Your idea about Stimulus Plan

Are you watching Television or Reading Newspapers? If so, you know that our Government Passed last Week a $787 Billion Dollar "Stimulus" Plan. So, what do you think about it right now? Maybe it’s just nothing! That's right, unless you are on Social Security whereby Our Government will be mailing a Whopping $ 250 1 time check to those On Social Security, you will have to Dig Deep to see where you will benefit from this New Stimulus Plan!

Apparently, this New Stimulus Plan is an opportunity to get your hands a piece of $2 Billion Dollars! All you have to do is know how to get your Piece of this $2 Billion Dollars that According to the Stimulus Plan will be made available starting march 4th, 2009! So this is a first come first serve type of deal our very own Government has made! What would be the advantages and disadvantages of this?

My favorite Fil-Am forum

I want to share about my favorite forum called the world of Filipinas, if you haven’t heard it yet it’s a nice forum. First I heard it from since I read that forum constantly. The World of Filipinas forum was created to help Filipino-Foreign for any visa petition around the world through sharing their journey, and experienced in visa petition. I was so thankful on this site too I’ve learned a lot and currently I am a member here. At this forum you can look up different topics or articles regarding marrying Americans and other foreigners, and the most crucial is the visa processing. It helps in so many ways you can ask questions or simply read it and you can get some ideas, they will definitely give you some authentic information since some of them have been through of the same process. And you can meet lots of friends here and you’ll appreciate everybody’s effort for sharing their experienced and helping others, it helps me a lot during my visa petition. I shared it to you because it’s a resourceful forum indeed. You can also meet some good and nice friends; it could be a social site too.

Raptiva cause brain infection

Have you heard that Psoriasis drug Raptiva linked to deadly brain infections? The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) is investigating the Psoriasis drug Raptiva for a possible link to a deadly brain infection called Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy or PML. PML is a viral disease of the brain which is rare but most often fatal. You should visit Raptiva PML to read the full article; Raptiva could harm and kill you, and it says you may also have developed PML while taking Raptiva. Psoriasis drug Raptiva has also been associated with meningitis, immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, and other life-threatening infections, you will be encountered these diseases too if you are taking Raptiva.

But, if you or a loved one has taken Raptiva and suffered injuries, you may have legal rights to financial compensation, and the drug maker may be liable for your injuries. You are eligible to receive money to compensate you for your medical bills and other damages, or if a loved one has died as a result of taking Raptiva, your family may qualify for wrongful death damages. You can find the free legal Raptiva consultation at . Visit and read the Raptiva PML website today to learn more!


Blogging becomes boring when rank goes down

Today is a boring day to me as my blog page rank goes down. I feel so frustrated, the truth is until your blog rank is zero it’s boring since you can’t get lots of tasks, most blog network preferred in high page rank of course even when we say your blogs are approved to them. One of the blogging networks which is very strict when it comes to task is smorty, if you have noticed, they never give task until your blog has a page rank even if it is approved blog from their network, on the other hand, to the other blog network you can still get task but rare and in a little amount. Well, the most important basic way to do is to build traffic first and get rank to your blog, and when you have rank on your blog do your best to maintain it rather than to start it all over again when your rank goes back to zero again like what happened to my blog. Apparently, I need to start from the beginning and generate traffic again, I expected to make my blog higher ranks but I was just surprised when it goes down, my page back to empty and nothing.

About online relationship

Have you noticed that online dating today is the popular one? Due to our modern generation and high technology a person becomes more wise and creative. Since people are very busy from work and no time for seeking relationship in their local area, majority of single people comfortably seeking partner online, start talking each other online and afterwards meet each other or it’s called eyeball and then possibly started getting in love to one another, and finally end to happily married. What is the power of this online dating? Well, simply it’s created to let people find the best and the right person even throughout the world, from online dating you can find different personalities and you can choose the best one for you, though far distance relationship is not easier but there are always possibility that two creation meet, and honestly it is the most interesting and exciting. And we know today mostly couple met online before they get married in a real life. But however online dating can go beyond bad influence as most people scammed and do bad things that is not appropriate behavior to others, there are lots of bad people who are trying to scam to their fellowmen. Anyway there are different types of scammer, and it is you to be careful.

Is there any way to overcome temptation?

Well, God never promised to remove temptation from us for even Christ was subject to it. The bible says that he was tempted in all points like we are, yet without sin (Hebrews 4:15). There is really no good reason why you should seek to escape, for such times of testing have beneficial effects: “Tribulation worketh patience; and patience experience; and experience hope; and hope maketh no ashamed…” there is a sense of achievement and assurance that results from victory over temptation that cannot come to us otherwise. Temptation really shows others what kind of people we are. It does not make us Christian or run Christian. It does make the Christian stronger and cause him to discover resources of power. It also makes evident the false profession and hypocrisy of the non-Christian. You can benefit from what might be tragedy if you will only discover that in just such a time of temptation, Christ can become more real to you than ever, and his salvation will become more meaningful.

Loneliness the serious problem in society

Loneliness is certainly one of the most common and serious problems in our society, and yet God made us with the plan that we would find happiness in our relationships.
One thing you should be praying for is wisdom about ways you can overcome your loneliness. For example, your letter does not say why you never got along with your family. Can you honestly say it was their entire fault? Or did you contribute to these problems by stubborn insisting on your own way when you should have been more willing to adjust to others? Has an unforgiving spirit on your part kept those splits alive? Pray that God will help you face those questions honestly, and then deal with them by seeking his forgiveness and the forgiveness of any you have hurt across the years. Even if your forgiveness does not heal the split, you still need to get rid of any bitterness or resentment you have in your heart. “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you” (Ephesians 4:32).
Then do what you can to reach out to others around you. Don’t let self-pity paralyze you, but realize there are probably people all around you who are also lonely and yearn for someone who will be a friend to them and care for them. Most of all, realize that Christ is with you if you have committed your life to him, and you are never alone or without hope when you know Christ.

We must develop a taste for spiritual things

“Happy are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”

Spiritual tastes, like physical tastes, can be cultivated. I didn’t always like yogurt, but they told me that it was good for me, so I kept trying to like it- and now I enjoy it.

It will not perhaps be easy at first to read the bible, witness, and pray. But after we experienced the strength that can come from these means of grace, they will become part of our routine, as much as breathing and eating. These are the things that give strength to the soul.

About Socialspark grammars

I will say I appreciate socialspark network, have you noticed that they’re so strict about grammars? I have lots of posts wasted because of this free grammatical error; they don’t allow you any little mistakes in spellings and grammars, they always advice you to fix and resubmit it because it contains too many grammatical errors, it’s funny though coz sometimes you got confused which part of paragraph you need to fix or you need to change or you are confused where did you get wrong. And the thing is, you only have 3 times to resubmit the post and if it’s still not corrected you are unable to resubmit it again, mean its permanently rejected post, mean you wasted available opportunity for you then. Honestly I already have four posts rejected because I did not fix the problem or the grammar in 3 times of resubmission so it is not capable for resubmission again, very sad. It’s really challenging to individuals who considered English as only their third language. Well, you can learn a lot though and you can enhance the proper grammar. Well, you can do it!

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Banned blog in Smorty

Two days ago I was asking Smorty network regarding my blog banned, if it’s possible to resubmit again or has a chance to fix it to be capable to their network, and their response statement is “Smorty ban blogs for using duplicate content or other fraudulent activities. You will be sent an email with the cause if your blog is banned. No you cannot unban a blog” simply means no possibility that you can submit your banned blog again to their network, it would be forever declined! And the only way to do to make it eligible again from their network is to change the URL and resubmit it again but in that way you will start all over again in a way that your rank will be back to zero again since you change the URL domain name. I had this experienced due to copying my blog content to my other blog, and now it's not capable to resubmit again to their network since it has been banned.

Healthy lunch food

Potato cheese soup

Another lunchtime favorite, potato cheese soup has that good hearty “stick-to-your-ribs” flavor you will love it. One of King Elvis Presley favorite’s lunch food. It's good to your health. I love this delicious meal too. You can try to make it! It's yummy!

Healthy breakfast treat

Corned beef, potato, and pepper hash

Hash was, and is, a staple of southern cooking. It’s a good basic breakfast treat, it’s good for your health. And guess what? Its favorite of King Elvis Presley, he liked hash, but he liked his well done, so bear that in mind. You can try this as your breakfast treat, it's a best treat ever! Good for your health and to your family.

How to appear offline in Yahoo Messenger

Did you know how to appear offline or invisible permanently to any of your messenger lists? Before I was wondering why I can’t see my friend on my messenger list while it shows to others. How could she appear offline to me while she is visible to everyone except me? Well, eventually I know how it works, you can possibly hide and invisible to anyone from your messenger lists without changing your status to invisible entirely or making your status invisible to only one person not for the entire lists. Here are few simple steps:

1. log in to your yahoo messenger account
2. In your messenger lists, select one name from your lists that you would like not to show your visibility.
3. Only click once to highlight the selected name, now right click your mouse while its pointed to the highlighted name and select the “stealth settings” and you can see the two options the “Appear offline to-“ or “Appear permanently offline to-“ either of that two you want to apply.

How to put Desktop Background

Well, it’s cool when you display your own picture at your computer background. So if you wish to put your favorite or selected photo in desktop background of your computer, it’s very easy then, if you are interested you can do the following basic steps:

1. From the desktop screen of your computer, right click your mouse and it will bring you to Personalize appearance and sounds page.
2. From Personalize appearance and sounds page simply click the desktop background, and click “browse” in picture location and locate the picture file you want to display at your desktop background.
3. When you already found the photo simply Click it and hit “open” or “save”, then it will automatically display at your desktop background.

The risk of anger

Anger is one of the negative emotions including hostility and depression that can possibly bring you to heart disease; if you can’t control these feelings it may risk you and develop heart disease which will bring you to death. Sometimes we can’t control our anger or we usually get angry in all the time and easily get depress even in a simple things. I easily get angry too and I can’t even control this emotion sometimes. We should be careful of this negative emotion that causes an electrical change in our heart and brings us to heart disease or develop heart disease which is dangerous illness. Heart disease is a deadly disease; it kills you any time in way that it may occur if you got an excitement, shock, or surprise, it’s a serious problem then. So to avoid the possibility of having it, first minimize your anger, depression or hostility. Well there’s nothing to lose if we practice to do it.

Austin real estate

Austin real estate is unique in a way that they listened to the client’s interests and concerns, they put the client’s needs first, they help people, they will return your phone calls and e-mails, and they go the second mile just to satisfy their clients. Also, at Century 21 Ripley you can find useful articles in home buying process and home selling process just look at the seller articles and buyer articles.

Century 21 Ripley Company is owned by Dan and Rose Castro; a real estate skilled couple. They provide the best Texas properties like Austin Lakefront Property and Austin Real Estate Owned REO Properties, Austin is one of the best places in Texas and known for its beautiful surrounding lakes, from this Austin Lake you can go kayaking, canoeing or sculling, so if you love living in the near and front of the lake you should check it out! And if you are looking foreclosed properties check out the Austin Real Estate Owned REO Properties and you can find what you’re looking for fast because you’ve come to the right place. So give them a call now!

How to get Chikka

Chikka is a text messenger that is free to use and free of sending and receiving messages from anywhere in the world. You can send messages to cell phones from your chikka messenger with no charge, but if you send messages to chikka or to chikka number from your phone you will be charged every text messages you send. CHikka is a common text messenger in the Philippines; they use it to send messages to their family for free. How to start chikka? First you must register to site and when you are done you can now log in to a chikka text messenger. When you start sending messages just click the envelope symbol in the toolbar and type the phone number you want to send text messages in the box and begin writing messages, afterwards you will be prompted to type the screen name and hit the save and it will automatically listed and display on your inbox.

To verify PayPal using EON card

If you want to verify your PayPal account using your EON card in Phil. to remove the limits, the best way is to register first to union cyber account at to make the verification easier, faster, and done well, after enrolling you should wait 2 to 3 days before it becomes activated then when you can able to log in, you may ready to verify your PayPal Account now using your EON ATM card. You can do following steps:

1. log in to your PayPal account, and click “ unverified” status under “my Account Overviews” you will be asked to enter your bank account name, card number and other information based on your EON card account.
2. When you are done, you will be asked to enter your PayPal code- this code will be found at your EON cyber account.
3. Log in to your EON cyber account online, at the top of your page click “Account” found beside “Home”, and under “Deposit Accounts Summary click the EON Visa account name.
4. From “Transaction Made” below you can see “transaction description” and look the VISA-####PAYPAL-*EXPUSE SG (840) the 4 digit #### is your PayPal code, you can now log in to your PayPal account and enter the 4 digits. Then you are done!

Preventing athlete’s foot

Did you experience having an athlete’s foot? Athlete’s foot occurred when you have a toe fungus or itchy feet this is usually the symptoms, in microscopic system the fungus bacteria will be found below the skin and apparently this foot disease has smelly odor and sometimes painful, it also considered as contaminated disease, it can spread through public showers or swimming pools. You will know if you have an athlete’s when you experience an itchy skin and when your skin becomes inflamed, cracked, or get blisters. Here are some basic steps to prevent it; maintain your foot clean and dry, also change your socks regularly and if possible wear cotton, wool, and silk socks, avoid wearing a tight shoes and wear wide sandals during summer or warm weather and especially in public shower or public swimming pools. If you make these routine you may able to prevent having athlete’s foot disease. And you may make your feet as healthy as ever!

The fact about Death

One of the greatest tragedies in life today is that countless people refuse to think about the fact of death- although there is nothing as certain as the fact that one day every one of us will come to the end of our lives.
Death is not the end of the road- it is merely a gateway to eternal life beyond the grave. The bible teaches that every one of us will continue some type of existence after death- either in heaven or in hell. The most important decision you will ever make is the decision you make about eternity.
How do we know death is not the end? We know it because Jesus Christ came back from the grave. His resurrection demonstrated once for all that there is life after death, and it also demonstrated that he alone can save us and bring us to heaven. You see, the one thing that will keep us out of heaven is our sin.
But god loves us, and Jesus Christ came to take upon himself the punishment we deserve for our sins. Christ died in our place, and by faith and trust in him we can know our sins are forgiven and we are going to go to be with him in heaven forever.

Making Healthy Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the healthiest food and good for enzyme for digestion. To avoid spending lots of money to buy yogurt you can make it in home, all you have to do is to have a dry yogurt culture, and milk, and have cooking pot, clean equipment, and clean hands. How to make it? Well just pour 8 cups of milk into a large cooking pot, heat the milk to 85 degrees Celsius then cool the milk to 43 degrees, then keep the yogurt at 43 degrees and add 1/2 cup of the starter, you can add 1/3 cup of dry milk if you want thicker yogurt. Then cover the pot at a temperature of 4o to 45 degrees Celsius for 4 to 6 hours, then your homemade yogurt is ready! You can add some fruits, nuts, honey or spices. Yogurt helps naturally regulate your digestive system. Very good to our health digestive system!

Blog Content is the King

Have you noticed that whatever searches you will do in your blog to any search engine or adding to SEO directories it’s not really a primary source of increasing blog traffic? Yes it’s true because I realized that it’s not really as powerful as contents in your blog. Making lots of relevant contents in your blog is the best thing to do to increase the traffic of your blog and to get a good page rank. Just always remember that the blog content is always the king. So post more articles in your blog everyday and in that way you can build more traffic in your blog and you can make it capable to any blog network. This is one of the blogger tips to build a good site rank. I just shared of what I’ve experienced.

E-book Public Speaking

Guess what? If you have fear of speaking in public there is a way to eliminate your fear on public speaking, the e-book at Surviving Speaking Disasters adopts a systematic approach to describe speaking disasters, with in-depth analyses, real-life examples and solutions which are practical and easy to follow. Build a confidence to speak to large groups of people and improve your career and life by communicating better. Try this e-book to handle any potential speaking disaster that can come your way, this fantastic new e-book from Martin offers personal helpful tips for fear of public speaking. Get the Martin e-book today!

Digestion Problem

Do you have a vowel movement problem? Sometimes we’ve got problem in our health digestive system that is why we’ll having a hard time to remove our waste every day, I have this problem I have a problem of food digestion, in a proper vowel movement we suppose to dispose our waste daily but sometimes we’ve got an improper vowel movement which is unhealthy and if the waste remained in our body in long time it could be a toxic then, so we must pay attention, anyway yogurt is good for enzyme it helps to digest your food properly I was amazed when I tried it! It helps to digest your food that makes you have a vowel movement every day, if you have problem same as with me you must give care about it then, you can also try different kinds of foods that contains strong fiber, it helps for digestion. We must inhabit ourselves to practice removing our waste everyday to remain healthy.

How to Upload Video in YouTube

If you wish to upload your videos in YouTube and you don’t know or confuse how to do it, I will show the basic steps, but before you can upload videos in YouTube you should have a YouTube account first. And if you already have one, you can do these following steps:

1. Log in to your YouTube account, at the right top of the page, you can see your user name simply drop down the arrow and click “My videos”.
2. From the video page, you can see “New” at the left side of the page below “My Account” drop down the arrow and click “video upload.”
3. From the “Video File Upload” page, click “browse” now and locate the video found at your computer file that you want to upload to YouTube, then click upload, the rest step will be easy then just type the title and category in the box that you want to display at your video and when you’re done hit the save button below of the page. Then you can show and watch your videos at your account after a few minutes.

Adding AdSense Widget

Before adding Adsense widget at your blog layout, you should make first an account so that it will be credited in your earning if someone clicks your Adsense ads at your blog. Based on my experienced I did these basic steps:

1. First I log in to my blogger account, and at the top of the page I clicked “My Account” text beside “Dashboard”.
2. Then at my Google account page, I clicked the AdSense under “My products” category, and then I sign up since I was unregistered member yet in AdSense.
3. Then I waited for 24 hours for activation before it becomes valid in Adsense.
4. After I received the email notification that my Adsense is ready for use, I am now adding the AdSense Widget to my layout.
5. To add AdSense Widget to your layout, from the dashboard page of you blogger account, simply click “layout” then it will bring you to the layout page. Now simply click the “Add a Gadget” at gadget selections, when you can see the Adsense- it has a dollar logo click the plus sign found at the right side of it. Then the Adsense will automatically add to your blog page.

Television brings Depression

Did you know that watching television could bring depressions to our young people? Most of our teenagers love watching television. It’s common to our young people that watching television is their daily routine; at my younger age I was very obsessed watching television every day, but we never pay attention that the more teenagers watch television the more they develop depression as they may turn their back from social activities or physical activities that could help prevent depression like sports and socializing, and it could also interfere with sleep. You must encourage your kids to be active in social activities then, to read, and attending any religious services. The expert says the happier people found spend less time watching television than unhappy people.

Having a Good time

We young people gets bored, do you think that having a good time is wrong? The answer is no, having a good time is not wrong. It is when we abuse and misuse what God has given to us that it becomes evil.

One of the reasons young people are bored is that there is not enough activity to consume their energy. If you are a normal young person, you want to give yourself to something and spend your energy on it. Many older people forget that they once were young, and that is why they fail to understand your desire for activity. Also we plan some creative activity that will challenge the other young people. There are many wholesome games of competition that are enjoyable and clean.

Moderating comments in Blogger

If you wish to check first the comments on your blog before to publish it, you can adjust it from your blogger settings account, this is also a best idea to avoid spam and harmful comments coming to your blog from anonymous people, do you agree? Well I haven’t noticed this before till I was eager to find way to stop the spam comments to my blog. I did the following steps:

1. Log in to your blogger account, from the dashboard under your blog click the “settings”.
2. From the settings page click “Comments” text.
3. Under the Comments page, drop down till you see “Comment moderation”, from the selections select “never” it means you can review the new comments first before they are published, all comments will appear on your dashboard, or if you wish to enter your email address in the box below, they will send you a notification for new comments from non-members blogger who leaves a comment on your blog.

Domain Hosting

I am planning to buy a new domain name for my personal website and I’m glad to hear this UK domain names and web hosting site where you can buy cheap domain names and web hosting services. If you are planning to switch your current domain name to a new one try to visit the UK Cheapest site I recommend this resource as they provide a very cheap domain name and web hosting services for you, easy to use and most reliable company. If you get one today their initial registration prices are very affordable, you must get the .UK domain name for 2 years renewable- mean you will be able to use it for 2 years before the renewal charges, it’s cool, isn’t it? Well based on my research about domain hosting usually most domain companies will charge high rates for renewal of your domain name that is why we need to anticipate first before buying a domain name. At UK Cheapest the price you see is the price you pay, prices are fixed and always affordable, they make no additional charges to your account for anything, you can build up to 3 page website and you are free to change it as often as you want, and you can change your name servers too as often as you like with no additional price to pay! UK Cheapest is your choice to buy domain hosting.

Switching domain name in Blogger

If you are planning to switch your domain name in blogger into a new one, here are the easy steps, but be sure that before doing the domain switching you have already purchased or registered one. You can do the following steps:

1. Log in to your blogger account, from the dashboard find the blog or website you want to change the domain name then lick the settings.
2. From the settings page, simply click the “publishing” between the “Basic” and “Formatting”.
3. Then you can see “Switch to: Custom Domain” simply click the Custom Domain.
4. Then from the “Publish on a custom domain” page below you can see “switch to advanced settings” from the right side beside the question-(Already own a domain?) click the Switch to advance settings.
5. And below “Advance Settings” type your new domain name inside the box then you will be prompted to write the word verification, when you’re one click the “save settings” button found at the bottom of the page. You did the right job!

Protecting Personal Email from Spam

Do you know how to protect your personal email address from spam? Well you can create and manage disposable email addresses to defend your primary address against spam. I will show you the trick, in this way you can hide and protect your personal email from spam or to get spam, you don’t need to show your real personal email address for security purposes. Do the following steps:

1. Log in to your yahoo account, at the right side from the top of the page you can see “options”, click the options to bring you to the Mail Options Page.
2. From the Mail Options Page click the “AddressGuard” below the Spam protection under the spam.
3. From AddressGuard page click “add” button bellow the “Disposable Email Addresses” then simply create your based name or it would be your new disposable email address. You can give that email address to everyone else and you can still receive it at your own personal email address without knowing the senders your real email address.

AddressGuard is just one of many spam-fighting features you get with Yahoo! Mail Plus.

Family Devotions

The following are list of seven reasons why to consider family worship important:

1. It unifies the home life, and puts faith in the place of friction.
2. It brings to the family group a sense of God’s presence.
3. It shows the children that God is relevant to everyday living, and not just a being to be worshiped on Sunday.
4. It gives members of the family an opportunity for self-examination and confession of sin.
5. It strengthens the members of the household for the tasks and responsibilities they are to face during the day.
6. It insulates us against the hurts and misunderstandings which come our way.
7. It supplements the work of the church, and makes of our home a sanctuary where Christ is honored.

Changing Email in Friendster

If you wish to change your email address in friendster, I will share you the steps; this email address is the one you use for log in and for friends invitation. Do the following basic steps:

1. Log in to your friendster account. At the right top of the page select “settings” between the “Messages” and “Help”, simply click it.
2. From the account settings page, you can see “change Email Address” under the Personal Information, click it.
3. Then you will be brought to the Change Primary Email Address page. From “New primary email address” type the new email address that you want to replace from your primary or old email address. Then you will prompt to Re-enter your new primary email address again. Last is to enter your current password then.
4. Finally click the “save” button found at the top. You did the right job!

Dying to Dirt

From the old magazine “Hi Call” comes this story:
Visiting in a mining town, a young minister was being escorted through one of the coal mines. In one of the dark, dirty passageways, he spied a beautiful white flower growing out of the black earth of the mine. “How can there be a flower of such purity and beauty in this dirty mine?” The minister asked the miner. “Throw some of the coal dust on it and see,” was the reply. The minister did so and was surprised that as fast as the dirt touched those snowy petals, it slid right off to the ground, leaving the flower just as lovely as before. It was so smooth that the dirt could not cling to the flower.

Our hearts can be the same way. We cannot help it that we have to live in a world filled with sin, any more than the flower could change the place where it was growing. But god can keep us so pure and clean that though we touch sin on every side, it will not cling to us. We can stand in the midst of it just as white and beautiful as that flower.

The secret of purity is god! The secret of seeing and knowing God is a pure heart… a pure heart comes from god! Get a pure heart, and you can be supremely happy- no matter what the circumstances!

Online Games

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Changing Friendster password

Changing password in Friendster site was confusing for me before but eventually I have noticed that it was very simple. If you are a beginner or not familiar with it must be difficult at first time, I will share the following basic steps:

1. Log in to your friendster account, from the right side of the top of the page, you can “settings” between “messages” and “help” click the settings.
2. From the account settings page, under the Personal Information you can see “Change Password”, simply click it then.
3. Now, you will be asked to enter your “Old Password”- this is a current password that you are using now. And next is your “New Password”- type a new password that you want to replace from your old password. Lastly, you will be asked to enter again the new password, type it again.
4. Finally, click the save button when you are done. You did the right job!

How to change Yahoo Password

DO you know how to change your password in yahoo account? If you are not familiar and you are just a beginner and confuse how to do it, maybe this guide will help you then, just do the following steps;

1. Log in to your yahoo account, at the top of the page beside “sign out” you can see your email id name, drop down the arrow and click “Account info”.
2. You will prompt to enter your current password again then after you hit sign in; it will bring you to your account page.
3. From your yahoo account page, you can see the word “change Password” under the Yahoo ID Card, simply click it.
4. Now, first step you will ask to enter your current password- which refer to your old password that you are currently using, then second step is your new password- the new password that you want to use, lastly you will ask to confirm to type the new password that you have entered from the second step.
5. Finally clicks save and you are done!

Strong password

How will you protect your password? As we all know that today most of us has victimized from stealing of password online. From your personal emails accounts, online transaction, or from online banking transaction, definitely online transaction still unsafe to trust for, then how are we going to protect this type of scam? Well it says the best thing we can do is to create a strong password that includes letters, numeric, and symbols, don’t make it all text then, and every letters, digits, and symbols try to insert capital letter or caps lock and small capital letter within the digits, it sounds interesting right? Well this is the safest way to do, and of course avoid of forgetting it, try to remember and memorize your own password digits for your own security and privacy. So better to change your password now for more secure.

Asia most affected of crisis

Due to economic world crisis, the crisis raises risk of social unrest in Asia; Asia is the most affected continent by global economic crisis. Millions of people like Singapore have jobless, suddenly out of work, and many workers got lay off same as Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. Since the United States financial market goes down and apparently, most big stock market is found in United States then obviously the other countries will be affected, United States is the best country in the world and we do hope that the economy would be fixed soon in order to save the world and the global economic crisis. Have you noticed that massive job losses are the serious problem in the world today? It is due to the lots of company has been closed, and unfortunately it's most happened in Asia.

Windows 2009 next to Vista

New windows 2009 released by Microsoft as next to vista; it is called a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 in the purpose of increasing usage of ERP, to help people work faster and smarter, and gives businesses a wide productivity for the new opportunities and growth. We do hope that it is not disappointing as Microsoft Windows Vista. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 can help businesses to provide a streamlined, role tailored user experience to help people work more effectively, and it can easily connect to a wide range of applications with .NET web services. Indeed it is a challenging type of windows due to a new capabilities designed to increase usage of ERP and fuel individual and organization-wide productivity. It helps businesses work more effectively. Let’s wait for this new invention as it is sound interesting then. You can try it though!

Kisses for stress

Do you believe that kisses can ease stress? Well I think so. It says kisses can remove stress levels; it has an unleash chemical that remove or ease stress hormones in both men and women. I’m sure most people experienced it then. So if your mate got stress just give him/her a kiss to heal that stress feeling, and a romantic bonding to each other will also give better mood to both sexes despite of stress and depression. But anyway I am referring to the person who you have a strong attraction, affection, and love. Romantic bonding has also an important role for couple’s life. Do you believe that romantic love can last long time if you kiss the right person in your life? Well it is you to answer, but I think it’s true!

Blogging on crisis

Have you noticed that there is also some difficulty in blogging? Well, Blogging is also in crisis moment right now due to the world economic crisis. If before you have earned a lot but I’m sure today there’s a lot of changes, am I right? I have noticed that there are only few offers and when you got one usually small amount will be given to you, it’s disappointing somehow but it’s better than nothing. Everywhere is on crisis right now, no one will be blamed. Well, all you have to do is to write more relevant topics on your blog to build more traffic and to obtain a good page rank, it could help you then. Making your blog popular is the most important asset on blogging. In order to make it popular you should have lots of readers and visitors, post some interested articles in your blog that might give interesting and entice your readers or visitors

Wow Manny Paquiao!

Wow it’s amazing! Boxing champion Manny paquiao is the number one from the lists of sports top 10, as the list of top fighters for February. Congratulation Manny Paquiao! Pacman is really the best boxer in today’s generation. Big salute for you! Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you!

Failed link EON to PayPal

I was trying to link the EON debit card to PayPal to remove the limit amount but unfortunately it was failed, after I attached the EON debit card it says “This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer's customer service department. Or you may try another credit card.” It was really frustrating! I don’t know what was the problem between PayPal and EON, I already enrolled EON cyber account online but it’s been 4 days already since I enrolled online but I can’t still log in, it says it takes 48 hours to activate but it’s already almost 5 business days. I don’t know if it is from PayPal problem or from Union Bank- the EON debit card bank issuer. And there are lots out there experienced the same.

How to install windows

If you want to install or reformat a new windows program. You can apply the steps if you wanted to, I did these steps before:

1. Insert the CD or DVD into the CD drive and restart your computer, then you will prompt to continue and followed by “install now” click those prompt.
2. After clicking the install, you will be asked to enter your product key, product key is found on your purchase item and it could also found at your CPU, its look like a sticker pasted on your CPU unit.
3. Then you will prompt to accept the license, then after the agreement select the “custom” then continue.
4. Under custom, select the drive and click the drive option you want to use, take a few moments, wait for the loading process and once it’s done just always click the next command until its finish and complete

If the K1 visa expired

If you are in the situation that your US k1 visa or fiancée visa has expired and you’re not able to adjust your adjustment of status yet after marriage, you still eligible or have a chance to apply your Status (AOS) still, it has no penalty at all but however, you should avoid travelling to other places or states within United States when your visa has expired because you will be checked at any border patrol checkpoint and if you’re caught you will be considered as illegal overstaying out of status since you did not file your “AOS” or adjustment of status yet before the visa expiration. Obviously, it usually happens due to the financial problem. I can relay with it.

Stop Foreclosure

As our economy goes down we are facing some difficulties of paying our bills or mortgage every month which is not inexpensive today, and the castle is our most priority to avoid losing shelter or foreclosure. To stop worrying about it, loan modification at would be the solution of your problem; to get rid of late mortgage payment which is very stressful. This resource is helping people stop foreclosure since 1985, it could help to lower your monthly payment. If you are interested to apply, you can call the toll free phone number 800-946-0350. Indeed this company will help you to get out from stress!

Adjustment of status in K1 Visa

It’s about for K1 visa or fiancée visa in United States. If you arrived in United States as fiancée visa, you should marry with your fiancée within 90 days (within 3 months) and if you failed to do so you will kick out back to the country where you from as you are already considered as illegal immigrant. However if you successfully married with your fiancée or petitioner you are eligible to stay in United States, but the next step you could do is to apply the adjustment of status, it is called a removal of condition in order to get a temporary residence or temporary greencard to be able you to work , get SSN in US, and able to drive a car, and after 2 years you need to adjust now from temporary to permanent residence that valid for 10 years, until you will not become a US citizen, that 10 years permanent greencard is renewable. To be a US citizen you should apply after 10 years of staying in the Unites States.

How to cleanup computer files

Well it’s advisable to clean up your computer especially after reformatting or after reboot process to wipe or remove the old window files in your computer that causes harm, it’s better to clean it up to wipe the viruses that stick from your old files. But before you will do the steps, be sure to back up first the important files you want to keep from the old files, you can use like CD disk or floppy disk or any hard disk to save the files. You can do these steps:

1. Click the start button located at the bottom of your desktop screen and then you can see a small search rectangle bellow the “all programs” type word “cleanup” and hit enter.
2. From the cleanup options, choose the “files from all users on this computer” then click continue. It brings you to drive selections.
3. From drive selections, select the drive you want to clean up, like for example drive (C :) it depends what drive you are using, then hit OK and wait for loading process.
4. Then it will bring you to the drive that you are choosing, then check the box for the old window files or whatever it says there or other files you want to cleanup and hit OK and you will be asked to delete the file click it and wait for loading process and you are done.

How to uninstall the installed files

Usually if you have an installed program or file in your computer disk you are not allowed to reinstall it again unless you will uninstall or remove it like for instance “Anti Virus program”. If you don’t know or you are confuse how to uninstall your installed file at your computer storage disk. If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista, Do the following steps, it is also applicable for other widows:

1. Click the start button located at the bottom of your desktop screen, and clicks the control panel.
2. From the control panel page you can see “programs”, under the programs select the “Uninstall a program.”
3. Then it will bring you on the program lists, now you can select the files you want to uninstall or remove, just click the file then right click and hit the uninstall. Then wait the loading process until it’s done.

Banned Blog

Have you experienced that your blog was banned from any blog network? Well once it’s banned, it will be banned forever with no excuses, and most common cause for this is when your blog is being copyright content from other blogs or even from your own blog, so every blog you owned must have a unique content otherwise it won't be accepted and you will be having troubles from any blog network. Even the blogs built from the same author it doesn’t matter and still not make sense then. Well trust me I already experienced this and you need to change your blog over again in order to make it eligible and capable of resubmission to the network again. Well it’s pretty interesting!

Protect your brain and memory

Does Exercise protect your brain and memory? How it works? I am talking about brain exercise, make it work to avoid memory loss or to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It’s advisable to us to exercise our brains constantly to get rid of disorders leading to cognitive decline. Best Suggestion for brain exercise is a challenging computer games, playing cards and chess, cross-word puzzles and many more. Physical activity could also help to maintain memory and decreasing risk of cognitive decline. Regular exercising could contribute benefits on preservation of mental function. Protect your brain from malfunctioning or risk of cognitive decline. Let’s practice these ideas and stay your brain active as it is.

Manage Droppers on Entrecard

Do you know how you are going to increase your entrecard droppers? From your entrecard account simply click the “campaign” button next to “Get code” button or toolbar, under the campaign choose the category you like or category that fits to your website, from the category you can see lots of widget lists, simply click the widgets and if you are at the website click the "drop" button found at the bottom of entrecard widget. Through this you can generate more droppers in a way that your website will be displayed at the other member’s inbox too. Also you can choose the most popular entrecard droppers on the page if you want to.

Dropping Entrecard

Do you know how you will drop an Entrecard? Well, you can show all your entrecard droppers on your website by just clicking the Dashboard toolbar then go to the “drops inbox” and then you can see your entrecard droppers lists, to replay them just click the entrecard widgets and when you are at the member’s website click the drop button of the entrecard widget, when you are done clicking it will display the word “thanks”, by the time you are doing it your website will be visible to the entrecard member’s inbox- to the entrecard members that you have been clicking . And both can do the vice versa.

Ways to prevent common cold

Did you know that there is no vaccine has been developed for common cold? But there are ways how to prevent it or avoid it then before the viruses spread , to decrease the spread of cold viruses; first, you should wash your hands, clean it thoroughly, we all know that hand washing is so important, you can use alcohol with at least 60% alcohol solution if no soap and water available. Second, keep kitchen and bathroom clean when someone in the household has a common cold, and scrub your stuff and wash children’s toys after play. Third, always use tissues when you sneeze and cough, discard the tissue and wash your hands carefully. Fourth, if you have common cold, don’t share your glasses or utensils with other family members. Lastly, avoid prolonged contact with anyone who has a common cold.

Downsizing or rightsizing

Every year thousands of seniors or families who want an easier lifestyle leave their homes. For some, caring for a home has become too difficult or too time consuming. Others have come to the realization that more possessions equals more time spent caring for possessions and that they have better things to do. With downsizing, the goal is to simplify your life.

Think about what you use in your home on a day-to-day basis, it usually amounts to a fraction of what is in your home. A key component to downsizing is doing a possessions audit and matching it to your new living space. One of the first steps to approaching the downsizing process is having a clear vision of your new home and lifestyle. Then make a list of all you must do to achieve this vision. Have a good idea of how much space you will have. Know the number of rooms, the purpose of each of those rooms, and how much storage is available. This will make it easier to decide what to keep and what to let go. If you have a floor plan it will help you know what of your current furniture  or Dining Room Tables will fit and be in proportion to your space.

If you have hobbies and collections, think about how much space you can give to them and then pare down to your favorite items to keep and use. It might be a good idea to take pictures of your collection and then to respectfully dispose of all but the best.

The season of Lent

The Season of Lent is an important religious period for Christians everywhere. Not everyone is sure exactly what Lent signifies, but you’d nearly have to be raised on another planet not to be aware of Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) which has its origins in a custom associated with lent. Lent represents the forty day temptation of Christ in the desert. In most western churches it is calculated as the forty days before Eastern excluding Sundays. Mardi Gras is a time of feasting in order to have one last eating ( and often drinking) binge before the fasting and self-denial associated with the Season of Lent. The best known days within Lent are Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.

Ash Wednesday is the first day of lent. The name comes from the custom of putting ashes on the forehead as a sign of repentance. We observe Ash Wednesday on February 25 this year. Maundy Thursday represents the day of the Last Supper of Christ with his disciples and the beginning of the sacrament of the Eucharist or Holy Communion. It is the Thursday before Easter, which falls on April 9 this year.

Incident Happened in Grant Park Atlanta

Couple weeks ago there were many incidents happened in my neighborhood East Atlanta. Here is the latest crime news for the Grant Park beat of zone 3 from the beginning of December to mid-January:
1. There was a car-jacking in the 500 block of Grant Street.
2. There were 25 burglaries, which is more than usual.
3. There were 13 vehicle larcenies, which is fewer than usual.
4. There were 15 auto thefts, several of which were on the east side or along Woodward.
5. The trolley patrol is on the lookout for three young black males in their teens or early twenties, one with long dreadlocks. They were chased away from behind a house in the Benteen Park area. They were driving a 3-liter black jeep Wrangler with “Colonial Motors” on the spare tire. They were in an area that has been having burglary issues but they got away before the policed arrived. They were reported in Glenwood Park later the same night. One of these Juveniles is a 16-year-old Asian male who has been causing numerous problems in East Atlanta. There was also a burglary on Mead Street, again in the evening while the residents were at work. Most of the recent burglaries are targeting flat screen TVs. It is likely that criminals are casing the neighborhood in the evening looking for these valuable items. The areas of most concern are the SE quadrant of the community along Hill Street, and the SW section south of Ormond.

GPSP in Atlanta

GPSP in Atlanta stands for “Grant Park Security Patrol,” it is a non-profit corporation run by volunteers, and the membership cost $35 each quarter. GPSP use that money to hire off-duty city of Atlanta police officers to patrol the streets of Grant Park. During each patrol, the GPSP officer will usually pass each member’s house at least three times. If a member lets the GPSP know that they will be out of town, additional attention is paid to their house while they are away. Since GPSP began about twenty years ago, burglaries in the neighborhood have dropped by 70% and some of that dramatic decrease can be attributed to the work of the GPSP officers. GPSP is helping Atlanta’s street to make it safer, but many times also they were failed to get rid the bad people and incident in the street neighborhood.

We should love everybody

I will share you this verse. The bible says: “let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good “(Roman 12:9). This scripture says: “let love” as if it were possible for us to hinder love from being all that it should be. The love of Christ, if unhindered and unblocked by our prejudices and our malice’s, will embrace everyone. Christ in us will go on loving even the unlovely if he is not hindered by our selfishness. We must realize the difference between loving the sinner while hating his sin.

Dental Implants Guide

Do you need a dental implant? I recommend you to visit the Dental Implants Guide; it is a complete guide to dental implants and includes all the information you need for your next visit to the dentist, at this resource you can find answers of your questions regarding dental implants. You can check their large amount of live videos about the dental implants surgery and restoration; both procedures are not too complicated and very common. For you to know, dental implant is an artificial tooth replacement made of titanium and shaped like a crew, it makes you feel more comfortable. In Dental implant surgery- the implants are placed into the jaw bone while the implant restoration is the process in which a crown is built on top of the dental implants. This resource has a great informative content written in " easy to understand English." Visit it now!

Other way of food storage

Did you know that there's other way how to keep your food from spoiling? Well in a modern world like America they are using a high technology cooler called “refrigerator” but for the world’s poor it’s difficult for them how to keep food cool since refrigerators are costly and need electricity. Apparently electricity is not common from the world’s poor. But everything has a solution, since spoiled food creates health risks they developed the called “Pot Preservation” or their cooling system with no electricity needed. If you can imagine it is a round containers made of clay, it’s double pot container and the smaller pot is place inside a larger one, its amazing invention! From the pot container they can put fruits, vegetables or drinks, it keeps food from spoiling, safe from harmful bacteria, and it could keep food safe for several weeks. Its popular in African countries.

Ruffa Gutierrez new Guy

Is Ruffa Gutierrez found a new guy? The picture was caught on the camera that they are dating each other, have you noticed that the guy has a similarity of Ruffa’s former hubby “Yilmaz Bektas”? Well obviously the guy is cute and good looking; he is a Polish-Persian-American named John Faizad, a height of 6’2”, and 30 years old, but Ruffa said they are mutual friend. Well it must be a new love life of Ruffa then, and there is nothing wrong with it she deserve to be happy after her experienced from Yilmaz Bektas violent treatment (her former husband). It’s pretty interesting!

What is best friend?

What is best friend? Is a best friend is same your close friend? Since he/she is best for you so he/she would be your closer friend too, I think there is no big different between the two. Or, on the other hand, best friend they call it a friend that you know since in your childhood, and since you know him/her very well and he/she is your old friend since before and you’re both close to each other then you treat him/her as a best friend, right? Or you just found a friend recently and you feel that you like him/her and you are comfortable with each other and you feel that he/she is good then she/he will be your best friend. Well I think it doesn’t work like that. You can measure a real friends or best friends during your tough times, calamities in life, sadness, burden and problems. Apparently, you will not know them during a happy time of your life, laughter, and happiness.

Friends is a treasure

What would you do if your best friends or friends snaked you? Do you believe that it’s always happened to most people? It’s not just happened sometimes but it’s commonly happened mostly to the best friends. How will you know the real best friends? Sometimes our best friend is closer to us than to our sister and parents, why? And we most give our trust to a friend than to our real family and relatives. In reality friends are not really your relative that is why you can’t blame if they are snaky sometimes. I would say it’s really hard to find a true friend or friends in life , friends is like a treasure that you need to work it hard before you can own it, and it’s hard to build it, that is why we called it a treasure! And when found your real friend it’s really a great treasure for you, friends that are there for you during the time of sorrows and happiness.

Happy Valentines to All!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my family, friends and readers! What did you get today? Do you have a valentine’s day present? How did you celebrate it? Did you have a romantic dinners, and flowers? Do you believe that the Valentine’s Day means candy, romantic dinners, and flowers? If someone will give you flowers with white rose, it says, it symbolizes for friendship, and if red rose it means love. Which one have you given or received? Today is a special day, greet your loved ones and friends now. And let’s make our loved ones happy every day. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY AGAIN!

The outcome of lower rank

Very sad! Today is a bad day for me since my page rank was going down, what a tedious day! I feel bored since I don’t get tasks and opportunities anymore, it’s boring. I just imagine a couple days I was busy writing review articles and sometimes I almost give up to write it all, but now I don’t have even one task , pretty sad! Well anyway blogging is just like that; sometimes you should expect the up and down circumstances. But, however, everything is also under your control, it depends on your effort if you are being active or remains updated bloggers. Well just post and post any relevant topics in your blog that you might think interesting to your readers, blogging is enjoyable indeed! It’s a lot of fun, interesting, and encouraging. Enjoy blogging!

What have you learned in blogging?

What have you learned in blogging? Did you enjoy it? Is it difficult? Well I would say I’ve learned a lot in blogging and I am enjoying it, it’s a lot of fun and you can build a new relationship to all fellow bloggers, you can find lots of friends, and you will know a lot of people online. In blogging world you are gaining knowledge, experience, ideas, and social world of friendship. I considered the enhancement of using proper English is the big benefit to all bloggers in blogging especially for grammars and constructing sentences and paragraph by writing articles, here you are encourage to do well and your inspiration are your readers. And the most exciting is you can earn money through blogging if you willing to do so. It is pretty interesting, right? Well if you don’t know yet about blogging, you can learn it if you strive to study the blogging world. Search it and I will sure you that you will not regret.

The 50 states in U.S.A

The 50 states according to their geography, which state where you belong?

States in Southern Part: Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky.
States in Western Part: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii.
States in Midwest: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas.
States in Mid Atlantic: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.
States in Southwest Part: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma
New England States: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Purity and happiness are possible

Do you want to be happy? Well, apply this Beatitude to your heart. Take it to yourself. The pure in heart are the only ones who can know what it means to be supremely happy. Their hearts are pure toward God and, as a result, are pure toward their fellow mean. They are happy because in possessing him who is all and in all; they envy no one’s worldly goods. They are happy because they envy not another person’s praise or another person’s place in the sun. Because they are the enemy of no one, they regard no one as their enemy. The result is peace with God and the world. Because their sins have been freely forgiven, they freely forgive those who have wronged them. They are thus purged of contemptuous malice. But the greatest happiness that comes to the pure in the heart is not only a proper relationship with others but a sublime relationship with god. “For they shall see God.” The gates of Eden swing open once more. God and man walk together once again.

The meaning of Mourning

The word mourning itself means “to feel deep sorrow, to show great concern, or to deplore some existing wrong.” It implies that if we are to live life on the higher plane then we are to be sensitive, sympathetic, tenderhearted, and alert to the needs of others and the world.

Perhaps we can see its meaning more clearly by thinking about its opposite. What is the opposite of mourning? Some might say it would be joy- and that is correct to a certain degree. But more than that, the opposite of mourning is insensitivity, lack of caring, unconcern, callousness, and indifference. When we mourn it is because our hearts have been touched by the suffering and heartache of others, or even by our own heartache. When we do not care and indifferent, then we do not mourn. The person who mourns is a person with a tender and sensitive heart.

Three Things We Search For

1. We search for peace. As we have just seen, the whole human race is consumed with a search for inner peace, happiness, and joy. The peace we seek is not merely a nondescript, so-called peace of mind which is blind to reality or comes and goes according to our moods or circumstances. The peace every man and woman seeks is one which will free them from the anxiety and frustrations of life’s distracting conflicts and problems. It is a Peace of soul which permeates one’s entire being, a peace that operates through the trials and burdens of life.
2. We search for purpose. Man is confused and perplexed, wondering where he came from, why he is here, and where he is going. He wants to know if there is truth in this universe- truth which will be like a polar star to guide him and give him meaning. Some speculate that humanity is an accident on this planet. According to their views, man was not put here for a purpose- he just happened. Man has no God-given purpose, and is left to make up his own purpose and meaning in life if he can. But down inside we yearn for something more certain. Even the skeptic searches for truth, for man needs truth as the animals do not- not just the truth of the physical sciences and mathematics, but the truths about his being and why he is here.
3. We search for a relationship with God. At first, Adam and eve had perfect fellowship with god. But they turned their backs on God, substituting themselves at the center of their lives instead of god their creator. Now man is a lost and lonely wanderer upon the earth apart from God. To have a vague knowledge that he exists is not enough. Man yearns to know that he is not alone in this universe, that there is a higher power guiding his destiny. He yearns for a relationship with his creator- even if he does not admit it.

The Truth of Boredom

America is said to have the highest per capita boredom of any spot on earth! We know that because we have the greatest variety and greatest number of artificial amusements of any country. People have become so empty that they can’t even entertain themselves. They have to pay other people to amuse them, to make them laugh, to try to make them feel warm and happy and comfort- able for a few minutes, to try to lose that awful, frightening, hollow feeling that terrible, dreaded feeling of being lost and alone.

You may thing that boredom is a minor matter. Everyone gets bored sometimes, it’s only natural. But let’s discuss something about boredom, and this dangerous apathy that is creeping over the land and over the minds and hearts of the people. Man is the only one of god’s creatures who is capable of being bored, although we’ve seen animals in a zoo that look very bored! No other living thing except man can ever be bored with itself or its surroundings. This is very significant, for the creator never does anything without a purpose, and if he gave man the capacity for boredom, he did it for a purpose.

Boredom is one of the sure ways to measure your own inner emptiness! It’s as accurate as a thermometer for telling just how hollow your inner spirit really is. The person who is thoroughly bored is living and working in a vacuum. His inner self is a vacuum, and there is nothing that nature resents more than a vacuum. It is one of the unfailing rules of this universe that all vacuums must be filled, and filled immediately.

The Pig and the Lamb

There is an old story about the pig and the lamb. The farmer brought the Pig into the house. He gave him a bath, polished his hoofs, out some Chanel no.5 on him, tied a ribbon around his neck, and placed him in the living room. The pig looked fine. He almost seemed to be acceptable to society and to friends who might come in, he was so fresh and clean. He made a very nice and companionable pet for a few minutes. But as soon as the door was opened, the pig left the living room and jumped into the first mud puddle he could find. Why? Because he was still a pig at heart, His nature had not been changed. He had been changed outwardly but not inwardly.

Take a lamb, on the other hand. Put a lamb in a living room and then turn him out into the yard, and he will try his best to avoid all mud puddles. Why? It’s because his nature is that of a lamb.

You can take a man- dress him up, put him in the front row in church, and he almost looks like a saint. He may fool even his best friends for a while, but then put him in his office the next day, or put him at home or put him in the club on Saturday night, and you will see his true nature come out again. Why does he act that way? Because his nature has not been changed, he has not been born again.

My Page rank goes down

What do you think why the Google page ranks will go down? Yesterday I was surprise that may page rank goes down from page rank two to zero, it was frustrating. And first reason that we should pay attention is the difference between the paid post and not paid post. I noticed that since I accepted lots of reviews articles or paid post my Google page rank was affected, the more you post a paid post the more it goes down since Google did not count any sponsored post on your blog, you will notice that the paid post usually won’t crawl from the search engine. I think whether you have more readers or visitors it doesn’t matter since the content article is the king. Well the best thing to do since the content of blog is the king, make more relevant unpaid post than sponsored post or paid post. I have learned that your page rank will change anytime.

Official List of Paypal Phil.Bank Codes

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Possible Method of Withdrawing Paypal in PHIL.

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CSU Learning Partners

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Phobic disorder

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Have you experienced an inability to obtain sufficient sleep? I have a difficulty in falling or staying asleep. Due to this sleeplessness I thought that I might have insomnia illness. Insomnia is a chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time. If you experience this kind of symptom you might have an insomnia problem. Sometimes I take sleep medicine to get rid of it and to have a normal sleep somehow, indeed it is effective but sometimes you will get tired of it then. The proper way to do is to have a doctor check up and ask for possible medications.

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New Vogue Dress 2009

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What are your experiences during job interviews? On my experienced, first question I really expected to hear was the “job experienced” or a previous work, I was asked to describe my previous work situation or performance including behavior on the job, handling problem with co-worker, or carrying multiple tasks on a project, I think these are the most common questions on job interviews, these type of questions are updating or checking your past behavior which is crucial to the company in a way that they can predict your future behavior. Second common question is about your strength and weaknesses, it is one of the most well-known job interview questions to indentify your ability and performance in handling your work environment, also includes the personal question on how you can handle mistakes. Another possible question that possibly ask is about your “ideal work environment” this question is refer to an office area or environment that you up to or you wish to live for your workday routine, and also it refers to how flexible you are at your schedules or work habit. Lastly, the interviewer will possibly ask of course about your educational attainment, it refers to your course or degree, and other credentials that you have accomplished. Though job interview has a lot of pressure but you can handle it if you wish to. To build a strong confidence during job interview you have to prepare answers in advance to any possible questions that might be asked to you. Anyway, I have a reliable site to recommend you, if you are currently seeking a job visit the jobs in finance that will help you to provide the best job for you, they are the expert in placing accountants at all levels from part qualified to finance director. You will gain your accountant attainment here!

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Valentine’s Day celebration

Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays of the year celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world; it is the day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending valentine’s card, flowers, and romantic gifts. It is the day associated with the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of “valentines.” In fact it is the second largest card-sending of the year next to Christmas. Since Valentine’s Day is the day of love, modern valentine symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged cupid. Most lovers, family and friends celebrated it by reuniting, having a romantic date, and giving romantic gift to each other. Generally, Valentine’s Day is the time of giving, expressing love, sharing love and showing love to one another.

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Sinus Cavities

Did you know that blowing your nose constantly can create a buildup of excess pressure in sinus cavities? We all know that it’s usually happen if we have cold, its harmful because there is a tendency that it could shoot viruses or bacteria into the sinuses and eventually can cause infection, it does definitely no good. It says you should blow one nostril at a time and take decongestants as a proper way to prevent a buildup of excess pressure.

Have you never ever blown your nose when you have a cold? Well, you shouldn’t be.

My Favorite

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Envious of Others

We must not be envious of others. Two of the most devastating sins of today are envy and covetousness. Envying others can work havoc in our spiritual lives and sap us of our spiritual strength. It can also ruin our social batting average and weaken our Christian testimony. We must not be enslaved by this ruinous evil! It can destroy our happiness and rob our lives of their sweetness. We should avoid this weakness as long as we could.

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Stay Warm from Cold

Why is it important to stay warm in this winter time? Staying dry and safe will save you from Frostbite and hypothermia disease. This Frostbite is a result from extremely cold, it’s damage your skin when you exposed from cold for a long time and it happens on the hands, feet, nose, and ears. The hypothermia is called an abnormally low body temperature that often caused by prolonged exposure to cold, it’s defined as temperature fewer than 36.6 degrees Celsius and it’s a subnormal temperature of the body. You can experience unusual slow breathing and also difficulties in thinking clearly, take note that hypothermia can be deadly if it is not treated soon.

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We must not be critical of others. Habitual criticism can stifle our spiritual growth. We must not build up ourselves at the expense of others. If we praise others, then others will praise us. But if we condemn others, they in turn will condemn us. Criticism begets criticism, but praise begets praise.

As Jesus said: “Happy are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.”

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What is Greed?

Greed is an unreasonable or all-absorbing desire to acquire things or wealth; it can take all kinds of forms (including a grasping desire for money, possessions, luxury, food, power, or any number of other things). The test of greed is that it is never satisfied and has little or no regard for the needs of others, and may think nothing of hurting others or taking advantage of others in order to get more. His life is dominated by selfishness. Greedy person is only concerned about himself.

It is not wrong to want to work and earn a decent living; in fact, god has given work to us. But this legitimate desire can very easily cross the line into greed- especially in our materialistic society.

God is Love

The scriptures say “God is Love” (1 John 4:8). We are not always sure ourselves what we mean when we use the term love. That word has become one of the most widely misused words in our language. We use the word love to describe the basest as well as the most exalted of human relationships. We say we “love” to travel; we “love” to eat chocolate cake; we “love” our new car or the pattern in the wallpaper in our home. Why, we even say we “love” our neighbors- but most of us don’t do much more than just say it and let it go at that! No wonder we don’t have a very clear idea of what the Bible means when it say: “God is Love.”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because God is love that everything is going to be sweet, beautiful, and happy and that no one will be punished for his sins. God’s holiness demands that all sin be punished, but God’s love provides the plan and way of redemption for sinful man. God’s love provided the cross of Jesus, by which man can have forgiveness and cleansing. It was the love of god that sent Jesus Christ to the cross! No matter how terrible your sins, God loves you.