Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday is my birthday- another new year and age for me again! Have you ever considered your new birthday a sad day? Since we were born we have been encouraged to be always happy by the time our birthdays come every year. However do you believe that the rest of us have felt sad on it? Why do they feel sad by the time their birthdays come? Honestly, it does not make sense to me then. Because some weird people think that by the time they reach a new age they will become older and that’s the reason it makes them feel bad by the time their birthdays come. But it is not really a healthy idea, it must be going to avoid. Your Birthday must be the most memorable day to you, and the time that you must be happy and thankful because God gives you another life extension, and by the time we reach the new age it’s a new hope and new life for us, since we have been given another year and another life/chance to live on the earth.

Every new birthday must be recognized and acknowledged as the happiest moment in our life since we have been given another new life and chance to live! That’s why we always celebrate our birthday every year as a symbol of gratefulness that we have had reached another year again.

Home-Theaters website

Have you ever dreamed to have a home theater? Well, I think most of us wish to have it! Owning a home theater is a huge different than having a simple flat screen TV. Well, owning a home theater would be a dream - it is considered the best home entertainment! Speaking of that let me share you this awesome Home-Theaters website that provides you a service regarding on planning and installation of your home theater; they can handle the best job for you (from designing a system, installation of the speakers, and running all the cables and wires as well), they will make everything is working and set up the entire system. So if you are looking good services for your home theater - Houston Home Theater is the perfect and the right place for you! You can call Houston home theater company to (832) 431-4820 and for sure they will provide you an affordable and high quality services. Also, they could help you to decide where you could put your home theater (in the best place); they will give you a best idea for that. So why don’t you check out this Houston Home Theater company today if you need home theater services?

Watch OUT!

Watch out from the pretender around you, and watch out to one friend that you thought it is your friend, but later will exchange you a cruel/evil words! Watch out from the judgmental person who is acting they know everything, and even in your personal life; a real friend and educated/professional person can't easily blow a cruel word towards you unless he/she is uneducated person, no respect, cruel, immoral, or he/she has a bitterness in her/his own life (we can see it through her/his words and actions), we'll know the real situation of one person the way he/she acted.

People who have a real peace in life always exchange you a peace word(with compassion and respect) If you have respect to yourself then respect the other people, and always avoid hurting anybody if you don't want to be hurt too. Always watch every word you blow because it might be back to you. You are not a genius! You are not a perfect, and nobody is perfect, I'm sure your life is not perfect too. Don't be so much conceited because you know even you - you have no perfect life! The tires are still rolling.

Free Sheet Music

I have a passion in music; I love listening music, and I always love to sing. Hearing music always makes me calm and happy. Hearing the sounds of instruments such as guitar, violin, and piano is always the best tune to hear in music. I also love playing guitar (but I have only known the basic key part) and it’s fun indeed, and I would love to learn how to play piano as well since I don’t even know the basic of it.

Do you play Piano? Why don’t you take your piano playing to the next level, and become a better pianist today? There is a Free Sheet Music for easy listening, with new age style; you can sign up for free piano lessons and you can learn piano for free! Wow, it’s free! Why don’t you visit this resource today? At this resource you can also find Piano courses and piano buying guide, this is very interesting to me, I would love to join this free piano lesson, would you? Let’s be a part of it!

The toughest year!

2009 is considered as a toughest year since millennium year, and has the biggest and worst rate of unemployment record in United States; many people are laid off (losing job), many companies are closed, many are losing home, and many of us are struggling right now! And because of this devastating crisis in America, families are sharing homes and living altogether, every family has no choice but to be dependent to one another; the parents or the siblings that have been losing homes are forced to live to their relatives, apparently every family and relatives are helping each other to survive.

As of now we don’t see any improvement yet; Georgia State has 17% rate of unemployment record, it is unusual because usually the highest rate of unemployment being recognized is only 7%, this is a very frustrating and devastating time in America. And now the administration is continuously spending and spending money that makes everybody tougher - not only to the people but to the government, nation and the country itself. When do they stop, till there is nothing left? What about those civilized/responsible people that are struggling and working hard to pay taxes and the people who are just sitting and waiting for welfare and never working hard because they are contented to receive the welfare that comes from the hard working people? Do you think it is fair? God says work people and I will help you. You are not blind and abnormal person; you have hands and feet to be able to work, then why won’t you work in your own? Fairness makes everybody PEACE! This kind of help must go to the deserving human being like if you are not eligible to work because you are sick, vulnerable, abnormal, and old- because if you give it to everybody, everyone will be lazy, and it has no good impact ever!

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How safe are you today?

From the numerous crimes that have been happening in our towns, are you still feeling safe today? How safe your family, and kids at home? When we have heard the news on TV about the crimes happening in our town and neighborhood associated with economic crisis it makes us additional stress. It frustrates to think that we need to deal and endure such terrifying threat in our lives. What would we do?

Do you feel safe walking on the street? Many women have been raped and robbed while walking in the street; today we feel that everywhere is not safe. How would you defend yourself? Do you think you are safe with a gun? Perhaps you think so especially for woman who is vulnerable when it comes to a man strength. Majority think owning a gun in home or everywhere is the only weapon to get rid from risky people, everyone can defend their selves from bad people especially when at home (there is a tendency also that bad people would not try to harm you since you can defend yourself against them). I like the rule of American regarding this, and the good thing is criminals could not own a gun anymore (since they are risky). So the only civilized people can own it, (who only deserved to own a gun), hopefully this rule over hundreds years ago would not change. Because if it forbids criminals could still have their own guns (coz they can trick) and the civilized people would be pitiful because they can’t defend themselves anymore!

Get Aquatica or Busch Gardens free

Do you live in Florida, Georgia or Alabama? If so, then you are lucky! If you live in one of those states, it will be easier for you to visit Sea World Orlando—the amazing place in Orlando that is perfect for a vacation with your family and kids. One cool activity that you might love to experience is Sea World’s newest attraction, Manta. You could experience fun like you have never experienced before in your life. Manta is a giant flying roller coaster that just opened last month at SeaWorld Orlando. On this amazing roller coaster, you can experience a thrilling ride by flying, soaring, gliding and spinning at highway speeds. You, your family and kids are going to have so much fun!

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Where did you ask help on Posting?

Do you blog? Is English language your primary language? If so, you are so lucky and you are absolutely perfect in the blogging world. I got resubmission posts many times since I started to blog, and I feel sick on it (LOL) so I think it’s time to ask help to the experts (one who fluently speaks English Language); receiving resubmission post is a kind of frustration for me, I always feel disappointed by the time I get one! First, because I spent lots of effort and time to make it and it is just going to trash (LOL).

Though I was studying grammar usage online but it’s not enough to be fluent, and so I was trying to ask help for my friend who is fluent in English language if he could help me to proofread the grammatical errors of my resubmission post and fortunately I was succeed; my friend is willing to help me to proofread the errors by the time I get resubmission post. I’m so thankful; at least now I am hopeful that my posts will be surely accepted and approved (LOL). Thanks for this donor (LOL)!

Shop Clothes Online

Do you prefer to shop clothes or other products online? Well, that’s the smartest thing to do especially in this time of economic crisis (to save more time, money, and effort). You can find the best shopping store online where you can get a great deal (More products from more stores means we have better deals and savings), you can look up at one resource; try to check this clothing for girls if you are looking clothes for girls, you can get some good deal in this network (shopwiki.com).

At this network you can find everything you need (with great deals and sales). Also, are you looking for PlayStation buying guide? You can find it here- it’s a perfect place if you need new tools for your PlayStation game. In fact, we are planning to purchase a new “Controller” for the PlayStation Game at this resource; it seems you can get a good deal here. So check out this resource (shopwiki.com) and enjoy shopping at their best prices.

How to keep ears clean?

Why do we keep our ears clean? Keeping ears clean is crucial to do. Some people's ears produce wax like busy little bees. This can be a problem even though earwax appears to serve an important purpose. It protects and cleans the ear. It traps dirt and other matter and keeps insects out. And it might also help protect against infections. And the waxy oil keeps ears from getting too dry. So earwax is good. Sometimes I feel lazy in doing it.

Another way to remove wax is known as irrigation. With the head upright, take hold of the outer part of the ear. Gently pull upward to straighten the ear canal. Use a syringe device to gently direct water against the wall of the ear canal. Then turn the head to the side to let the water out. Repeat this process a few times. Use water that is body temperature. If the water is cooler or warmer, it could make you feel dizzy. Never try irrigation if the eardrum is broken. It could lead to infection and other problems. After the earwax is gone, gently dry the ear. But if irrigation fails, the best thing to do is to go to a health care provider for professional assistance. You should never put a cotton swab or other object into the ear canal. But you can use a swab or cloth to clean the outer part of the ear.

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Mortgages:Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

How they stand for? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are called sponsored enterprises from government initially formed by the federal government. Fannie Mae is called for Federal National Mortgage Assn. in Washington, D.C. Freddie Mac is called for Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. in McLean, Va.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy mortgages from savings and loans, banks and other lenders to generate more cash for those lenders to make more home loan. Together they hold or guarantee $5.4 trillion of mortgages, about half of the nation's home loans outstanding. Apparently this two has no difference; they are both buying and guaranteeing loans. Let the lenders easily loan even for those who can hardly afford?

We heard that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are both in trouble, as home prices fell, so did the value of the mortgages the companies held, lowering their already small cushions of capital. As more of the loans they had backed went bad, they were no longer able to raise money from private sources. Is this one of the cause of US economy crisis? How is it affecting our economy crisis today? How will they fix it now?

Photography Jobs

Looking to hire a photographer? Photography Jobs would be your great choice; it is a new photography job site that allows people looking to hire a photographer to post their requirements and get for free price quotes. Their jobs including wedding photographers, portrait, commercial, headshots, band photos, and many more! So if you are looking a photographer, why don’t you check out this resource and perhaps you could get a photographer that meets your needs and budgets? Additionally, you can get a free price quote too, so you can easily decide and compare the prices that you could only afford and get some good deals. Check this out!

Internet a major source

Internet truly is a major source of everything online; is helps billions of people around the world, it uses to search stores, business, resource, tips, games, advices, and etc. furthermore, can also cure boredom to the people since it’s a tool that people could use to surf and have fun over online. I always feel bored but I use internet to wipe the boredom, I try to do surfing, gaming, and blogging on the internet. Through internet you can meet different kinds of people and build friendship in clicks away.

There are many scams on the internet on the other hand; so avoid trusting anyone who you have never met and known. You can’t give your private personal information over the internet. Otherwise Use it in different ways; Internet has many sources and uses- you can watch latest news, events, latest trends, and etc. it really helps people like me who is always bored and homesick; it makes me busier and feels me good somehow.

Awesome Remodeling website

Does your house need to be remodeled, and looking for remodeling contractor? In this time of economic crisis, obviously we need efficient and consistent services that meet our budgets and needs- it means we are looking higher quality services, which offer a much less cost. Well, I recommend Dallas remodeling contractor- the best remodeling contractor in Dallas that is offering a high customer service with consistent excellent quality of work in an affordable cost. They do a major part of the home improvement including kitchen remodeling or bath remodeling. Looking to make home improvements and home upgrade in an affordable cost? Well, it seems you can get a great deal from this resource; they will surely increase the value of your home compare to the other companies. So you better check this out! This would be a great deal for you, and you can save more! Why don’t you visit this resource today and try their services that for sure can provide you a right and excellent job for your home? In this time of economic crisis we should plan carefully and select the right contractor who provides high quality services with affordable cost and willing to do an excellent job!

OPP from blog networks

It feels so good when you received and reserved bunch of opportunities, a couple days ago I received many opportunities from Socialspark (SS) after long days of waiting they are giving me more opportunities finally! And those opportunities have bigger amounts! But you need to be attentive because they usually hide the opportunities in the market place and you couldn’t able to find it so after reserving the opportunities don’t close the windows, instead write a review right after you reserved it otherwise you couldn’t able to find the OPP anymore and it will be wasted.

What I did is, I never close the reserved window page of the OPP (I let it open) then I try to open another SocialSpark window so that I can still access with another OPP in the market place (LOL), its funny though. The reserved OPP is only good for 12 hours, so you need to review the OPP before the specific time of expiration. Well, every time I got a reservation OPP, I usually post it immediately so I can get another OPP again (LOL). Getting some OPP is really fun and exciting; it makes my day happier.

What is Google Earth?

I’m sure you have already heard about Google earth, haven’t you? I’ve heard it about couple years ago and I love this World map with motion; it’s an incredible geographic map, you can view the older and newer imagery of the earth in this software and explore the past and the present time locations. I also use this software to search a certain location in different places of the earth. I usually locate the locations of my friends using their addresses within the map; you can view the spot, the street, and even houses! You can watch and see thousands of sightseeing from this software. Have you ever tried it?

It’s a huge different from ordinary map locator. If you use it, it brings you to a very clear and evident location; you will be able to see the location in a very clear spot, and you can easily find the location using addressees. I love when I am making a tour in this incredible Google earth; very enjoyable and interesting, I enjoy seeing the difference places on earth. You can either take a tour in your local area or in different places of the earth .

HVAC-Air-Conditioning website

It’s already summer, and it is beginning to be warmer and hotter. Though it is our favorite time of the year but we don’t like to stay hotter inside home, we always want to stay cooler inside. Since it is a summer time it’s a time to replace and fix your broken air conditioner to a quality Air conditioner, you don’t need to endure the hottest weather get a high quality air conditioner for your home. Also if you keep your home cooler you can stay away from mosquitoes; I’m sure we don’t like mosquitoes, keeping your place/home cooler (from the summer season) could help to stay the mosquitoes away.

Anyway, speaking of air conditioning Birmingham HVAC Air Conditioning would be your great choice; it’s an awesome HVAC-Air-Conditioning website, they specialize in 2VAC Birmingham HVAC Air Conditioning, LLC, cooling , heating, ventilators, installation, repair, and services. So whether it is a summer time or winter time, they are always your choice and resource for cooler and heater, and reference for repair and services. So if you need their services today you better check out this resource (website) or contact them for more information. This company has been serving in the industry for about 3 years.

Do you Blog?

Do you like to blog? I always like to blog, I’ve heard that Blogging before is better than today; it’s truly giving additional extra earning to thousands of people around the world, it helps and supports the people’s living, if that you will work hard for it. Well, it is perfect in your spare time. Writing reviews is fun although you won’t earn as much as you earn at outside job but at least you get something from it in your spare time. On the other hand it's obvious that we can’t lean on to blogging for a living- it is just only for fun and pastime.

Also, Blogging needs lots of time, and that it is perfect for those who are just staying in home all day, because in blogging world you need to grab and catch opportunities- you will earn much that way than waiting offers that will be given to you. So good luck to all bloggers!

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I recommend you to visit this buzzirk Mobile information today so you can learn a lot about the services. Only one thing I could say- “finally a good carrier on the market is born!” And it will begin to roll out in the industry, it’s a great service, and a great deal for everybody especially in this time of economic crisis, it saves you more money! Why don’t you check out this Buzzirk Mobile today and so you will be able to learn how awesome this new service is going to be! This new buzzirk mobile is an unlimited Mobile VOIP phone service for only $79.95 a month. So you better check this out and enroll now to get started, or you can contact them for more information.


America‘s future

What do you think of the America’s future? In this time of economic crisis we are experiencing many problems , associated with spending huge amount of money problem from the government, misleading decisions, and many changes made that has no sign yet for better , do you still feel safe living in the America? It is the best country in the world and we are aware how much troubles we’ve got today; we faces so many problems that could bring worse in the future ( in the next generation).

Do you think it is going to survive? Well, it’s not the end of the world yet, perhaps America faces so many troubles and trials today but who knows it is going to get better in the future, let’s be optimistic that these problems will be gone, and let’s always think that this is not forever! We know it’s sad but all we need to do right now is to work hard (double time) to survive and most importantly remained civilized and do a good thing that’s not against the laws.

The Nurse's Guide to Good Living

Scrubsmag truly is the the Nurse's Guide to Good Living; you will love reading this online magazine site; it has inspiring contents including health tips, guides, and advice. This uplifting clinical website is a great idea to practice a new lifestyle. Perhaps in this summer season you are looking a summer fashion (or regular summer fashion), and beauty scrubs. Well, you came to the right place, Scrubs (Scrubsmag.com) is offering tips and guides how to be beautiful in this summer season, so better to check out this makeup and beauty section review; I always want to look beautiful in this summer season either! Summer is always a perfect time of the year that we usually like to have an outdoor activity and so we must always look beautiful! How could you do that? Just read the interesting section review for makeup and beauty, and you will learn how to keep your makeup looking terrific, and how to start your day looking great. Not only makeup tips and advice you will get here but some makeup resource that is affordable and better than ever before!

This clinical site is very different from other clinical sites in a way that they are giving helpful tips, advice, and guides that are related to good living. It’s a very resourceful resource indeed. Check this out and enjoy their summer tips, guides, and advice!


Crimes in Southeast USA

In a new research the burglaries crime has increased in southeast USA, one of the states known for this is Georgia. Crimes in downtown Atlanta is increasing since the economic crisis begun, but the police and people itself are now very attentive in these criminals who are trying to steal things in the house, these criminals are ready to kill anybody if necessary to escape the crime, but the police are now started catching them and many of them are being caught and put behind bars. this is very frustrating; additional pressure and stress for us- people willing to kill to get what they want, however the people who are not doing crazy things and want to live with morals (civilized) are urge to kill also to protect their selves , of course they don’t want to be killed.

Since the crime is increasing- It means they don’t really want stop until they get caught. Hopefully, they are aware that if they don’t stop they will regret it at the end. We should always remember that “Whatever comes around, it goes around.”

Get your Fresh Flowers

Looking flowers for occasions? Does the birthday of your loved one near? Flower is always the perfect present to give to a loved one, friends, or special someone; it symbolizes peace, love, care, and sincerity. I always love to receive flowers from a loved one and friends, it’s the most romantic thing to receive and give especially to a special person in your life. Speaking of that I recommend Lorraine's Floral Gallery that offers free delivery on all online orders, it is the right place for you if you are looking fresh flowers and stylish floral designs.

Looking for Birthday Flowers? Well, don’t worry Saskatoon Flower Delivery has everything you need; they offer flowers on occasions such as birthday, anniversary, sympathy and funeral, love and romance, congratulations, thank you, new baby, and more for a low-low price, with free delivery and no service fees! It’s a great deal, check out this website and order your favorite fresh flowers and stylish floral designs now!

The risks of drinking Cola

There are many risks to be considered in drinking too much cola; the possible case that you might experience if you are a cola drinker is the hypokalemia – the muscle problems, it shows the lower level of the potassium that may result of vital muscles malfunctioning. At least we know now that drinking too much cans of cola everyday may risk to muscles problems. The hypokalemia is the known disease caused by drinking cola that just have discovered recently.

Like drinking cola two to five liters a day may result of this deadly disease, hypokalemia; you will experience the symptoms such as mild weakness to serious paralysis, fatigue, appetite loss, and persistent vomiting (due to the lower potassium levels).

The only way to prevent this health risk is minimize the amount of cola you drink everyday and take intravenous potassium that may help to raise your potassium from lower level; 1 glass of cola every day must be enough, and you should drink lots of water after then. Additionally, drinking too much cola may also cause to major problems like tooth problems and diabetes .Cola contains of glucose, fructose, and caffeine that cause hypokalemia. To protect yourself- avoid drinking too much cola.

American Dream Vacations

Planning your own dream vacation? Today is the ideal time to plan your own dream vacation; why don’t you enjoy the summer and spend time to a dream vacation with RV? Speaking of that, American Dream Vacation (austinrvrent.com) from Austin, Texas is offering RV rentals and service that could surely give you a perfect vacation you need. Or if you are looking to purchase a motor-home or RV, today is a perfect time to purchase an RV in Austin, TX; they offer RV rentals, RV sales or motor-Homes for sale. They sell brand named such as Dutchmen, Windsport, Starcraft, Brave, Jamboree, Lexington, Voyager, Intruder, and many more! Check out RV sales Texas today and feel free to browse on their category. Let’s have a great vacation with RV riding!

Always dropping on Entrecard?

Are you always dropping cards on Entrecard? Well, I am. I think it is helping to maintain traffic somehow; it counts as backlinks on your blogs, have you thought that it is helping you? Well, as what I’ve said, I think it is helping maintaining a traffic. I always drop cards almost every day, although my page rank has never increased yet for doing it but it helps maintaining my rank somehow so it is still helpful.

But sometimes, it makes me feel upset because many of Entrecard members or users have no care to drop you back, no one’s care to drop you back as a response, and so it loses me inspiration to drop them too by the next time. Now, I only choose the active members that are willing to cooperate on their fellow members, I am only dropping cards to those who are active and always online. Good choice!

Many members are doing advertising in this network too, but how could they capture more droppers if they don’t even drop back; if a member dropped you and you never dropped back, he/she will never drop you again next time, so it’s useless, cooperation is the best!

A woman's montly miracle, C'Elle

We have heard a lot about women’s monthly miracle, C’elle, which gathers and preserves stem blood cells from a woman’s menstrual blood. The stem cells that can be collected from a woman’s menstrual blood have been shown to treat life-threatening diseases; you and your loved ones can benefit from it. Choosing to protect our future with C’elle is the smartest decision we have ever made (it’s shown us to be true visionaries). Today is the best time to make a major life decision for future health benefits. Collecting potentially life-saving stem cells found naturally in menstrual blood by the process of C’elle is truly miraculous. The menstrual stem cells can treat serious diseases such as heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and more. Indeed, it’s providing the potential for people to live longer and healthier lives! This is how helpful and useful menstrual blood, previously just considered women’s unsanitary waste, can be.

C’elle says that the menstrual stem cell is unique because it has many characteristics and properties similar to bone marrow and embryonic cells, which can be multiplied rapidly and differentiated into many other types of stem cells such as neural, cardiac, bone, fat, and cartilage. This is a great breakthrough for women. To learn more about C’elle, check out the C'elle testimonials. And order C'elle now!


The dangers of Mosquitoes

It’s a summer time and we can’t avoid mosquitoes that exist anywhere (mainly in our surroundings); Mosquitoes will immerge during warmer weather (summer) –their favorite time of the year! A mosquito is a common problem worldwide and we hated these insects most!

Every year it causes millions of death around the world; there are more than 2,000 types of mosquitoes- separated with male and female. It says that female mosquito drinks blood from human through biting, and injects victims with a substance that could keep blood flowing. The male mosquitoes on the other hand are different because they don’t drink blood (but only fluids from plants).

Female mosquito sucks and drinks blood, and it causes death from millions of people on earth; the most popular disease caused by mosquitoes is the Malaria ( mostly goes on children), and the most continents known for this problem are Africa, Asia, western Pacific ocean, middle east, and central and south America. Very dangerous insects, let’s protect our health!

What happened to smorty?

I have not seen campaigns from smorty anymore! Did you receive some campaigns from them? What happened to them? It’s been a one month passed that they are not working properly I think; I have not seen campaigns for a while (it’s about a month now), it’s very frustrating! I like that network; it seems very nice network they process funds weekly. I think they are under renovation right now- I have seen that one of my funds displayed on the board is still “pending earning” it must be removed after I received the payment.

Are you a member of this network? Have you got campaigns lately? I feel bored of them- I don’t know if the network is not working properly or they don’t just have some campaigns at this time. I was just wondering because lately I received many campaigns since my blog has a page rank, and now no more offer from them anymore for about a month, so sad; in fact, they are giving campaigns almost every week before! Have you experienced the same? They might have been one of cool blog networks today.

Customized your Shirts

Online shopping is becoming more popular today, people chose this tool to save time and money; I love to shop and surf online too, it’s the best choice especially in this time of economic crisis. If you love to shop clothes online like T-shirts then that would be perfect because now you can’t only pick design from the selling items but you can customize your own design! Design your own (send your own design) and then it will ship to you. For more details about it, check out screen printing T-shirts. These Custom T-shirts or T-shirt printing would be a perfect choice for you!