My Favorite TV Snack Is Jiffy Pop Popcorn

Without a doubt, my favorite snack to eat while watching TV is Jiffy Pop popcorn! Forget about that new fangled microwave popcorn, I like my popcorn popped the old fashioned way, in the tin. Who ever invented the stuff was brilliant. Who knew that you can have fun enjoying simple pleasures like watching popcorn pop?
The tradition of eating Jiffy Pop popcorn while watching TV started when I was a kid visiting my grandparents in the 60's. Jiffy Pop was brand new then and an awesome invention at that, popcorn that packed in a foil pan with a foil cover that expanded when it popped! Well maybe it was amazing because I was 6 or 7. Anyway, while I don't watch a lot of Ohio direct tv, my husband just signed up for satellite television, and I think I'm starting to get hooked on Jiffy Pop again. I think popcorn is the perfect snack food while watching TV because you don't have to take your eyes off the screen while you're eating it. Just grab a handful and enjoy.
When I make plans to watch something special, I make sure that I have a couple of packages of Jiffy Pop to satisfy my snack cravings. I was really happy to find that our local warehouse store now carries Jiffy Pop in bulk. My kids have now been left the boring confines of microwave popcorn and started to eat my Jiffy Pop!

Types of blog

The type of blog is a textual blog with content that is primarily text, and sometimes can be accompanied by photos, videos, or other multimedia. Here are some type of blogs;

Podcasting is a blog about broadcasts audio and video.
Video blog or vlog is a blog with predominantly video content
Photoblog is one that looks like a picture gallery blog with photos as primary content
Moblog or mobile blog is blog written via mobile devices such as cell phones or PDA

Planning a Vacation Online

Once a year my family and I plans a trip to go on our summer vacation. Summer is the perfect time to go when the kids are out of school. Every year we go to a different destination to visit. Planning my vacation is simple and easy and no hassle. I get on my computer and use my hughes internet satellite to get online. Then off to my research to plan on car rentals, hotels and how we are going to travel. I always choose my transportation first. Air travel is highly competitive and usually you can find some great deals. There are handfuls of site to visit for air travel and they usually have different rates and prices. If you want to travel by car, it is said that it is the economical choice. You also need to book your hotel. My best advice to anyone is do not choose the cheapest hotel, luckily satellite internet prices are so low we could slurge on a nice hotel. There is always a reason why they are so cheap. Planning a vacation online has been a very great experience and I will not do it any other way.

Who is Blogging?

Who is Blogging? These are the Individuals usually run personal blogs which they use as online diaries to talk about their experiences, hobbies, or interest. Some choose a particular niche which they blog about such as entertainment, fashion, travel, politics, business, personal etc.

They were called "Bloggers" who are running the blog or authors of the blog they run. Or they used to call a publisher as they are the one who publish the post to be visible to the search engine and shared it to the world.

How I Got All Worked Up

One of the best reality television shows I have seen since my satellite tv installation is All Worked Up on TruTv. All Worked Up is a show that many people can appreciate because of it's subject matter. The show deals with with professionals in difficult professions, the main characters on the show are Rick, Bobby and Amy of a towing and recovery company in Lizard Lick NC as well as a process server in NY and NJ, bounty hunters and so forth. Each episode follows these professionals around and show their most difficult assignments.

One of the attractions of the show that keeps me coming back would be some of the more colorful characters you see. This show gives you an idea as to exactly how insane normal, everyday people can act in various situations. I have seen everything on this show from a man busting his back windshield during a repossession to a 63 year old grandmother chasing a recovery agent with a broom around her yard and calling him every name she could manage. Another aspect I appreciate if the down home humor of Rick, his comments are priceless. One of my favorite comments of Rick's would be that a person would rather give a grizzly bear a back rub with a hand full of razor blades than to go up against him, humor is important.