a yard sale? I love it! We would love to go over and over again to look some cheapest stuff that only cost for cents ( very affordable!).