Struggling blogger from payingpost or

To all bloggers I don't know if you experienced the same as what I experienced from this blogging network, payingpost or ( they changed their name): I was very happy when I reached their minimum payout and afterwards I am not receiving payment for almost 2 months now, I am really sad, frustrated and disappointed, after all of being loyal and abide their rules ( as a great bloggers to them) they don't care at all! There are many bloggers working hard, struggling just to earn money from blog, giving time and effort to write a reviews to earn but it seems payingpost is just playing around to the bloggers, they don't care and emphasize the hard work and effort that bloggers have done to them - if there is no bloggers then there will be no advertisers nor payingpost or blogadvertisingstore. Till I can't receive payment from them I won't stop expressing my feeling ( the upset and stress that they give to me/us) - I will continue to express it in my blog. I believe that we are free to express our thoughts, opinion, or feelings ( and I can only express my bitterness in my blog), and this is what I feel right now to them, bitterness. It won't stop till I will not receive payment from them. And I am continuously sending an email to them and to the advertisers (even to a new advertisers to warn them) over and over again till I will not get the payment, and if really nothing's gonna happen, maybe it's time to report them in Google if they don't really change!

Charter's Best Deal of the Year!

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Charter cable communication is continuing to create a buzz around its online contests and indeed, they keep getting better, and they always make us happy. Speaking of their contests, you have your last chance to join in their contests or sweepstakes because they are ending a year of groundbreaking sweepstakes and offerings with one last push (2009 is their best deal of the year)! Hurry, you must visit this Charter's Daily Deal Web Site and grab its last prizes of the year - you have two ways to win, the great deals on charter cable, Internet and Phone services, including free Gift Cards with special online deals and a chance to win cool prizes for the holidays, wow, it's awesome! I wish I could win!

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, charter is also offering gift cards worth up to $200 with special online deals, and these Gift cards are from major retailers in electronics, clothing, home, accessories, and restaurants! Plus, after Cyber Monday, charter begins 38 days of specials (they are giving out great gifts, prizes and deals every day). So you better check this often because they are offering plenty of chances to win each day (such as iPods, Camcorders, TVs, GPS units, webcams, Photo frames, and more). They have even got some great Showtime schwag to give away like Dexter, The Tudors, and Californication. And if you are a fan of HBO, charter has Big Love and Entourage box-sets too! So keep updating, and become a fan of Charter on Facebook!


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Many Opps available in this holiday season!

Have you been receiving some Opps today? I thought so, if you usually visit your blog network I am pretty sure you are not going to miss it, because the holiday season is so close so they are providing lots of Opps now like before, socialspark has always been doing this since before and the good thing is - all Offers/Opps have a good amount (enough amount to feed you lol), every cost is worth to give effort to write, thanks for this network every amount that still pending is enough to save for Christmas present. And I am so lucky that during this period of time I have had a good rank for my 2 blogs so fortunately it is very advantage for me. I have been busy this week writing some reviews - it's a tiresome but I am enjoying it, it's pretty cool and I am very proud of doing it, I have been learning English and besides that it gives me a little compensation (well, it's not a little, it's already big to the person who has no work lol). It is a time to rock the blogging guys, there are many Opps awaiting for you so you should sometimes check your blog network to grab some! Many offers many dallas $$$! It is so fun and exciting, indeed it makes me excited everyday - grabbing Opps is so much inspiring.

South Korea's economy grows at fastest rate for seven years

South Korea's economy grows at fastest rate for seven years:

Seoul, October 26,2009 - South korea's economy grew at its fastest pace for more than seven years in the third quarterm official figures showed monday, as Asia's economies lead the world out of its slump.

Gross domestic product rose 2.9 percent quarter-on-quarter in jUly-September and 0.6 percent compared with a year earlier, the central bank of korea said in an advance estimate.

The quarter-on-quarter growth was the country's fastest since 3.8 percet in january March 2002.

Asia's fourth largest economy had recorded a 2.6 percent gain quarter-on-quarter in April-June but the figure represented a 2.2 percent contraction year-on-year.

One a year-on-year basis, monday's figures showed that GDP tuned positive for the first time in four quarters.

"Industrial output, led by chips and automobiles, posted robust growth in the third quarter," the bank said in a statement. "Private consumption and facility investment also grew, contributing to growth."

Charter rolls out Phatband Internet Speed

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

What kind of internet connection do you have? Does your internet connection take you forever to download files, music or videos? If so, now it's time to switch to the fastest internet speed, the Ultra60 Mbps – it only takes you minutes! Now Charter Cable Communication is ready to roll out phat bandwidth Internet speed of Ultra60 Mbps. This service is now the fastest Internet speed in the St. Louis market and it’s now available in Southern California and is rolling into the northeast ( it is one of the fastest in the United States). They are truly began rocking! This is indeed a great news to all Internet users or customers who are looking a high-speed connection. Why would I (or you) love to have Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service? Because this is very helpful if you desperately need a high-speed connection to multimedia sites ( free from internet connection hassles), I am a loyal online gamer and I also love watching TV shows online everyday and since Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service benefits customers to use the Internet in a variety of ways, such as gaming, movies, telecommuting with mega-files and much more at super high speeds I (you) can perform multiple tasks unlike ever before (This Internet speed service truly is a different experience)! And remember charter ultra fast 60 is the first of the phat bandwidth speeds that Charter Cable Communication is introducing and it takes broadband/DSL to the next level and creates super-fast tier service! It is always be the best!


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Metro Asian News; Athletics

Athletics: Liu Xiang confident after Naitonal Games win;

Beijing, October 26,2009 - Fresh from winning his third straight national 110-metre hurdles title, China's Liu Xiang says he is hoping his injured foot is a thing of the past and that he is primed for a return to top form.

Liu powered his way to victory in Sunday night's final in front of 60,000 boisterous fans and a nationwide television audience, in his first race win since injury prevented him from running in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

"After I had surgery, I doubted myself and it was hard to see my future, but one race after another, I am gradually recovering and believing," an elated liu said in an interview with china central television.

"It's great to win the national championship three times. I am looking forward to a fourth win next time," he said, looking ahead to the next four-yearly national games in 2013.

IZEA helps you monetize your tweets

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Hey, guys, do you tweet? Or do you have a Twitter account? Well, IZEA helps you monetize your tweets. How? Izea has just launched, a new marketplace that is designed to help tweeters monetize their tweets. It allows all tweeters (such as you) to connect directly with advertisers to engage in sponsored conversations through Twitter. This is very exciting. If you do blogging today to earn extra money, it allows you to earn even more. Advertisers can pay you with cash in exchange for a sponsored tweet (similar to eBay for tweets). It's pretty simple, isn't it? The first thing you should do is sign up for sponsored tweets and set your price. You add a category and keywords, and wait for advertisers’ offers to roll in. You choose your offers and receive payment! That's it! Are you excited about this? Then why don't you visit and check out their site to know better how this new system works? This is awesome! Did you know that many celebrities participate in this program, like Kim Kardashian, Bob Vila, Sister Hazel and LeAnn Rimes? This is a place where people, big and small, can make money tweeting. Check this out, guys!



Japan's quirky first lady honoured as jeans ambassador

Japan's quirky first lady honoured as jeans ambassador:

Tokyo, October 19, 2009 - Japan's first lady Miyuki Hatoyama, who has made headlines with tales of her alien encounters, drew fresh media attention on MOnday - fo rbeing a fashion ambassador for humble blue jeans.

The 66-years-old wife of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama won the oddly named "Best Jeanist Award," A prize given to denim- clad celebrities, together with musicians and artists including Taiwan actor Jerry Yan.

Miyuki " is wearing jeans in a classy but revolutionary style," industry group the Japan JEans Association said, adding that the television lifestyle guru projects a positive spirit representing true denim style.

Miyuki said she and her husband were wearing jeans when they first met in california while has was studying at the prestigious stanford university. They married in 1975 after she divorced her previous husband.

Secure Instant Messaging

I have heard about Brosix Instant Messenger before and it is a pretty cool Instant messenger for me - it is always been the best IM client or the business IM client that provides a safer instant messaging or Secure Instant Messaging online. I have just heard a new good news from Brosix IM Client - according to a recent research last year they increased its customer with 300 percent so it means this tool really did a great job to the users, they are capturing user's attention (despite of the hard economy times they increased their customers with 300%). So it simply means that this kind of instant messenger tool is reliable, safer, and more secure to the users. Indeed, Brosix offers a communication service for companies and organizations with rich features to help companies and organizations in their every-day employee-to-employee, employee-to-customer or employee-to-partner communication. I have visited the site and it's cool! You should try to visit this too, to learn more about Brosix visit and explore the website. This is a very interesting IM Client site ever! It is powerful and easy-to-use Instant messenger software suite. In addition, they also have a free trial and so you can sign up for free to try, with no obligation to pay! Isn't cool?

Malaysian baby born on plane to have lifetime free flights

Malaysian baby born on plane to have lifetime free flights:
KUALA LUMPUR, October 23, 2009 (AFP) - a baby boy who made a surprise arrival on board an AirAsia flight this week will be given free flights for life with the budget carrier, as will his mother, the airline said.
AirAsia said 31-year-old passenger liew Siaw Hsia went into labour on wednesday's flight from the northern island of penang to kuching on Borneo Island.
The aircraft made an emergency diversion to the Malaysian capital but the baby arrived just before landing, delivered by a doctor who was on board and who was assissted by the airline's flight attendants.
The baby was safely delivered when flight AK 6506 was approaching Kuala Lumpur for landing at 2,000 feet, the airline said in a statement, adding that mother and baby were taken to a nearby hospital following touchdown.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, they decided to present both mother and child with free flights for life, said AirAsia's director of operations Moses Devanayagan after visiting them in hospital.

Personal DNA Testing

Have you ever heard of this Personal DNA Testing, CyGene DNA (from CyGene Direct)? CyGene Direct is the DNA testing that makes a difference - it is accurate, safe, private and affordable to you. Do you know why it is helpful? The benefits of personal DNA testing through CyGene Direct is that it can help individuals like you to reduce the risk of developing certain diseases, your life can be saved through this simple DNA test, it is indeed helping someone sustain a healthier and longer life. The benefit of this Personal DNA testing is very clear and distinct. In addition, it is called a Personal DNA testing because it is confidential and can be done privately in your own home. Indeed, it is always your best source for predictive, personal DNA testing (they have a variety of genetic testing geared toward predictive DNA testing that is accurate, safe and affordable). Check this out!

Eating healthy food in the restaurant

What kind of food do you eat? Some people have no knowledge of any nutritional content of their favorite items, eating at the fast food such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, or Kentucky Fried Chicken without the knowledge of healthy diet choices. First thing you need to pay attention in choosing your healthy food is the menu selections, focus to the description on the menu, aware of the high calories food like creamy, breaded, deep-fried and unhealthy fats, or if possible check out their website in order to know some information about the content of the food, you need to look up if it is in high calories, saturated fats and sodium which is unhealthy if it is too much consumed. And speaking of healthiness maybe this Fitness Travel Blog will provide you a great information about health conscious, just stay on update on this blog.

Furthermore, Choose vegetables and broiled or steamed food instead of fried or cooked in oil, it provides a healthy diet. More salt is not good  because it can cause of high blood pressure, we should avoid high sodium at all. From your soft drinks get lemon juice or unsweetened iced tea instead; soft drinks are biggest contributor of calories. Keep in mind and pay attention in choosing a healthy food at any food chain or restaurants. Keeping healthy is in your hand.

Brosix IM Client

Have you heard of Brosix Instant Messenger? Yes, Brosix IM Client - the best IM client or the business IM client that provides a safer instant messaging or Secure Instant Messaging online. Here is the new thing about Brosix (in the recent research) - in the last 12 months they increased its customer with 300 percent so it means this tool is great, they captured attention to many users (In the hard economy times they increased their customers with 300%). Simply because this tool is reliable, safer, and more secure to the customers or users. This Corporate Instant Messenger, Business Instant Messenger or Corporate Instant Messenger, Brosix is offering a communication service for companies and organizations with rich features to help companies and organizations in their every-day employee-to-employee, employee-to-customer or employee-to-partner communication. Try to check this one - you can learn more about Brosix if you visit and explore the website. This is indeed an interesting IM Client site ever! Why don't you visit this powerful and easy-to-use Instant messenger software suite? They have a free trial, you can sign up for free! Sign up using their simple form, create your user-name from the control panel and then it distributes the application by emailing a link or the actual app. That's how easy it is!

State Chamber to Host tax reform forum on Nov.5

The georgia Chamber of commerce is hosting a forum designed to examine and discuss the state's current tax and compliance policies on Thursday, November 5, 2009, from 9:00 am. until 3:00 pm. at georgia tech global learning center (84 fifth street, atlanta).
"one of the most important things we can do to attract and retain quality business in georgia is maintain a balanced tax structure that is competitive when compared to other states in the southeast and throughout the nation," said George Israel, president and CEO of the georgia chamber of commerce. "This forum will provide an important opportunity to reflect on our current state and explore potential reforms."
The conference will feature speakers from the council on state taxation, the tax foundation, georgia state university, the georgia department of revenue, and a number of georgia businesses. Georgia tax commissioner Bart Graham and House ways and means members representative David Knight (griffin), representative Alan peake (macon), and representative chuck martin (alpharetta) are also scheduled to participate.

Bears: The wild Animals

My Bears Collection: Bears can be found throughout the world. They are generally large animals, and are characterized by a plantigrade walk (on their heels, like humans), a large body, short legs, a stub of a tail, small, round ears, and forward facing eyes.




Translia-translation revolution

Guess what? Professional services are now affordable and available to everyone! Have you ever heard of Translia (translation revolution)? It is an innovative translation service that has unique collaborative translation technologies which enables hundreds and even thousands of translators to work together for delivering translations in a manner better and quicker than ever before. Do you want to be a part of it? If so, then you can register for free (clients can translate as many as million words and as less as one word or one sentence, saying brand name, business card, and so on). Indeed, Translia is the world's largest professional translator network today. This is cool! In addition, Translia is offering a set of unique services that help clients set appropriate price and time, and so their job/project will be done smoothly ( and you can even get free translation and Translia guarantee 100% client satisfaction)! Go check out this name translation!

No More OPP today

I can't believe that I could not grab OPP today, I did get nothing, one of my blogs has a PR2 and I thought I could get more OPP at this time, but it seems there is no different as before, the offers or OPPs are really slow, but perhaps in a couple of days it is going to be fine, because sometimes in one day I could get more than 3 Opps, but I usually expected to get OPP at least one per day but today has none (lol). Maybe there schedule has been changed again - instead of giving OPP during the day they will give it at night or midnight (haha), well the thing is I couldn't stay late just to wait their OPPs. Well, we have different zone clock so maybe they must roll over the schedule to every different states to be fair. Huhuh , no Opp, no Opp, it's boring! Today is my boring day of the week, plus one of the blogging networks has never paid me yet. SO not only boring day but a sad day. Hopefully tomorrow I could get one or more (lol), I love to write, and I always love to write reviews, It makes my day brighter and better. You, do you have passion on writing even if you think you are not speaking fluently with English Language?

My one Blog Declined!

One of my blogs was declined by smorty, the reason of - the blog was banned for many months ago, I can't believe they banned it forever, it was months ago when they banned the blog, and I was hoping that if it fix they will accept the blog again to their network. It sounds frustrating and disappointing that they banned your blog forever once they did! Whether you are trying to fix it or not the blog is ineligible for resubmission on their network. Well, perhaps it is really include from their rule and regulation ( or term of service). It must be a good timing to add my blog to them because it has a good ranking now but unfortunately they won't accept it anyway. Watch out for the copying contents even if you solely own the copied articles or you are the solely author on the both copied contents because Smorty has no excuses on this, once you have an identical posts on your blogs they are going to kick out your blog from their network, and you can't able to resubmit it again. In short, there is no consideration at all. Once your blog will ban, it will be banned forever and ineligible for resubmission on their network.

My Page Rank Back

I am very surprised today that one of my blogs has been risen to PR2, from PR0 it rises to PR2 can you believe that? It was very surprising because it is been months that they don't increase my Page rank they are just ignoring it (LOL). And more thing is - that blog had only had PR1 in it before it went down to zero, and now it is surprisingly rise to PR2, it's a good news for me because I did expect that my blog has still had a chance to climb up! Have your blogs experienced to climb down and up? Well, I did not expect that it could happen because it's been a while that my page rank has a rank of zero, I have been waiting for months that my blogs will be climbing up and it did! Well, just don't loose hope, keep posting articles everyday, always update your blog, put fresh articles in your blog, and don't give up, that's what I did. Hopefully my other blogs will increase too, that would be perfect then for me (lol). And one more thing, if you posted articles it must be at least 200 words minimum. Google value that much (only in my opinion).

Torrents Search Engine

Have you ever heard of Torrents Search Engine? Try to check this one if you like this tool, there are many benefits of this site such as - it has a simple interface, powerful search engine, opportunity to download lots of games, music, and films (you can perform this task for free, with no obligation, without fear of downloading empty and not complete file), and huge regularly updated torrent files base. In fact, bots cover thousands of sites with torrent files and add them to the database every day. So try to check this torrents download and download your favorite games, music, and films for free! Check this out today!

How does Payingpost pay you?

How does Payingpost pay us (the bloggers)? Well, there are many bloggers feel inconvenient on the payment process of PayingPost network, it seems it's very long time to wait before you will receive your compensation. According to their rules; you must have $100 minimum earning before they could issue your payout or earning payment, it is sound inconvenient, isn't it? The reason why they pursue this kind of payment process is they recognized that most of the bloggers are deleting their post (paid-post) after their posts were approved, probably they have unpublished their posts for less than a month, a month, or months. Well, obviously from the Term Of Service of all blogging networks the posts or your posts (paid-post) must be displayed forever in your blog and you will not be allowed to delete it in your blog because you have been paid for that post to stay forever, in short it must be a permanent post. However, being paid after reaching $100 is boring, too, it's a long period of time to wait. Well, it is OK if you can easily grab OPPs from their market place or if they have more campaigns available always, then everything will be run smoothly.