Tire Chains

I don't like winter because I hate cold. It gives me stress by the time I get to work. Are you prepared with the winter season? What about your transportation? Does the snow always makes you upset? Speaking of winter,  snow is gonna be really bad this year and your car needs to have a strong Tire Chains  - if you are currently looking for Tire Chains right now  or for snow tire, just click into the links I provided above and you will find various types of tire chains. They are focusing on chains that are easy to install and they also have many installation and product YouTube videos to make it easier for you to know what you are having into when you purchase the products. This website is usually currently ranks in the top five for the keyword Tire Chains, or it has been ranked number 1 on Google in the past. They focus on chains that are easy to install. It says the most popular product is the Grip which installs in less than 2 minutes per tire and cost less than $100. So don't waste your time visit the website now.

Get your own logo

If you are wishing to change your current blog design, you can do it; whether you will customize it or use the classic template that found on your free hosting site like blogger or Wordpress. Most users use the blogger hosting site; when you are using blogger hosting network you can change your template design or classic design into a customized design- you can obtain customized design online for free like E-blogger. All you have to do is to download the design and save it to your computer disk. After saving you can perform these basic steps (if you are using blogger hosting site);

Ø Log in to your blogger account, go to the Dashboard page
Ø In the Dashboard page, click layout (under in your website title)
Ø At the lay out page, find “Edit HTML” text and it will bring you to the HTML code page
Ø From the box (where CSS code and HTML code located) above you can see “Browse” simply click the browse and follow the rest instructions; find the template design that you have been saved at your computer. You don’t need to paste the HTML along the Box otherwise you will get error, just click the browse and locate the template you have just saved.

Speaking of design, weather you are managing business online or in local business - designing your business is a very good idea, get a Logo Design Process for your business makes your business looks better and cool. Do you agree?

Great Coupons!

Last month I was in OfficeDepot store to look for something that I could buy, I was also there for some other reason which is looking for a career opportunity, and I have never realized that they also have a store online or online store where you can access and buy something online same as what you see at their local store. It's a very nice store and while accessing online you can also visit their career opportunity at the bottom of the page, it's pretty cool, I have never realized that before  instead of going to their local store. And speaking of officeDepot, they are offering Office Depot coupons, they sell everything for cheap prices on office supplies, laptop computers, monitors, digital cameras and more! I love using coupons online and this Office Depot discount code deals  is perfect for you if you are looking office supplies, laptop computer, monitor and etc. So in this holiday season, you better check this out and get some good deals, Office Depot Coupon Codes is one of the opportunities to get good deals on this holiday season. So what are you waiting now, visit the website and shop your favorite items today!

SanTa Clause

Santa Cause has known for us as a merciful Santa. I just remember in my childhood I am very obsessed with Santa whom I believe will grant my wish during Christmas Eve. Santa Clause has never been vanished in our thought and heart, this belief of this Santa Clause is  still remaining today and forever!

Christmas is near, so what you gonna do on Christmas? I miss my home land, How i wish I am  there on Christmas time. Hopefully next year I can go there for vacation.

Lowest lending mortgages

Are you having a hard time to find mortgages that best suits to your needs? Well before we get into a best decision we considered so many things, first thing will come to our mind is which type of loans or lender to obtain from, how much payment we can afford, or if the interest rate is fixed or adjustable. Buying home or having mortgages loan is not a simple task that is why Five Star Mortgages is created to narrow your search in mortgages loan, they will help you to ease your mind and to get started easily with your mortgage loan process. If you are looking to purchase a home in this moment I suggest you to visit Five Star Mortgages to help you get all information you need about mortgages matters with lowest interest, you can ensure to obtain a best interest rate (lowest rate online). They specialize in low rate lending anywhere in the US. Today is apparently a tough time for us so you should seek a lower home mortgage rate that suits to your needs or that carry in your pocket, and the Five Star Mortgages is here for you to help and give you  the best mortgage loan with a great rate.


For Wellness
Laughter is good for you - In my opinion, being happy, a smile is good for individuals in order to look young. It is proven that laughter can enhance physical and mental health. Now it seems even looking forward to laughter can be good for you.
Women's body image - A woman Body Image is bringing her a strong personality.
A Good Dinka Girl -If you are a good person you have faith. Praying is simply talking to God. God knows your heart and is not as concerned with your words as He is with the attitude of your heart.

Casper, My Favorite Halloween Program

I have always loved Casper the ghost. I have gotten my kids into Caper too which is fun for me because I get to sneak in and watch the shows with them. We have an annual tradition of watching Casper Saves Halloween every year on our satellite tv from directstartv.com. It is not a long movie, maybe 25 minutes long. It is just the right length for your kids with short attention spans.

In the movie Casper dresses as a real boy and goes out on Halloween. The only kids who will go with him are a group of orphans. The mean ghosts try and ruin Halloween, but Casper and the kids stop them and save Halloween. The story line is cute and There are some cute songs through out the program as well. 

The animation is a little dated and my kids did make a comment on that at first. But I explained to them that there weren't always computers and that cartoons used to be drawn all by hand. This interested them and now they decided that they want to draw cartoons too which has been a lot of fun.

Top 5 Well Being Today

Top 5 Well Being Today

Does prayer work - Has a strong faith affects our physical bodies. It is proven that prayer could help. I believed that even just occasional private prayer and Scripture meditation help people live healthier and longer lives. Prayer definitely brings with it a physiological and physical benefit.
Facing the storm - Let's face trials or burdens in life, we need balance at all. No one can be perfect, or have a perfect life. But every one of us has the opportunity to experience perfect grace through a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Exploring faith - Having faith is doing prayer which is the natural cry of the soul to God and to communicate with God. He actually waits for us to call out to Him. That longing for spirituality that you feel within your soul was put there by God so you would seek Him and find Him.
At the end of your rope - It is all about to ending your life, which senseless and it just like you offer you self to hell. I want to ask you to consider doing something other than trying to end your life. You may have tried counseling or talking to someone to no avail.
Living on purpose - Why are we here now? Because we live to have a purpose, "TO Serve God "The Bible talks about the world beginning with the creation of a beautiful garden and two blameless people who walked and talked with God. Let's talk about God as How great he is.

Residential treatment center

Learning online is very popular today other than going to school campus; people who have no time prefer to choose this option. It's usually happening in United States.

Online Education has no different from school campus as it also helps to improve your knowledge, teaches you the same lessons or courses as what school campus performed; also online education performs homework assignments and tests, activities, and projects. It provides depth explanations and resources to help students and increase general understanding. I think online education is more convenient, easier, and efficient rather than going to school campus.

Today, it says that online class ( Online college) is rocking in a way that it is more convenient, cheaper, easier, and less time spending. Well it is true since you don’t need to spend all day long to attend classes. It is a great idea for those who can’t afford to stop or take off from work to study. In this recession time, people need to take double time to have a good living. At online school you can still find a program to advance your career. People usually preferred to study online if can afford, to save time, effort, and expenses; at online college you don’t need to travel, you just stay in home and study during your free time.

Try to visit this heritagertc.org – they have heritage school that has 19-acre residential treatment center for at-risk adolescent (Youth Residential Treatment Center or Residential Adolescent Treatment Centers ). If I were you explore this site to gain confidence and reassurance in considering Heritage for your kid's unique needs – enjoy the campus tour, media and information on their innovative program.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

This elegant dish was a favorite of the King's Elvis Presley during his Las Vegas years. It was frequently served to his entourage in his suite at the Las Vegas Hilton, and it was one of the dishes served at the wedding breakfast buffet at the Aladdin Hotel on May 1, 1967. What better musical accompaniment than Viva Las Vegas?

Free link exchange Tools

There are different ways on how to increase the traffic of your blog - one of these is to always search and type your blog URL in Google, yahoo, or msn every day, or couple time’s everyday would be great. Speaking of blog URL or website URL, I am referring to both permanent URL and individual URL post of your blog. Permanent URL is refers to your general domain name or main URL of your blog while the individual URL is the single post you made in your blog, I think it is easy to differentiate. If you are willing to increase your traffic just do the clicks everyday by typing your main URL and individual URL in the search engine of Google, yahoo, and msn. In this way you can’t only generate more traffic but you are making your URL visible to crawl in any search engine. And another way is free link exchange or  build links- this is the most powerful way in order to get more traffic for your blog. Speaking of free links - you should visit this free link building tools (http://www.freelinkbuildingtools.com) and use their services, tools and tips.

About Payingpost

Have you heard about Paying Post? I have heard it from a friend and over the internet; it is one of the not-legit advertising network that does not help you to earn money fast. PayingPost.com is known as a fraud and scam network today, if you want to be an advertiser or blogger on this blog marketing, then don't register, and it  doesn't help you at all to earn money.

If you are not one of the blogger's yet, first thing you should do is to search about this network - read some feedback, comments and reviews. Don't sign up yet!  Making money on blog marketing is what the most people do; both advertisers and bloggers can earn money fast by just sitting on the computer.  But I will tell you, you have no future on this blog advertising network, BLOGADVERTISINGSTORE - they are fraud and scam.

HD Television

When my husband purchased an HDTV from www.BestChoiceTV.com I was skeptical. We had used a "regular" tv for 10 plus years and no one had ever complained about it. I couldn't imagine that the difference in clarity would make me want to watch more TV, or make it more entertaining.

When we got satellite TV to get some HD channels, I couldn't believe the difference. I'm a reality TV junkie and when I was able to see these shows in crisp high definition my mind was blown. For the first hour or so it was literally hard to concentrate on what was going on because I was looking at all the little details in the background.

When Survivor went HD, I was ecstatic. Survivor night is a special night in my house, and now I feel like I'm there. Seeing all the crazy animals and challenges more clearly has made me love the game even more.

Another show that has been dramatically impacted by our switch to HD is the variety type shows like American Idol. It's kind of funny because sometimes you can see their make up more clearly and you realize they aren't quite as beautiful as you thought they were. However, sometimes you realize that they aren't wearing make up and they really are that beautiful!

Switching to HD was the best thing we ever did for our families television habits.

Dysmenorrheal Trick

Dysmenorrheal Trick

What is Dysmenorrhea? It is called a painful menstruation for women, usually called a cramp during the menstrual period, but not all women have experienced this pain. I have this kind of problem too which is obviously painful, you will experience hurt from abdomen, and it feels like you are going to vomit and you will experience headache, it is an unexplainable pain indeed. Do you also experience like this? Well, I have found a simple therapy for it! Aside from taking medicine like pain reliever to remove the pain, I discovered something simple, when I do exercising every day the pain is totally gone, I was amazed during my menstrual period that I did not feel any pain at all. So I believe the exercise could help to avoid it. Maybe it would work for you too. If you have the same problem like mine, try to inhabit the everyday exercise and it would remove your menstrual cramp indeed.

My Favorite TV Snack Is Jiffy Pop Popcorn

Without a doubt, my favorite snack to eat while watching TV is Jiffy Pop popcorn! Forget about that new fangled microwave popcorn, I like my popcorn popped the old fashioned way, in the tin. Who ever invented the stuff was brilliant. Who knew that you can have fun enjoying simple pleasures like watching popcorn pop?
The tradition of eating Jiffy Pop popcorn while watching TV started when I was a kid visiting my grandparents in the 60's. Jiffy Pop was brand new then and an awesome invention at that, popcorn that packed in a foil pan with a foil cover that expanded when it popped! Well maybe it was amazing because I was 6 or 7. Anyway, while I don't watch a lot of Ohio direct tv, my husband just signed up for satellite television, and I think I'm starting to get hooked on Jiffy Pop again. I think popcorn is the perfect snack food while watching TV because you don't have to take your eyes off the screen while you're eating it. Just grab a handful and enjoy.
When I make plans to watch something special, I make sure that I have a couple of packages of Jiffy Pop to satisfy my snack cravings. I was really happy to find that our local warehouse store now carries Jiffy Pop in bulk. My kids have now been left the boring confines of microwave popcorn and started to eat my Jiffy Pop!

Types of blog

The type of blog is a textual blog with content that is primarily text, and sometimes can be accompanied by photos, videos, or other multimedia. Here are some type of blogs;

Podcasting is a blog about broadcasts audio and video.
Video blog or vlog is a blog with predominantly video content
Photoblog is one that looks like a picture gallery blog with photos as primary content
Moblog or mobile blog is blog written via mobile devices such as cell phones or PDA

Planning a Vacation Online

Once a year my family and I plans a trip to go on our summer vacation. Summer is the perfect time to go when the kids are out of school. Every year we go to a different destination to visit. Planning my vacation is simple and easy and no hassle. I get on my computer and use my hughes internet satellite to get online. Then off to my research to plan on car rentals, hotels and how we are going to travel. I always choose my transportation first. Air travel is highly competitive and usually you can find some great deals. There are handfuls of site to visit for air travel and they usually have different rates and prices. If you want to travel by car, it is said that it is the economical choice. You also need to book your hotel. My best advice to anyone is do not choose the cheapest hotel, luckily satellite internet prices are so low we could slurge on a nice hotel. There is always a reason why they are so cheap. Planning a vacation online has been a very great experience and I will not do it any other way.

Who is Blogging?

Who is Blogging? These are the Individuals usually run personal blogs which they use as online diaries to talk about their experiences, hobbies, or interest. Some choose a particular niche which they blog about such as entertainment, fashion, travel, politics, business, personal etc.

They were called "Bloggers" who are running the blog or authors of the blog they run. Or they used to call a publisher as they are the one who publish the post to be visible to the search engine and shared it to the world.

How I Got All Worked Up

One of the best reality television shows I have seen since my satellite tv installation is All Worked Up on TruTv. All Worked Up is a show that many people can appreciate because of it's subject matter. The show deals with with professionals in difficult professions, the main characters on the show are Rick, Bobby and Amy of a towing and recovery company in Lizard Lick NC as well as a process server in NY and NJ, bounty hunters and so forth. Each episode follows these professionals around and show their most difficult assignments.

One of the attractions of the show that keeps me coming back would be some of the more colorful characters you see. This show gives you an idea as to exactly how insane normal, everyday people can act in various situations. I have seen everything on this show from a man busting his back windshield during a repossession to a 63 year old grandmother chasing a recovery agent with a broom around her yard and calling him every name she could manage. Another aspect I appreciate if the down home humor of Rick, his comments are priceless. One of my favorite comments of Rick's would be that a person would rather give a grizzly bear a back rub with a hand full of razor blades than to go up against him, humor is important.

Dealing with Poor Vision?

Dealing with Poor Vision?

Do you have a poor eye sight? Then you need some more vitamin A and here are the fruits which enrich with vitamin A. These are good for your poor eyesight, and strongest distributor of vitamin A which is needed to your eye vision, these fruits are green leafy, peas, cherry, tomatoes, apples, grapes, plums and peaches.

Welcome Year of the Ox

Welcome Year of the Ox

Let's welcome 2009 the year of the Ox!

New fashion Bag collection

New fashion Bag collection
My new fashion Bags collection

Winter Shoes Collection

Winter shoes collection, I have this style since I have been looking for winter shoes latest fashion and it seems nice and comfortable, and what do you think? It is the latest fashion today. This is why I love winter; I like to wear boots and different styles of winter shoes as well.

Let us enjoy the winter season!

Official List of PayPal Philippines Bank Codes

Official List of PayPal Philippines Bank Codes






BANGKOK BANK 010670019


BANK OF CHINA 011140014

BANK OF TOKYO 010460012






CITIBANK N.A. 010070017



EAST WEST BANK 010620014


FUJI BANK 010640010





















Our Basic Needs!

Our Basic Needs! What are our basic needs in daily living? Our health and quality of life is link to our ability to meet the basic needs. As human being who continually live and breathe is need these basic things, the steady income, food, shelter, safety, affordable health care, security, education opportunities, transportation.

Some people facing more challenges to meet the basic needs especially those who are living in poverty and tough life, less educated, physically and mentally ill. In maintaining a good health we supposed to meet these basic needs in order to live and have a good life. As it is said our health is the king of achievements.

Date Night Movie!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of 20th Century Fox. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you love watching comedy films? I love watching horror and comedy films (movies) - it wipes my boredom (it's thrilling and fun), and speaking of comedy or fun movies, Date Night Movie  will be released on April 9th, 2010 (that is on Friday), this would be great! Are you bored and want some fun? Why don't you entertain yourself by watching this  funny  movie, Date Night on Friday? Yes right,  it will be released soon (on Friday) so watch out! Steve Carell and Tina Fey are good actor and actress; they are one of my favorite celebrities - excellent and funny actors! I am excited to watch this movie and of course to watch my favorite movie stars, Steve Carell and Tina Fey. I have watched the trailer and it's thrilled me, I am  inspired to watch it soon, are you? You should watch the trailer and see the movie on opening weekend. Visit the New York Times article (nytimes.com/2010/04/04/movies/04date.html?ref=movies) to get some additional info about this movie, Date Night. It says the movie is a pretty great metaphor for marriage, so watch it out! Let's enjoy our weekend! Let's watch it and have some fun, and enjoy the summer!

Visit my sponsor: Date Night

Natural Wonders in the Philippines!

This is one of the amazing beach resort found in my hometown island. " Libjo Surigao Del Norte, Philippines "

This beach resort is one of my favorite; this is really in front of my hometown island.

One of the beautiful spot in my barangay's neighborhood.

The biggest rock, it can be found in the middle of the island by travelling a motorbanca or watercraft.

On the other side of this, is a hanging beach resort, one of the amazing resorts in Libjo, Surigao Del Norte Philippines.

I love the different shells in it and rocks; here you can find various shells and different styles of rocks that you have never seen before.

Save water and save the earth!

Have you gotten a problem on your toilet flush? How about this Dual Flush Toilet, have you ever heard of it?  I have just heard of Dual Flush Conversion kit (if you look for a toilet repair)  - it's a water saver! We have a serious problem with flush toilet - we  need to replace our toilet tank and I think this dual flush toilet is the best solution. All we need to replace is the flush toilet components such as Flush Converter with rinse and full flush options, flush handle, silicone seals, new stem seal, and adjustable flush lever, and the good thing is - all these components are already included in the Dual Flush Conversion kit, sounds good! We need a toilet repair and this Dual flush is a good choice - it saves water and money, this product is focusing on water conservation and water saving toilets (it's indeed a new green lifestyle). It definitely saves  people money! Saving water is very important in United states since the county is facing water crisis in some areas. Dual Flush Toilet helps us to save water and save the earth!

Hair Loss Problem

How are we going to deal with this hairs losing? I have this kind of problem, it’s really bothering me so much but it says it’s normal for women loses hairs everyday as our hairs has a life-cycle like human being, and the normal average that we loses hairs is 100 hairs per day. The best to prevent at least of falling hairs is eating fruits and vegetable which recognized one of the medicines of hair loses.

But it could also happens for several reason such as due to the emotional and physical stress of life, scalp problem infections, hormonal imbalances of age, disease, anemia, tuberculosis, and diabetes. There are some shampoos that could prevent of too much losing hairs but in vice versa there are lots of shampoos too that could give causes of too much hair loses, and we can deal these things itself by selecting better shampoo for us.

200 Sing-A-Long Favorites for kids

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Madacy Entertainment. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do your kids love to play toys/games? If so, why don't you give them an educational toy/game instead? A kid is always a kid - they always love to play, and it is a good idea to enhance their learning or develop their knowledge by letting them to play educational toys/games that can sharpen their brains while growing up. I believe that educational toys/games can sharpen your growing child's brain power! And speaking of educational games/toys,  200 Sing-a-long Favorites would be a perfect educational game/toy for your kids for just only $3.99 (Album Download). On April 4, 2010 (which is Easter Sunday), Amazon MP3 will offer an "MP3 Daily Deal" on the digital album "Ultimate Countdown Kids Collection (200 Sing-A-Long Favorites for only $3.99). And this digital album normally sells for $11.99 (it's a big discount!), it's a great deal, you should visit the Amazon and grab this opportunity for your lovable kids! Check out this amazing Ultimate Countdown Kids Collection: 200 Sing-A-Long Favorites and make your kids happy on this amazing collection of childrens' favorites that is perfect for sing a long fun! Give your kids a surprise present on Easter Sunday by visiting Amazon MP3 and grab the great deals.


Visit my sponsor: 200 Sing-a-long Favorites: $3.99 Album Download

How to increase your memory?

Do you know how to increase your memorization? We believe that the younger ages have a fast brain memory and have more active brain compare to the older ages. Kids can easily remember and memorize words by words or sentence in just a short period of time. As we become older or our ages continuously grow up our brain memory becomes slightly inactive.

If you are at school and still studying a degree, well it is said the best thing you could do in order to have at least strong memorization even you have got an older age, is to have an enough sleep or has right time of nap before reading, the best time to read and remember all what you read is after your nice nap and rest sleep, at this time your brain is on calm and is on rest. In this period of time you can easily catch up something to do memorization.

Looking for cheapest eyeglasses?

Do you enjoy the Fall season? Summer is also close, are you excited?  I can't wait to feel the summer again! Are you planning to spend a vacation with family and friends? What about camping, hiking and adventure with friends? That would be awesome! The summer season is very close and we need to be prepared, we should have our sheds alert and ready ( sheds such as your hat, sunglasses or eyeglasses) - these things are very useful when you go to a vacation or farther places in the summer season. And speaking of  eyeglasses there is no other place where you can get cheapest eyeglasses!  Zenni optical has the cheapest eyeglasses products I have ever known! In fact, you can get a clear vision at a very low price (20/20 vision). They have latest modern materials and this store has no middlemen, no retail overhead, and no advertising budget - that is why their products are cheap compare to other companies. They bring their product direct from their factories to us. They provide a fashionable and stylish product, with a very high quality product of great durability and affordability. Want to read more positive about zenny? Check out this Eric's review of Zenni Optical  .

Save your life from Dengue fever!

Dengue fever is most goes to a children, it sometimes called "break-bone fever.”It can spread out through the bite of infected mosquitoes. It is dangerous disease as the victim get severe headaches, intense pain in the muscles and joints. There is no cure of it unless the people can recover from it but it takes time though.

However, one way to prevent it is to get vaccines to protect against dengue fever. Life is so precious not to protect. There are millions infected worldwide in dengue fever each year, it mostly happened in cities and rural areas especially in warm and wet climates. Today it affects most Asian countries and causes serious disease and death of children. Fundamentally, let’s fight the mosquitoes that carry it. Save your life from Dengue fever!

HairStyle, New Fashion

Are you looking new hairstyles? We are always searching for new hairstyles either for a special occasion or just for a new look. Hair is always the center of attraction when it comes to beauty, it gives a good look for men and women, and it always makes you beautiful when you have a beautiful hair. I love this new hairstyle I collected. This is either for long hair and short hair.

IS mango good for hair?

Mango is one of the best fruits, everybody likes to eat it but its quite expensive though compare to the other fruits. Mango has excellent sources of minerals such as copper and potassium and contains of magnesium, manganese, selenium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

Mango is one of my favorite fruits but it is just quite expensive compared to the other fruits, so others can't have it all the time even though they wanted to. It says Mango is good for the hair; a cure of  hair loss as it is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A and has traces of Vitamin E, Vitamin B and Vitamin K as well. Furthermore, it helps for weight gain, diabetes, eye disorders, heat stroke, constipation, liver disorder, bacterial infections and menstrual disorders. This is how important the mango fruit in our health and daily living.

Healthy Beach resort!

BORACAY BEACH RESORT! The most beautiful Beach Resort in the Philippines and it is the main tourist attraction. It is called "Jewel of the Philippines" as it has been visited by people from the different countries. Boracay Island will be found in the Visayas region, it has an eight-kilometer white sand, Boracay simply called a White Beach which is the main attraction of the visitors. It is the World's Best Beach since it’s unveiling to the international community in the late 1980s.

I went to the Boracay once and I was stunned with the beautiful and wonderful views from the neat, wide, white sand, neat and amazing restaurants, neat hotels and it has a Mall too if you want to shop clothes and different kinds of fun activities that pretty sure will not make you bored. Spending time in Boracay for me has never been so fun and it is the most amazing vacation I ever had, it was just like I went to paradise. You can sure for your own safety and cleanliness of the hotels and restaurants, it is very organized and very neat Beach Resort.

Papaya, fiber fruits!

Do you like Papaya? I like both ripe and raw papaya; it is one of the healthiest fruits to eat and most nutritious fruits at all. Papaya is not only a nutritious fruits but they are delicious as well. It is also called a fiber fruit or the most intestines-friendly fruit, a cure of constipation. Apparently, it has many distributions and health advantages, most people have been patronized the products of papaya from bath soap, lotion, skin cleanser and other uses.

Papaya can also be an herbal plant; they made it as herbal medicine products by giving different names on it but only one origin source, from papaya plants or fruits. You can use fresh papaya leaves though on your face, I remember I have tried papaya leaves before for my rare pimples on my face, I chopped the papaya leaves in very tiny then I used to put it on my face for about an hour and so far it’s better than papaya cleanser products, it cleans and kills germs on your face as you can feel the forces and vibrations working on it, and your face is so soft and flawless. It’s amazing!

Why do you like eggplants?

Eggplant has a variety of colors, they usually green mixed with yellow or white. Eggplants are a good source of folate and potassium but however low in vitamins and minerals but it contains a balanced complex still.

Eggplants are one of my favorite vegetables, I usually cooked it with eggs and fry since it is my favorite recipe. There are so many ways how to cook eggplants, it's either you can cook it on fire (on a grill), peel it and prepared with soy sauce or slice it with tiny and cover with scrambled egg and fry in cooking oil. The taste is awesome! Some people don't like eggplants as they don't like the taste but fortunately it is one of the good vegetables - it is not only for nutritious sources of vitamins but it is also a cancer-fighting phytochemicals vegetables too.

Cleaning and washers

Is it  pissing you off when you see your own car dirty  or unclean in the garage? If so, then you  need an easier, faster and more convenient pressure washer. Are you wishing to have an easy pressure washer for your car, or house? Honestly, I have never heard of electric pressure washers before, however, it seems this product is  unique and great. I have reviewed the site, and they have a  huge selection of incredible electric pressure washers .You might have bought one to wash your car, your house, your drive, etc. I love these nilfisk pressure washers or nilfisk electric pressure washers . Indeed, these are the best cleaning and washers for cars and houses. Therefore, if you think that you need these things so bad, it is your choice and chance to make your work easier and faster from the electric pressure washers! Would you agree? Try it now! Check it out!

About Beauty and the Beast!

What is beauty? In my own words, when referring to a person beauty is a certain characteristic of a person, the qualities that give pleasure to the senses, beauty doesn't mean beautiful but otherwise it has divided into two different meaning, “inner beauty” and “outer beauty.” How are we going to elaborate it?

The inner beauty is simply referring to the qualities, manners or conduct, human act or character of a certain person that he/she shows among of the people surround him/her, it is the beauty that can only be seen by words and actions. However the outer beauty is the opposite, it refers into a physical look attraction that first can captured into a person’s eyes, it's either in attractive look or not. When we say beast, it is opposite of the good characteristics of both "inner beauty" and "outer beauty." Does it make sense?

Now, which do you prefer the good characteristics of the "inner beauty" but not physically beautiful (outer beauty) or strongly attractive and beautiful (outer beauty) but spiritually has a bad character (inner beauty) at all? Well,  you decide!

Let's talk about FAITH!

"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast. Ephesians 2:8, 9"

Are we ready now to take up the next step in finding peace with God? You are now ready to forsake your past sinful life. You are no longer headed away from God, but you are moving toward his love and mercy and protection. You have made your decision. You have repented; you have chosen the right road, even though it may be a difficult one. You have chosen the road that Moses took almost 3,500 years ago when he renounced his right to the throne of Egypt and decided in favor of God.

Moses was forty years old when he fled Egypt for fear of his life, forty years later he came back to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. What had changed? He had made his great decision. He concluded that faith and truth in company with agony and hardship were better than wealth and fame and the absence of God's love. Few men in history have been called upon to make a more difficult decision than his.

New Search Blox

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Getting Married?

Why people need to get married? Getting married is not only a responsibility it's a commitment where the two person want to be united and live happily ever after. But we know that as parents it's difficult for them to accept that their children are getting married, but would it be sadder if you witness your daughters/sons are getting older and have not been married yet? I know it's funny. But, it would be saddest if you witness your young daughter/son married earlier that you expected, right? Of course Parents will happy if they see their daughters/sons are happy. Marriage is not only a purpose of  living together in one home  but it must be associated with respect and honesty to one another, when you get married then it means you are not totally free  unlike before, you are not  a single anymore, don't say that you can do whatever you want  to do because you are free, no, married life is different from a single life. For instance when you want to go anywhere you should consult your wife/husband first, it's not bad nor prohibited, it's natural in a married life. Because if you want to do what you want  without turning your head you shouldn't  have got married, that's so simple. If a person acted like this  then they just want a chaperon in life (to control).

Have you ever had a Dental Implant?

Have you ever had a dental Implant? I think most of us wish to have a perfect , white teeth , apparently it's an additional factor to our personality, How  wish I have had a shiner and whiter teeth, but unfortunately my teeth seem look like a yellowish  color (it's not definitely white) and I don't even like to look at it. Have your teeth are white enough for you? I Have known a friend who has just had a teeth implant, and it was so cool operation, your teeth look like  a new born, fresh and real, it looks so perfect. It's worthy , Good result! I have heard of this  los angeles Dental Implants it may be a solution for you if you are looking a dental implant. A person who has a perfect white teeth is always looking gorgeous and attractive, do you agree? yes, no doubt. Why don't  we make our teeth prettier, shiner, and whiter if we can, right?

Updates for employment authorization!

Last week I received an email from immigration saying that the current status of my APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION has been ordered (Card production ordered). It says: we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service. It was such a good news for me! And the other day I received another email saying that the status of my APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION has been approved (Approval notice sent). It says: we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service. Currently I am waiting for the card arrives, hopefully soon! I am happy about this update. The effort that I gave on  preparing the application by myself  is worthy! Hopefully everything is perfect and no mistakes. Thanks God.

Payingpost or blogadvertisingstore acting weird!

Guess what? I have received emails from payingpost or blogadvertisingstore says that there are 8 New opportunities added and I need to log in to my account to grab these opportunities or to check out the few new opportunities available for me. And also it says "This email was sent to you because when you signed up you were agree to receive e-mail notifications from us." What? And of course I did not grab the opportunities because I gave up on them , they are very untrusted network, they are not paying bloggers, until now they have not paid me yet, it's been 3 months already.

The second email that I have received from them was this   "Sponsoredreviews.com, Awaits you to sign up and try us out - Bloggers and Advertisers alike. Bloggers can earn more money, advertisers can promote their products. See you in the blogosphere." This is so funny I don't think if they owned that sponsoredreviews, hmmm now it seems they are using sponsoredreviews or they are just criticizing this network. But I'm sure they don't owned that network because they are using different support contact (lol). Very deceiver people.

The winter becomes Bad!

The winter becomes bad, it  becomes worse this month, and How much more in February? Oh my God I  always hate winter  season I've been having a hard time to adjust the climate in USA. But I was also thinking the north or the west part it will be colder out there, every day has a snow. So I am still thankful that I am living in Southeast part in the United States, I can't deal those places that are snowing everyday! whoaaa! That would be a nightmare for me! But it would have been perfect if we had lived in Florida, that's a perfect place to live - the climate there is very similar to the place where I used to live. I think even Americans who were born here still have not adjusted the winter yet (lol)! Winter time is terrible especially on January and February huhuhu, but at least we have had a heater in home, or at work that keeps us warm somehow. The states that are located in the North are worse so we the southern are more lucky (lol). Let's enjoy the warm in home! I can't wait to feel the spring on April or late march.

I love watching cheaters show!

I love to watch "CHEATERS" show - my hubby is always asking me why I like to watch such show, well it's fun to watch cheaters who have been caught (lol) they deserve it! Since I arrived here in USA I have been watching that show ( I am so obsessed), you can also learn lots of lessons in this show especially to those people who are cheating or about to cheat in the future. Have you ever heard this show? Do you like to watch this show? I am pretty sure you do (lol). We have only had 2 televisions and I wish we could buy one for the other room in this way I could watch the show freely, because my hubby and I have different tastes when it comes to channel choices. Hopefully we could get  an affordable one like for Television Cheap - I have found this resource very interesting!

Do you have a new year's resolution list?

What are your new year's resolutions? Do you have your own new year's resolution list? This is the most interesting one- some of us are listing things that need to be reformed on a new year, why do we have this? Well, this is not a non-sense because some of us always want new, changes, and developments in life. Most common new year's resolutions that  people usually put on the list are - health improve (such as loose weight, gain weight, eat better and exercise more), save more, happiness, peace  and avoid being stress, depress and grumpy. Most people say they want to be a good and a better person, share love and kindness to others- it seems these lines are always subject to what people want in a new year but seems only few becomes successful! We have heard lots of people talking about their new year's resolution but this goal or reform project is not taking seriously. It's the same when you are talking about  a dream and desire and it's always remained a dream! It's funny though! But people is always people, and that's what we are (lol)! Happy New year and May your new year's resolution will be succeed. Let's welcome the year 2010 - a new year to a new life!