The Opps and the Holiday Season!

Have you received a couple of Opps these days? This week I haven't received Opps or campaigns - it seems the blogging network stopped for a while for a holiday season. I feel bad I got none (lol). However, I have a nice holiday season because I got a nice and perfect present from my beloved hubby, but on the other hand I felt bad because on 25th I was not able to give him a present in return because the item is being late and delay, I was very upset. How I wish I could able to give him in return that time. Until now  I don't know where the items go, hope it will arrive soon. I understand that it is a holiday period so everybody  got a break or needs a break. I'm pretty sure that the reason of delay is they were taking a break for two days for a holiday ( I am talking about with online sellers).

Did you have a wonderful Christmas? I believe that Christmas in USA is to be silent  - that is why it is called a "silent night" (lol)...But the Christmas in the Philippines is different because everywhere you can hear a noise (ha-ha) from the people itself to the fireworks. Have a Happy New Year ahead of you!

Christmas Eve is Near!

Are you excited guys in Christmas eve? Have you already prepared your Christmas gifts or present to your parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, and friends? And have you already done packing your present for exchanging  gift party? Anyway, what would you do in Christmas eve? Are you going to cook a roast beef with gravy? Are you going to have a big home party with your family and friends or are you preferring to travel to the other places? Honestly, I am so excited in the coming Christmas Eve, either I don't have gift or  have I can still feel the joyfulness and passion during Christmas. It would be great if I will be in my home town or home country with my family and relatives in Christmas! That would be awesome! Family reunion is always been the best.

One of my favorite portions in Christmas is the Exchanging gift party or Christmas celebration, well it is common everywhere - it even happens in the church, in schools, offices, homes, or any organizations, everywhere. Have you noticed that most group of people or organizations celebrate a Christmas party usually earlier before Christmas Eve? Well, because it simply means that the certain time (Christmas eve) is the ultimate time of Christmas season to spend to our family or loved ones. Merry Christmas to all!  Wish us a happy and peaceful Christmas EVE!

Great Gravy Gift Pack

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Club House. All opinions are 100% mine.

I always love Roast Beef - my hubby is always making this recipe, It's one of our favorite food, and we have never forgotten to cook this recipe in Christmas Eve, and of course with a gravy recipe! Are you looking for holiday entertaining tips on-line to help make Christmas get-together a success? If so, then you have come to the right place, if you haven't heard about Club House - this website offers gravy tips video that can  help you make great tasting gravy with no stress or fuss! Christmas Eve is near so this is a perfect time to learn more tips on how to make a perfect gravy. However, Club House Gravy products are easy to prepare and delivers great tasting gravy! This Club House Gravy  mix provides a dependable and consistent way to deliver flavorful gravy, so prepare your gravy for the Christmas meal using a  Club House Gravy mix, adding your roast drippings and simmering!

In addition, visit  newsletter sign-up and contest entry and join in the contest to win prizes! Who knows you might win! Check this out and enjoy your Christmas Gravy Recipe! And don't forget to visit and watch the gravy tips video to get an idea on how to make a perfect gravy!

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Friendster is pissing users off!

Since the friendster has made many changes to their network to make it beautiful to them the viruses has started to stick in their network,  I don't know if they notice that but I guess they don't or they are just being deaf, they are updating their network often but they don't even try to look how dangerous their network is because of some viruses dancing and walking in it! They must have  fixed first these viruses that are trying to piss-off users before jumping into the beautification of their network, it  indeed   does not make sense to the users, I don't understand if they are just having fun  about this or what, or their developers have no knowledge regarding about it. Well, How I wish that you had not had made changes to your network you would have been no problem like this. You better fix your network before jumping into different changes to the network because even if it has the most beautiful background, it does not make us, the users happy at all because of the viruses, spyware, malware spreading in it!!! I don't believe if they were not aware of this one, I think they know about it but  they are just not prioritizing this problem...

I stay fair with Payingpost!

Though I stopped grabbing Opps (opportunity, reviews) from payingpost and despite of unfairness that they have given to me I stay reliable, respectful and fair to them. Stop grabbing or writing reviews from them  does not mean that I totally leave the network or remove my blog, my post, etc. I stay as a professional blogger to them, all posts are still on my Blog as well my blogs are still on their network... The reason why I stopped writing as of now because I lost an inspiration to write because I did not receive any payment from them after I reach their threshold or their minimum payout, it's been about two months now and they stay being deaf about of my payment.. But, nevertheless I have not deleted or even removed my posts that I have written to them, because I still believe the negotiation between the bloggers and the payingpost or blogadvertisingstore and I hope they will do the same. I hope you will try to look at your surrounding payingpost how we treat you nicely and fairly and I pray that you will do the same. I stopped writing from you but all my posts are still there on my blogs... I am still waiting that payments that I deserve to get. Please be fair and mature enough to handle this responsibility.

Race for Real Time Search

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LeapFish Inc. All opinions are 100% mine.

Perhaps you have heard about leapfish, a search engine that searches the best of the web in a click-free search, it searches everywhere and gives you a relevant information that you are looking for. Leapfish used  a social media to promote the launch of their Real-time search -check out this video (explaining and showing the Evolution of the web or the evolution of the Internet), and also recently this week Google has used a social media to promote their release of Real-Time search - you can check it here (leapfish is part of the conversation). I enjoyed watching the both promotion of  real-time-search videos, as we all know that Google is the most powerful search engine today and no wonder that they always on the top rated most usable search engine. However, I was amazed  the power of this leapfish too, it won't be surprising if they become as popular as Google, I love their video showing the Evolution of the web. I have seen this video prior to Google Real-Time-search release video. The good thing about leapfish is that you can find a variety of useful information and relevant results on your research. From real time search (such as leapfish, google, bing, etc) we can always get a valuable information online (including videos, news, blogs, and etc).


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Grant Park Security Patrol

As we move into the holiday season, please take these sensible precautions to ensure that you and your family and friend enjoy it to the fullest:

1. Do not hire leaf-rakers off the street. This is often used as a cover for casing a house.
2. Remind guests to remove all valuables from their cars.
3. Cancel newspapers if you are going out of town , and, if you are a member of GPSP, email GPSP about your travel plans.
4. Don't display gifts where they can easily be seen
5. Dispose of packaging by flattening boxes rather than leaving them on the curb. GPSP hopes tp continue the same level of patrol hours throughout the holiday season, but membership numbers have dropped slightly. Every membership plays a vital role in keeping GPSP officer on the street and making the neighborhood a safer and  nicer place to live.

iLASIK Video Contest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of iLASIK. All opinions are 100% mine.

The “You Gotta See This” Video Contest is giving away $5000 to the participants who win the contest, so don’t Miss Your Chance To Win $5,000 in this contest! This contest is sponsored by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO) - the global leader in laser vision correction, if you want to know how better vision could improve — or has improved — people’s lives. You must visit this “You Gotta See This” Video Contest that has just launched, and encourage yourself to join in the contest. You are invited to make a video showing the impact of improved vision, for a chance to win cash and prizes. The contest is still open for more entries, so you better check this out and submit one!

Here are the details: 1. Submit A Video in one of the following categories such as “My contacts are getting in the way of my good time,” “My favorite sport or activity would be so much cooler with better vision,” and “You should see life after the iLASIK® Procedure. 2. Tell your Friends To Vote (once you submit your video, your friends can vote on it), votes are one of the key factors in determining which videos win a prize. 3. have a chance to win in one of the prizes; $5,000 for the Grand Prize, HDTV package worth of $2,500 for the Three First Prize winners (one in each video category), and Flip UltraHD™ camcorder worth of $199.99 for the Three Second Prize winners (one in each video category). Check out this iLASIK Video Contest now!


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PopStation Contest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Popstation. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have a passion for singing? Singing is one of my favorite hobbies. I have loved to sing ever since I was a kid; I started entering singing contests when I was seven years old. I like singing love songs most of all.

Anyway, have you ever heard of the PopStation contest? I just learned about it, and this contest sounds interesting to me. I feel so excited about this. I eagerly want to join in the contest. Who knows, I might win! The registration is free, so you don't need to spend your money just to be a part of the contest. So if you really love singing, it's time to show your talent to the world. This is your chance, and you might even win a record deal! Everyone is welcome to join, and registration is free. Win "The BIG Deal" today and you′ll get a crash course in the music industry. The Big Deal (a VIP album recording experience) is the prize you'll win in the contest.

In addition, Popstation is an online music and entertainment singing experience where everyone has a chance to sing their way to the top of the charts and qualify for an album deal. The original Popstation songs are released from Monday to Thursday (M: Hip Hop and R&B, T: Country, W: Pop, Th: Rock) and are available in the practice rooms for two weeks. You are encouraged to “make your own.” Songs entered into a contest will be voted on by the Popstation audience. So enter and win "The BIG Deal," and "The Artist Formerly Known As You" and a guest will enjoy an all-expenses-paid three-night stay in New York City at a ridiculously hip hotel. This is cool! Join now!
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I have found a new network!

Writing a blog review is fun and a best routine to do if you are just in home and no job, you will be compensated and earn extra dollars in the household. But, lately I have got troubles from one of the advertising networks (and not only me but to the other bloggers as well) because they are not paying bloggers on time. Others got their payment after months but they need to send hundred emails before to get their payments. Dealing this kind of advertising network is very stressful. I was really thought that this network is reliable, responsible and mature enough to handle a business, but I was wrong!

Anyway, to wipe out my stress I was trying to look a new blog advertising network and I found this buy blog reviews from a friend, I am so interested to work on this network since I am hearing some nice feedback about them. It is a time to rest and stay away from the unreliable and irresponsible network like what I've mentioned above.

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Error occurred in smorty

A week ago I grabbed one campaign from smorty network and I was having a hard time to submit my post URL because of the error occurred. It keeps saying "The page cannot be displayed, there is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed. Please try the following: Click the Refresh button or try again later." Have you ever experienced this before? I sent them email regarding about this and they asked my Post URL and until then I did not hear replies from them, and I sent an email again regarding about the problem and asking their manual acceptance because my Post URL will be wasted then, so I got a response saying they can do it manually but my post was terrible and it needs to be proofread for grammatical errors, I was not yet thinking about it or bothered about it, I did not close my post to edition because I was just concerned about the error occurred on their page, yes the post is indeed really need an edit because it was not finalized, and I've told that to them. However, I edited the post and submitted it to them, but then I did hear any response from them if it was accepted or not. I was thinking that maybe it was not really accepted but nevertheless they should tell me their real thought about it. But it's OK..I deleted and unpublished my post URL then.