My ReviewMe account

I am very confused with reviewme blog network; I have been a member of this network couple months ago and unluckily I have only got 2 offers from them. I wrote 2 reviews and I got it in the mail first- they were sending me an email notification regarding with the offers, and it was not bad, when I opened my ReviewMe account I easily accepted the offers and wrote it immediately ( my blogs are all qualified from their offers).

However, on the next following offers they sent I got confused because when they were sending me an email notification regarding the offers that they were saying I was qualified - it does not work for me. By the time I started to open my account and check the offers it will say: all your blogs are not qualified in the offers. I don't understand why they keep saying this, they were sending me an email and then it does not work for me or on my blog, it is very disgusting and very disappointing.

Golf in German

Have you ever heard of Golf portal in German? Do you love playing golf, or are you interested to learn it? I love watching golf sport but I don’t know how to play it, however, I would like to learn if I have given a chance. I have a friend who knows how to play golf and I feel jealous of him sometimes because he is very smart on playing it, well it is a nice sport indeed, we know there's a lot of people who want to learn it and play it, but I think it's not an easy sport to learn though, you need to spend a lot of time and study to know some technique regarding the sport. But, guess what? I have heard a golf portal in German and they do everything with golf, so if you are interested to learn golf this is your chance to practice it and perhaps you will become a best golf player. Also, their school offers courses from children through to the playing permission in Germany or Golfkurs Platzreife , in fact, their golf shop is the biggest in Germany offering all brand name, and the golf shop has all brand with immediate deliver names. Platzreife means a playing test which necessary to take to be able to play on a golf course in Germany. Get some course of golf lesson ( Golfkurse ) that you wish. Why don't you try to visit this Golf portal and maybe you will like it? Anyway, if you are a golf player, they have everything about golf equipments that you need, you should visit their Golf shop and you can ensure the quick delivery. Learn something now and gain it for the future. So if you are one of those who are interested to learn and excel golf, this would be the right place for you, so bring your children there and maybe someday they would become the best golf player when they grow up.

nervousness and curiousity

Do you believe in ghost? I believe in ghost and spirit, though i did not actually see it or witness but you can feel the presence of it. Eventhough we did not see or experience it but We heard lots of stories to the different people in different places with different experiences. I love watching Hunters or ghost hunters on Tv or reality show, do you like to watch ghost hunters? I love it since it is a real show and an exciting show - it's not too scary, you can learn a lot from it.

I am a type of person that easily feel terrified on anything (nervousness) but I like to watch scary movies or show, I always like horror and I think this is the problem why I can't get rid of nervousness disease because I keep watching scary things and I am keeping it in my head that easily makes me terrified on any circumstances. Do you think you have a same situation as mine? Well, it says nervousness is only made up in your mind and only yourself can help, deal and control with it.

v4 Payperpost Opportunities

I am a member of v4 Payperpost for a couple of months and I don't understand why until now I have not received an offer yet. Though I got couple of emails from them talking about the Opportunity eligibility but when I opened it I did not see any offers in my account - it is empty and zero, I can't even view the offer from the advertiser, or to view the advertiser's opportunity, it was confusing to me.

Payperpost, socialspark, and v4 payperpost are all sisters from Izea network; v4 payperpost is the latest one but I don't understand how it works. I have never seen any opportunities displayed yet, maybe because it is new and it has not been known blogging network. Until now I am still receiving emails from v4 payperpost regarding the tasks (opportunity) and by the time I opened it, it displayed nothing - very disappointing.

Flip Switch Profits System

You can read and write, so do you want to earn extra money online? If so, you have come to the right place. Flip Switch Profits is a simple system in which you can make money online. It's an easy and unique system. Flip Switch Profits ( is a new and simple system that allows you to make money online in your spare time. It's not a problem if you are a newbie because it's a very easy system that you can grasp. You will understand it quickly because it does not require all the usual stuff and you don't even need a website or to be a techie. It's really cool! All you have to do is to be a part of it; you don't need any start-up cash to be eligible to participate in the system. It only requires some motivation and spare time in order to earn from it, and some interest in writing helps. Are you not sure about how it works? Well, it's very easy, sort of like writing a weekly newsletter. I would say it's like plucking free money from the Internet! If you visit the Flip Switch Profits web site, you can understand and learn the system. It's very interesting! I am so interested in this, and I am going to try it.


why do you like Linux?

What do you think you like linux? I don't think if I like linux - I have been using linux OS now since my netbook laptop is set on linux operating system, I have no choice but to use on it. And the problem is I have never used to it and this operating is very difficult to handle and to use Apparently, windows operating system is easier to use ( obviously its a friendly-user).

On the other hand, I think linux is closely similar to MAc OS - it's not so harmful to any common viruses though, but the only unlikely thing in linux is it's hard to use especially on any extended hardware. Like now I was about to purchase a wireless mouse on my linux laptop but I can hardly find it, linux operating system is not always compatible with it, it's so frustrating. This is the big problem in linux - you can even hardly find downloaded softwares that compatible to linux, it seems everything has a limitation.

Creating a domain name

I purchased a new domain name from one of the popular registrars and it was very confusing to me - it has many steps to do before you will successfully own your domain name, it's very disgusting though. I have to spend many days to figure it out and I need to search it online first on how to do it! I thought it was just an easy and quick ( maybe it depends on the registrar network).

Well, if you are using blogger network as your hosting network, much better if you are going to purchase a domain name directly to a blogger because everything is already setup; from c name, naked name, host and server. You just need to purchase it and wait for couple of hours to use - it's fast and easy. I am using blogger as my hosting network ( it's free web hosting though), millions of people are using it - creating blogs or websites for free. It's free hosting site though. And you can directly buy a domain name here if you want to change your domain name or make your own domain name.

Mini netbook

We have a new alpha 400 v7 netbook laptop and it has only 128 MB memory in it; it has a very small memory with a linux operating system, the advantage of this netbook laptop is - it's only cost you $150 (very cheap), it's a good deal for students or anyone who loves to surf and chat on the internet, you can still access to the internet because it has a wifi wireless, and also it's very small and very lightweight laptop you can even carry it in your bag because it's very small netbook laptop. I like it though, even it's only has a very small memory in it and not so fast in internet connection.

The different of linux operating system is - it is difficult to work, in short it is not a friendly-user operating system unlike windows. Well, Linux is challenging though (like mac). If you study it- you will be used to it and it would be easier to you then. In fact there are many buyers of this netbook, and it says the price of this netbook will go down by next year. Wow!

Stop dropping from entrecard

I was constantly dropping cards in entrecard for couple of months to increase my traffic and I don't know how really it works - I don't know if it is only for maintaining your traffic/page rank or to increase. For many months of doing it my page rank has still the same and it has never been increasing so far, and so I stopped dropping it because I am tired and I already lost inspiration to do it. So now I am focusing on writing articles/posts to increase my traffic - updating and writing posts is the best thing you can do to build more traffic.

I stopped dropping cards in entrecard for about 2 months now and there is no changes so far I still have my page rank ( I mean it does not affect to my PR) unless if you are going to stop updating your blog, you must update your blog even once a week or it's better if you update it everyday. Try to make more posts and search your blog in the search engines everyday if possible.

Stouffers-panini contest

Have you heard this amazing and unique Stouffers-panini contest that is dedicated to all Canadian citizens? It is a promotion of the launch of four new food varieties from Stouffer's Panini: Bistro Meatballs and Peppers, Bistro Chicken Souvlaki, Lean Cuisine Grilled Vegetables and Goat Cheese, and Lean Cuisine Mango Chicken Tikka. The purpose of running this contest is to try their new food varieties and win cash, prizes and panini products instantly. You can win one of the three $10,000 cash prizes, Sony digital camcorders and instant product prizes.

Why don't you visit Stouffers-panini today and win one of three grand prizes, in which you take your choice of visiting India, Greece, Italy or France ($10,000 gift card)? And you may also win one of 12 secondary prizes, Sony digital camcorders (value of $500), this is great! Or you could win one of the daily instant prizes (free Stouffer's product coupons). This contest is awesome! Grab this opportunity to win instant cash prizes - They are offering lots of prizes, you could be one of the lucky winners! You should visit their site today and register here. I love the three grand prizes - this is your chance if you live in canada. Get the chance to visit India, Greece, Italy or France by joining the contest! Check it now!


Initially rejected Posts

I had got two opportunities from socialspark and it was just wasted because I did not response immediately about the resubmission posts; I thought they are giving 6 days time to resubmit the initial rejected post but I think they are only given 5 days chance to resubmit your initially rejected posts, so you have 5 business days to accomplished or edit your rejected posts. I was so disappointed when my posts was expired and I did not able to resubmit it again ( it's permanently rejected). I counted the days since I had got the rejected notification message and when I was about to resubmit the posts- it only took five days. That why I was wondering how's it happened because I thought they have given 5 days time to resubmit the posts.

So I learned something - you must submit your initially rejected posts earlier or as long as possible to avoid the expiration and to prevent the losing of opportunities/tasks because you can't get that opportunity back. Wasting time and effort for nothing is very frustrating! I was so upset that time and I felt really bad and very sad (LOL). But I have saved those opportunity posts that I wrote on my draft- who knows that opportunity will be probably displayed in the market place again.

chikka error in google talk

A couple days ago I figured out how to download a chikka messenger to my linux operating system, and I did! I have added chikka messenger to my linux operating system through chikkatalk protocol. I'm glad that I did it, first I felt that it's awesome because I can able to work the chikka on my linux operating system and I can able to send text message to my family. The thing is you can able to send text messages across the world for free through chikka messenger.

But, however the chikka messenger on my linux does not work good; well, it works well sometimes but usually I have always got an error, I don't know why but it is irritating. It works exactly like chikka messenger in windows operating system - you can send text messages for free to cell phone and the receiver can send you back through their cellphone going to your chikka account. Chikka messenger is cool but it's slow in linux operating system.

Shop your sandals

Love the outdoors? Shake the sand out of your sandals, I have found a resource that has a huge selection of sandals for women, men, and kids (boys and girls). Do you need some footwear for summer? has plenty of leather sandals/flipflops selection - I love this resource! You can select different kinds of sandals at a low-low prices, or you can also search items from their search bar to make it easier for you.

I love sandals and I'm glad to know this resource - they have an amazing different types of sandals (such as athletic sandals, hiking sandals, flip flops, dress sandals metallic sandals, and many more). You should check this resource and enjoy shopping from this network.

Additionally, they have free shipping and 365-day return policy - this is a good deal! you can also look for shoes, clothing, bags and handbags, watches, and sunglasses from this network. This is a great network indeed. So check this out and shop your favorite items.

Adding Chikka Messenger in linux

First, It took me time to figure out how to download the chikka messenger on linux operating system since it's very huge different on windows operating system, I'm not used to on linux OS but the thing is- if you are going to search on the Internet you will find the answer. If you have pilgin in your linux OS it would be very easy to you then, you don't need to download a chikka messenger icon unlike on windows. All you have to do is go on " sky chatting" icon in your linux desktop click " Accounts" then under the " Accounts" button, click "Add/Edit" button. From the protocol select "Google talk" and register a new account, enter your gmail account or like "" on the screen name and just leave the domain name (like on the textbox and enter your password and the aliases (optional).

It's very easy step! If you are done or it's successfully installed- you can add now a buddy list/name of phone numbers whom you will send text messages. Note: to add a mobile number- simply enter or add " " for instance -

Where does your taste take you?

Guess what? I learned today about an amazing and unique contest that is dedicated to all Canadian citizens. It is a promotion of the launch of four new food varieties from Stouffer's Panini: Bistro Meatballs and Peppers, Bistro Chicken Souvlaki, Lean Cuisine Grilled Vegetables and Goat Cheese, and Lean Cuisine Mango Chicken Tikka. Stouffer's Panini is running this contest, so you can sample their new food varieties and win cash, prizes and panini products instantly. Everyone can win one of the three $10,000 cash prizes, Sony digital camcorders and instant product prizes.

Visit Stouffers-panini and win one of three grand prizes, in which you take your choice of visiting India, Greece, Italy or France ($10,000 gift card). You may also win one of 12 secondary prizes, Sony digital camcorders (value of $500). Or you could win one of the daily instant prizes (free Stouffer's product coupons). This contest is amazing! They offer lots of prizes, so don't miss it because you could be one of the lucky winners! Visit their site and register today. I love the three grand prizes but unfortunately I do not live in Canada. Otherwise, I would enter for the chance to win. I would love to go to India, Greece, Italy or France. That would be a dream come true. Check out this amazing contest. Register here and enter to win! It is fun and interesting, and Stouffer's has great new food varieties.


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Read Music

Do you like to play piano? If you are interested to master your piano sight reading you should visit where you can discover the step-by-step system of mastering piano sight reading. It would be the right place for you if you are looking resources on how you can improve your music sight reading. It's very interesting though so you should visit this site and explore the tips and techniques.

I love to play piano and I desperately want to learn it! Piano is fun and it is one the coolest music instruments indeed.You would love to explore this read music - it could be interesting and challenging for you! So if you want to receive valuable music sight reading tips - you can enter your name and valid email address from their site. Check this out and learn the tips and techniques, learn the note patterns, and much more! Visit it now!

Adding Yahoo Messenger in Linux

Are you confuse how to add yahoo messenger (Y/M) on linux operating system? Well, it's confusing for a while, I spent time before i fix this stuff. First, it was really confusing because I'm not used to on linux OS, I am only familiar with windows. It took days before I figured out how to add or install yahoo messenger on linux operating system- it's too much different from windows operating system indeed.

Here's some steps on how to add/update/install yahoo messenger on linux; if you have a pilgin on linux go to " sky chatting" icon then click " Accounts" and select " Add/edit" button under the accounts, click add and select the "yahoo" protocol and fill up the rest information form. Note: screen name is refer to your valid yahoo address or yahoo id and same enter your current password, alias is optional, then click save.Now you are ready to go to use your Y/M if you have successfully downloaded it.

Glass reinforced plastics

Have you heard of harviglass - a grp manufacturer (Glass reinforced plastics)
that has a high quality British equipment exported worldwide? Check out this resource if you are looking grp manufacturer; you can trust this company as they are already in the business for over 45 years now, so they have a better experience in GRP moulding. GRP or glass reinforced plastics is referred to as " fibreglass"- apparently it's cheaper products and lightweight since it's made in glass reinforced plastics. To watch their products check out their GlasPlas fibreglass sign panels under " Harviglass Products."

You should check this resource today and explore their products. To highlight this - Harviglass (grp manufacturer ) has been in the business for over 45 years now and has been a major innovator in the field of reinforced plastics. Visit this grp manufacturer today or contact them for more queries. You are free to contact them just click the "Contact Us" button above the page and fill up the form. Visit it now!

the linux in netbook laptop

I got a netbook laptop with linux operating system and I have tried to download the new version of yahoo messenger and chikka messenger and it won't let me, I always got an error message since it was not supported in the system, so I tried to bought a USB extended CD ROM because I want to switch the linux operating system to windows xp and again the USB CD ROM extension is not supported for linux system- it's giving me a headache.

So, I decided to search on the internet on how to download the yahoo messenger and chikka messenger in linux and thank God I made it! I did not do the downloading for the messengers but I was just setup the networks ( from the pilgin linux protocol), it was perfect! I completed it without hazardous. Now, I wanted to learn how to setup the skype messenger in linux (under pilgin protocol) and I don't know how to do it and I don't know if the skype will be working in linux operating system Until now I did not find the answer.